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Product Poker


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Learn the seven strategies for effective product and design. Taught by Christopher O'Donnell of Hubspot.

Published in: Business, Design
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Product Poker

  1. 1. presentsCHRISTOPHER O’DONNELL@markitechtProduct Poker:Winning Strategies for Product Developers
  2. 2. Christopher  O’DonnellI MAKE STUFF!• HubSpot• Performable• Price  Intelligently• Firetower• Lots  of  other  products
  3. 3. @markitecht#productpoker
  4. 4. The  7  Strategies• Get  book  –  observe  to  predict• Choose  the  right  table  –  game,  table  and  seat!• Fund  appropriately  –  bankroll  to  win• Play  percentages  –  opFmize  for  expected  value• Fortune  favors  the  bold• Capitalize  when  ahead• Escape  when  behind
  5. 5. WorkshopYour  ac2on!
  6. 6. Course TitleCourse TitleINSTRUCTOR NAME