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IPCI news article


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Intellipharmaceutics Appoints VP of Business Development @ HealthCare Distributor; $IPCI

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IPCI news article

  1. 1. Intellipharmaceutics Appoints Ira BaeringerVice President of Business DevelopmentI ntellipharmaceutics International (2) New Drug Application (NDA) portfo- our core business,” stated Dr. Isa Odidi, Inc., a pharmaceutical company lio across markets inside and outside the CEO. “His experience will be of great specializing in the research, devel- United States. Baeringer brings 20 years value as Intellipharmaceutics continues toopment and manufacture of novel and of experience in pharmaceutical licens- pursue implementation of its commercial-generic controlled-release and targeted- ing, development, supply, acquisitions, ization plans in the U.S. market throughrelease oral solid dosage drugs, an- divestitures, and alliance management. the exploration of new drug product oppor-nounced that its United States subsidiary, He was most recently with sanofi-aventis tunities and new strategic partnerships.”Intellipharmaceutics Ltd., has appointed from 2009 to 2012, and was previously “I am pleased to be joiningIra Baeringer as its Vice President, with Sandoz Inc., Dorland Sweeney Jones, Intellipharmaceutics at this exciting timeBusiness Development. Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and TEVA in the company’s history,” said Baeringer. Baeringer will be assisting Pharmaceuticals USA. “I believe the six product candidates filedIntellipharmaceutics with the commercial- “We are pleased to have Ira join the with the FDA for regulatory approval willization of products in its controlled-release Intellipharmaceutics team as we build our form a solid base to develop near-termgeneric drug Abbreviated New Drug leadership group and infrastructure to help strategic partnerships and build out ourApplications (ANDA) portfolio and 505(b) position us for growth and expansion of commercial capabilities.”XOMA Appoints John Varian Chief Executive OfficerX OMA Corporation announced its “We have confidence that John is the matory diseases,” commented W. Denman Board of Directors has appointed right leader as XOMA transitions from a Van Ness, Chairman of the Board. John Varian as purely discovery and develop- Varian stated, “I accepted the position asChief Executive Officer. ment-focused entity to one with a Interim Chief Executive to manage XOMA’sVarian has been serv- commercial capability. We have operations temporarily until we identifieding as the Interim Chief seen a significant difference in a permanent leader for the company. InExecutive since August how XOMA’s team is operat- these ensuing four months, I have devel-31, 2011, and has been ing under John’s leadership. He oped a deep-seated excitement for XOMA,a member of the Board led the conversations to identify its products, its science, its people, and theirsince December 2008. ways to increase the value of ideas on how to ensure the company has theThe Board’s decision gevokizumab, which resulted in a opportunity to become a full-fledged com-followed a full executive thoughtful development plan that mercial organization. I believe XOMA issearch, which identified is grounded in the scientific evi- only a few short years away from attainingseveral additional quali- dence supporting IL-1 beta’s role real success, and I decided I wanted to be afied candidates. Varian across a broad range of inflam- major part of that process.”Boehringer Ingelheim USA Names Paul Fonteyne President/CEOP aul R. Fonteyne has been of diabetes and oncology. portunity to lead the U.S. operations,” named U.S. Country Managing “Change is a necessary and healthy part said Fonteyne. “I believe this company is Director and President and CEO of of any successful company,” said Carroll. stronger now than at any point in its 126-Boehringer Ingelheim USA Corporation. “After nine years as President and CEO, it year history. I look forward to workingFonteyne assumes this role from J. Martin was time to let others take the lead on the with my colleagues in the U.S. and glob-Carroll who remains with the company day-to-day management of the company’s ally to bringin a Corporate Strategy and Development U.S. operations. I have worked with Paul the best ideasrole, as well as a member of the Board of for more than 15 years, and am confident to bear soBoehringer Ingelheim USA Corporation. that his depth and breadth of experience, that we may Fonteyne was previously Corporate combined with his passion for finding new continueSenior Vice President, responsible for ways to bring medicines to patients makes delivering onleading the global marketing strat- him well-suited to take on this role and help our commit-egy supporting Boehringer Ingelheim’s lead the company to even greater success. ment to bringPrescription Medicines business. In this I greatly appreciate the many contributions more healthrole he successfully helped drive growth and efforts of everyone in the U.S. and to patientsin the company’s core areas of respiratory globally that have helped grow this com- and theirand cardiovascular disease, as well as po- pany during my tenure as U.S. leader.” families.”sitioned it to successfully enter new areas “I am excited to be given the op- Fonteyne February/March 2012     HealthCare Distributor 37