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Intelligently 2012 Year In Review


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We Got Schooled:'s 2012 Year In Review (by Sarah Hodges - Boston, MA)

Published in: Business, Technology
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Intelligently 2012 Year In Review

  1. 1. WE GOT SCHOOLED… 2012 Year in Review
  2. 2. on April 18, 2012 weopened our doors…. and invited you over for a game of foursquare
  3. 3. our mission: to give you the skills you need towin, from people who’ve done it before
  4. 4. it felt kinda old school
  5. 5. but it was totally new school
  6. 6. we had a little (well a lot) of help from our friends Christopher O’Donnell Mike Troiano Aaron White
  7. 7. and before we knew it, our classroom was full
  8. 8. we scored $10,000 from HubSpot to build anarmy of stellar developers in Boston
  9. 9. so Aaron White stepped up to teach 35students to code…on his own…for free
  10. 10. and RailsBridge Boston taught a sharpgroup of women Ruby...for free
  11. 11. we thought, “Hey, why not make allclasses free for college students?”
  12. 12. we never cease to be amazed by
  13. 13. all the talented experts
  14. 14. who are willing to share their insight
  15. 15. with our incredible community of learners
  16. 16. from thriving Boston companies
  17. 17. (video: Seth Godin even stopped by for a visit
  18. 18. WilmerHale brought down the house with their LegalLand Mines Series, educating hundreds of learners
  19. 19. a light bulb went off when SVB showed us afinancial model we could actually use
  20. 20. and these guys had our back from day one
  21. 21. most importantly, we learned so much from you
  22. 22. Our community is over 3,000 strong We’ve taught over 115 classesWe’ve logged 169,380 minutes of class time
  23. 23. are you ready foranother ridiculously great year?