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Rapid Prototyping with Twitter Bootstrap and Google App Engine


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Learn the principles of rapid application development. Step by Step Rapid Prototyping with Twitter Bootstrap and Google App Engine, a class taught by Aaron White at's Boston campus. Learn more from the experts by visiting

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Rapid Prototyping with Twitter Bootstrap and Google App Engine

  1. 1. presentsStep by Step RapidPrototyping with GoogleApp Engine and BootstrapAARON WHITE@aaronwhite
  2. 2. Singular Goal: ValidationDoes anyone care about what I’m doing? What’sthe easiest path to figure that out?
  3. 3. Boil it to the bare essentialsA good three-sentence customer value pitch is1000x more valuable than any of the code you’llwrite.
  4. 4. Talk is CheapThat’s a good thing... use it!
  5. 5. Landing Page TestsUnbounce
  6. 6. Not possible? Let’s code.Like martial arts, it’s a last resort (unless it’s forfun!)
  7. 7. TweetFavorI have a pain... is there a solution? Are thereothers who feel the pain like I do?
  8. 8. Google’s App Engine
  9. 9. HostingScalable Data StoreApp LayerMultiple Language SupportPlatform as a Service
  10. 10. Twitter’s Bootstrap
  11. 11. Sensible Design DefaultsPleasant typographic baselineFixed & fluid layoutsNavigational componentsResponsive design support
  12. 12. Getting Licensed(you only need to do these once)
  13. 13. Gmail account, install App Engine ToolsGithub account, install Git ClientText Editor (OSX? Sublime 2)
  14. 14. Pre-flight Checklist
  15. 15. Fork/clone ’gaebootstrapped’ starter projectChoose unique app nameDeploy to GAEIterate!
  16. 16. Architecture (MVC or bust)
  17. 17. Models.pyManagers.pyControllers.pyTemplates
  18. 18. Modeling
  19. 19. Business Logic
  20. 20. Page flows
  21. 21. Design
  22. 22. Finishing Touches
  23. 23. Custom DomainEmail
  24. 24. Course TitleCourse TitleINSTRUCTOR NAME