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Learn fundamentals of digital marketing geared towards business to business companies. This deck covers ways to leverage the number one professional networking website, LinkedIn. Topics include an overview of LinkedIn, how employees in your company can leverage it, ways to increase your company's presence, and how to enhance your personal profile. Slides taken from a class taught by Bobbie Carlton of Mass Innovation Nights.

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  • Our lips are sealed – I won’t tell anyone your profile is only 80 percent complete, or that you’re using a 10 year old picture.
  • A little perspective – as of June 2012 Facebook has 955 million users, Twitter has 140 million. As of March 2012, Pinterest passed LinkedIn to become the third largest socmed site in the US
  • Yes, LinkedIn IS social media. But if you want to tell people it is a business tool, or email on steroids, or any other crazy thing to get them to use it, go for it.
  • Now, multiple those numbers times the number of people in your company – that’s your available network.
  • Just like your company is made up of your employees, your company profile on LinkedIn is comprised of your employees’ profiles
  • You are being judged…by the company you keep. Or by the people your company keeps. And by how often you, your employees and managers, and former employees show up in search results.
  • Some profile best practices/and helpful hints: Headlines for searchability, titles for titles. Name your websites (drop down menu says “other”), personalize your link, if your professional has an acronym, use it in some of the titles. Use an in-context photo if you can
  • Know the catagories
  • Tagging connections for usefulness – send group messages by using the tags. Also, based on how you answer the questions about how you know someone, they will get automatically tagged.
  • Sending messages via LinkedIn bypasses problems with spam folders and firewalls. Note: only to groups of 50 or fewer.
  • LinkedIn Status UpdatesUse 1 tool to post status updates – from LinkedInClick the “birdie” to connect to Twitter
  • Today’s LinkedIn status stream is a little “cleaner” than this old screenshot – it used to collect a lot of “less business-like” stuff from Twitter. Today’s LinkedIn statuses are more focused on LinkedIn and professional posts.
  • Join and participate in relevant groups. Start and own your own. Groups also give you a way to connect to people you want to connect with – if you belong to a group, you may be able to connect to someone you’ve met there. They are also great places for posting links to downloads on your website – can you say “lead capture”
  • Have your team to spend time in “Answers.”Add Skills & Expertise to profilesConsistent keywordsApplications provide additional content on profiles
  • Manage your LinkedIn Connections in OutlookPop-ups in email show your LinkedIn networkInstantly invite new Connections from your email
  • Add a description to a jobAdd a keyword to your headline, relegate titles to your titleBanish the “resume-isms”Update your summaryConnect a website or Twitter account, name a websiteAdd a group, award, or publication
  • Think of it like an HMO – in and out of networkPlace attractive links in Groups, individual status updates, company updatesEventsOn the other end, basic lead captureYour website analytics will identify your LinkedIn super stars
  • Get recommendations for the products you sell – much more valuable than recommendations for your people. People leave.
  • Personal emailsNewsletter with a regular subscription – Constant Contact has a great cheap service and will give you a box to collect subscribers on your websiteQ&A sites – Quora, Yahoo answers
  • Following companies for updatesTargeted list of companies for info/updatesNew employeesEmployees who leaveEmployees that are promoted, New job opportunities, etc.Notification Settings can be set by clicking on the Companies tab-> Search Companies->Following->Notification SettingsWho is on the move? Or wants to be ?Look for people with lots of “New Connections” or new recommendations.
  • LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

    1. 1. presentsLinkedIn forB2B MarketersBOBBIE CARLTON@BobbieC
    2. 2. • Introductions• What do we want to cover?Questions?• Assess your company’s LinkedIn UseLinkedIn for B2BMarketing
    3. 3. LinkedIn Confessions
    4. 4. Agenda• LinkedIn Intro• Your People• Your Company• LinkedIn Opportunities• Note: we’ll visit LinkedIn during class, feelfree to open your profile & follow along
    5. 5. • Launched in May 2003, IPO 2011• 175 million users• A list of people with whom you havesome level of professionalrelationship• ~1% premium subscription ratioLinkedIn
    6. 6. • LinkedIn is a business meeting• Twitter is a cocktail party• Facebook is an invitation into someoneshomeLinkedIn and OtherSocial Media
    7. 7. LinkedIn Numbers Add up Fast
    8. 8. People• Individual profiles contribute to yourcompany’s brand
    9. 9. B2B LinkedIn: Start w/ People
    10. 10. • Sign-up is easy• Be a good example• Add a picture• Connect to company• Does it look like aresume?• Contact me for?You and YourPeople: Good Profiles!  Personalize your URL!  Customize your links!  Profile completion %!  Clubs, awards, schools!  Show your expertise!  Show your history!  Are you active?
    11. 11. Getting Found: Advanced Search
    12. 12. • Good profiles help• Use the suggestions• Don’t be greedy• Personalize the invite• Tag and group• What are LIONs?• Be the Best Connected, not the Most Connected.ExpandingYour (Company’s) Network
    13. 13. Tagging New Connections
    14. 14. Tagging & Sending Group Mail
    15. 15. StayingActive (and Visible)
    16. 16. Groups
    17. 17. • Materials• Consistentmessaging• Small doses training• One-on-one trainingand support• Leverage thenetworkPeople: ManagingYour Team
    18. 18. People: Opportunities
    19. 19. People: LinkedInOutlook Toolbar
    20. 20. Make Your Profile 1%Better
    21. 21. • Make your people stronger/makeyour company stronger• LinkedIn, it’s not Facebook.• LinkedIn, it’s not a resumeSection Review
    22. 22. • Showing your company in the best lightCompany Profiles
    23. 23. 1. On LinkedIn: content, credibility and value2. LinkedIn content that sends relevant peopleto your websiteTwo Kinds of LinkedIn Value
    24. 24. How Do CompaniesGet Found?
    25. 25. Every Company Needs a Profile
    26. 26. Add a Product or Service
    27. 27. Request a Recommendation
    28. 28. Tell People Your Company is There
    29. 29. • Images• Logos• Video embeds• Slideshows• LinksWebsite and ProfileTraffic Drivers
    30. 30. • Product-level recommendations• Connected employees• Consistent messagingImage enhancers
    31. 31. • Provide value with links back to your site• Add images, video• Like blogs, ask your friends for supportCompany StatusUpdates
    32. 32. Did You Know…
    33. 33. • Joining Groups – watch before you engage• Creating a group – Invite relevant contactsto join• Providing relevant content and inputGroup Activity
    34. 34. Page Insights
    35. 35. LinkedIn For Business Development
    36. 36. LinkedIn Mobile: Events/Networking
    37. 37. InMaps: Plot Your Network
    38. 38. • InMail• Know everyone who is looking at you – almost• See how people found you• Special search functions• Job Seeker, recruiter, or sales versions• Pricing tip – look at the team pricingTo Premium or Not
    39. 39. •• LinkedIn’s own notifications• Daily Job Change Alerts From SalesLoft• HereOnBiz app (TripIt app)ChangeMeans Opportunity
    40. 40. • GE• Pfizer• Cisco• And your sitesGo Visit the Big Kids
    41. 41. • @BobbieC @MassInno (andothers)•••• CarltonPRMarketing.comNetwork with me…
    42. 42. Course TitleCourse TitleINSTRUCTOR NAME