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DIY: How to Produce Video Content on a Startup Budget


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Instructor: David Rabinowitz
In this class you'll learn how to make an awesome promo video with just your iPhone and free software from the web. You're not just going to talk about making a movie ... you're actually going to make one. Here's an example of what you might leave with: in a single morning, using everyday equipment and software David Rabinowitz made this 90 second video for his company.
You'll learn:
The key principles of an engaging video
What types of video are right for your company
Simple tips to produce high quality videos at low or no cost
(you won't learn about animation or advanced video editing techniques)

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DIY: How to Produce Video Content on a Startup Budget

  1. 1. presents DIY: How to Produce Video Content for Your Company on a Startup Budget David Rabinowitz @Daverabin
  2. 2. How  to  bootstrap  a   start-­‐‑up  film
  3. 3. Featuring  ~ 1. Quality  is  as  quality  does   ! 2. Storyboarding  isn’t  for  planners   ! 3. Let’s  make  a  movie…errr  learn   how  to  make  a  movie
  4. 4. Quality  is  as  quality  does Featuring:     ~  Blurry  is  good   ~  Audio  is  always  harder  than  video.    Always.   ~  This  equipment  is  cheap!
  5. 5. 1)  Blurry  is  good
  6. 6. 2)  Audio  is  always  harder  than  video.    Always.
  7. 7. 3)  This  equipment  is  cheap!    The  $184  studio. Name Price Link Own  it a  decent  computer $1000 Borrow  it DSLR  camera $650 It’s  free! Magic  lantern $0 Buy  it 50mm  F  1.8  lens $109 Buy  it   $20 Buy  it Lavalier   microphone Decent  tripod $25 Buy  it Adobe  premiere $30 Total $184 Brand  names  for  equipment:   ! DSLR  Camera  –  Canon  t5i   Lavalier  Microphone  –  Audio  Technica  ATR-­‐‑3350  Lavalier  Mic   Tripod  –  Vista  explorer  60  inch  lightweight  tripod  
  8. 8.  Storyboarding  isn’t  for   planners Featuring:     ~  Quick  is  your  friend.    Funny  is  your  friend,  too.   ~  Storyboarding…sort  of   ~  B-­‐‑roll  is  brilliant
  9. 9. 1)  Quick  is  your  friend.    Funny  is  your   friend,  too. 1. Your  movie  should  be  short.    Like  less  than   two  minutes.   ! 1. Visual  cuts  need  to  be  short.    Like  less  than   10  seconds  /  2  sentences.   2. ! Your  movie  should  be  a  little  funny.     Unless  there’s  a  reason  for  it  not  to  be.  
  10. 10. 2.  Storyboarding…sort  of
  11. 11. 2.  Storyboarding…sort  of What  you  do  need:   ! • • • a  general  sense  of  tone  (funny,  serious,  etc)   a  general  sense  of  purpose  (sales,   education,  etc)   the  ability  to  give  your  colleagues  some   direction  on  camera   ! What  you  don’t  need:   ! • • a  script   stick  figures  acting  out  a  script
  12. 12. 2.  Storyboarding…sort  of Video Audio Ceo  explains   product Shot  of   product What  a   cool  office! CEO  explains  product  (audio) Music Marketing  person  loves   the  product! Marketing  person  loves   product  (audio)
  13. 13. 3.  B-­‐‑Roll  is  brilliant A  Roll Ceo  explains  product Marketing  person  loves  the  product! CEO  explains  product  (audio) Marketing  person  loves  product  (audio) B  Roll Shot  of  product What  a  cool  office!
  14. 14. Let’s  make  a  movie…err  learn  how   to  make  a  movie Featuring:     ~  A  virtual  worksheet   ~  Smile  and  say  cheese       ~  Cut  and  paste
  15. 15. 1.  A  virtual  worksheet  (10  mins) 1) What’s  the  purpose  of  your  movie?   2) What’s  the  tone  of  your  movie?   3) What’s  one  piece  of  A  roll  you  know  you’ll  want?   4) What’s  one  piece  of  B  roll  you  know  you’ll  want?   5) What’s  one  cool  shot  you  could  pre-­‐‑plan?     6) What’s  one  problem  you  might  have?   7) What  are  two  questions  you  can  plan  to  ask  your   “actors?”  (This  is  your  script)
  16. 16. 2)  Smile  and  say  cheese  (15  mins) Your  job:   ! 1) Get  one  piece  of  A-­‐‑Roll,  and  direct  it  (work  with  a   neighbor!)   ! 1) Get  one  piece  of  B-­‐‑Roll   ! 2) Think  for  a  moment  how  they  could  fit  together
  17. 17. 3)  Cut  and  paste  (20  mins) 1) New  project   2) Create  a  sequence   3) Import  files   4) Pull  a  clip  to  the  timeline   5) Edit  a  little   6) “Fix  the  audio”   7) Add  a  transition   8) Export
  18. 18. Questions?
  19. 19. Course Title Course Title INSTRUCTOR NAME