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Google AdWords 101


Published on class slides from Patrick Campbell's, AdWords 101: Lessons from A Former Googler class. Learn the fundamentals of search engine marketing including how to form a strategy, set up and manage Google AdWords ads.

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Google AdWords 101

  1. 1. Patrick Campbell@PatticusGoogle AdWords 101
  2. 2. Lay the foundation for you to grow your business throughGoogle Search Engine Marketing while gaining anunderstanding of the Google ecosystem.
  3. 3. One must fish, not begOne must know thyself and thy customerOne must channel Google’s Chi
  4. 4. It’s all about Fishing with…Time.Resources.Experimentation.
  5. 5. Do NOTDo NOT Do NOT
  6. 6. Do NOTDo NOT Do NOT
  7. 7. Do NOT…Memorize Everything
  8. 8. Time.Dedicate at least onehour to Adwords per day.
  9. 9. Experimentation.Run 2-3 weektests.
  10. 10. ReviewOne must fish, not beg, by utilizing resources,investing time, and practicing patience whenexperimenting.
  11. 11. Know thyself. Know thycustomer.
  12. 12. Where are they? (Geography)How will they find you through search? (Keywords)What am I selling? (Campaign Organization)What’s our existing brand? (ad text)What do my customers respond to? (ad text)How much can we spend per day? (budget)
  13. 13. ReviewOne must know thyself and thy customer torun campaigns that are relevant, reach theright customer, and have the best ROI.
  14. 14. ChannelGoogle’sChiYou!
  15. 15. Simple and EnticingInclude Prices/PromotionsA Strong Call to ActionInclude keywords in Ad TextBest Landing Page URLTest, test, and test some more
  16. 16. ReviewOne must channel Google’s Chi tocorrectly structure the account, writead text, and bid effectively.
  17. 17. Google Display Network (GDN)MobileConversion Tracking and AnalyticsYouTubeAdwords EditorPlacement TargetingRemarketingAd ExtensionsMy Client CenterThe Opportunities TabAdvanced TargetingThere’s More OutThere…
  18. 18. 23Course TitleCourse TitleINSTRUCTOR NAME