Personal Branding: How to Tell Your Story Online


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You can’t be modest; there’s a difference between bragging, and recognizing the unique qualities that make you interesting and noteworthy. Personal branding is as important as ever as our lives become more intertwined with the web and social media everyday. Learn how to brand yourself in this deck by Sarah Hodges, cofounder of and Head of Marketing at Smarterer. Learn more from the experts by visiting

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  • Personal branding class at ( Sarah Hodges (@hodges)You can’t be modest; there’s a difference between bragging, and recognizing the unique qualities that make you interesting and noteworthy.
  • Advice from Dharmesh Shah (@dharmesh) CTO of HubSpot about personal brandingThe One Word That Can Catapult Your Career
  • Personal Branding statistics from Glen Llopis at ForbesEveryone thinks they’re taking the time to establish a brand. No one really is.
  • Your digital footprint is just one extension of your personal brand, but it’s perhaps the most important. How many of you “know” someone from Twitter who you’ve never actually met in person? Our social profiles are a rich web of information about who we are and what we know. I looked at many of your LinkedIn profiles tonight to learn more about you before class!Photo Credit: <a href="">Photon™</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>
  • Personal Brand Examples: Richard Brandon, Steve Jobs, Seth GodinWhat does “personal brand” really mean? What words come to mind when you think each of these individuals?
  • Strong personal brands are just relegated to celebrities. Peter Boyce’s personal brand = “exceptional execution”
  • Why does personal branding? Here’s a simple use case to walk you through why it matters. Helps you create relationships, establish yourself as a thought leader, open the door to new job opportunities.
  • Personal branding
  • Personal branding www.intelligent.lyBrainstorm all the words that could describe your personal brand. Now think strategically – where can you carve out a niche for yourself?Which words best align with your professional goals? Which words will help you build relationships with the people you want to know personally and professionally.
  • Personal branding
  • Research the personal brands of other people you admire, who have traction where you’d like to be known. What tone do they take? What do they right about? Who do they engage with? How? Conduct competitive analysis, just as you would for any company.
  • Map out all the channels you could take part inFigure out which channels will give you the best exposure to the people you are trying to reachNot sure how to know? Listen and see if people like you are having conversations on each channel. Personal branding
  • It’s okay to carve out an identity early on a new platform – in fact, it can help you get traction! Personal branding
  • Personal branding www.intelligent.lyBe strategic about keywords, but make sure to weave your personality and voice into everything you do.
  • Personal branding
  • Personal branding
  • Creating content in your voice that relates to your area of expertise is an important element of growing your personal brand. Personal branding
  • If you’ve followed all these steps to build your personal brand, you’ll become a go-to when someone thinks about your space and the keywords you’ve targeted with your brand. The phone won’t stop ringing with media inquiries  Seriously though…follow HARO, engage with reporters in your space over Twitter, email, etc. to start to carve out opportunities for yourself. Personal branding www.intelligent.lyPhoto Credit: <a href="">Sërch</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>
  • Personal branding
  • Personal branding
  • Personal branding
  • Personal Branding: How to Tell Your Story Online

    1. presents Personal Branding: Tell Your Story Online Sarah Hodges @Hodges
    2. Personal Branding: How to Tell Your Story Online @hodges
    3. Data Hound Startup Hugger Peruvian Grub Aficionado BOLD Marketer
    4. “The cool thing is, you get to choose how people view you. As long as your actions constantly and consistently match your positioning, you can determine the immediate and direct connection people make when they see, hear, or think about you.” - Dharmesh Shah, CTO, HubSpot
    5. peter boyce @badboyboyce
    6. LURK
    7. #measure What are you passionate about? Who else shares your passion? What are they talking about? Who are they talking to? Where are they talking? Join the conversation!
    8. what makes you different?
    9. “Eliminate the things that don't matter, that you're never going to get better at or that you're already good at. What's left are the places where you have the opportunity to change your position in the market.” Seth Godin The Best Marketer On Earth
    10. exercise
    11. POSITIONING Sarah Hodges is passionate startup advocate and bold data-driven marketer, who plays to win. ONE WORD BOLD SKILLS • Community building • Data-driven marketing • Strategic acumen PERSONALITY • Sparkly • Passionate • Tenacious STORIES • I founded because I wanted to let other people experience the support and generosity I’ve received from our startup ecosystem. • I joined the Smarterer team because I am passionate about big ideas that have the power to transform industries. PROOFS • Leveraged data to inform marketing strategies that helped the RunKeeper team grow to a community of over 10M users. • Co-founded, a community that connects startups with experts to learn, to win. Elements of the totally awesome Holland-Mark (@hollandmark) One Simple Thing™ Framework…altered a bit!
    12. create a blueprint for your brand
    13. it’s okay to be the first one to the party
    14. promote yourself
    15. • Personal, professional or a blend – take a stance! • Choose your voice • Leverage your cover photo & background • Include relevant keywords and hashtags for search • Link to the site that best represents your brand
    16. the first thing people see skills pay the bills: look for skills that are trending and growing to optimize your profile for SEO
    17. you have time to blog
    18. you can be famous too
    19. give yourself a grade
    20. don’t be afraid of re-branding
    21. GOT BRAND? @hodges
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