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Buyer persona slides

Learn how to research a market and develop buyer personas for all of your target markets. This deck covers the fundamentals of customer segmentation, including gathering market information, how to pull that information into a cohesive buyer persona, and examples of Hubspot's buyer personas. Slides from a class taught by Hubspot's Sam Mallikarjunan.

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Buyer persona slides

  1. 1. presentsDesigning andLeveraging Buyer PersonasSAM MALLIKARJUNAN@mallikarjunan
  2. 2. #inbound12SamMallikarjunanHead of ExperimentalMarketing at HubSpot…we do the weird stuff@Mallikarjunan
  3. 3. A Brief Introduction to Buyer PersonasHow to Present Your Buyer PersonaAn Example of a Complete Buyer Persona123Table of ContentsBusiness Applications of Personas4
  4. 4. A BriefIntroduction toBuyerPersonas1
  5. 5. What Are BuyerPersonas?Buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers.They are based on real data about customer demographics and onlinebehavior, along with educated speculation about their personalhistories, motivations, and concerns.?
  6. 6. Why Are BuyerPersonas So Key?The personalized and highly targeted capabilities provided by effectivebuyer personas are how you can be competitive with massive long-tailfirms like
  7. 7. How Are BuyerPersonas Created?Buyer personas are created through research, surveys, and interviews ofyour target audience. That includes a mix of customers – both “good” and“bad” -- prospects, and those outside of your contact database who mightalign with your target audience. You’ll collect data that is both qualitativeand quantitative to paint a picture of who your ideal customer is, what theyvalue, and how your solution fits into their daily lives.?
  8. 8. ExclusionaryPersonasTypically identified by the Sales or Services departments of a firm,Exclusionary Personas help us know what types of leads andcustomers make bad fits for our process or organization. We can usethe same method of finding what content attracts them and avoidingit.?
  9. 9. Two Types OfPersonaCharacteristicsBuyer Personas are not an entirely new concept, but they’vetraditionally focused on demographic characteristics. BecauseInbound marketing is fundamentally attraction based – and attractionis a psychographic characteristic – to effectively create content weneed to define these characteristics as well.?
  10. 10. How Do YouSocialize ABuyer Persona?So you’ve done the research and conducted all the interviews …you’ve finally figured out who your buyer persona is. Congratulations!But how do you communicate that new understanding of your targetcustomer with your entire organization? After all, if your sales andmarketing teams don’t understand who they’re speaking to, it’s hardto craft a message that really resonates.?
  11. 11. How toPresent YourBuyer Persona2
  12. 12. Company ABCBuyer Persona OverviewMonth, YearInsert your companyname, as well as themonth and year in thegray text on this slide.
  13. 13. Persona NameBACKGROUND:• Basic details about persona’s role• Key information about the persona’scompany• Relevant background info, like educationor hobbiesDEMOGRAPHICS:• Gender• Age Range• HH Income (Consider a spouse’s income,if relevant)• Urbanicity (Is your persona urban,suburban, or rural?)IDENTIFIERS:• Buzz words• MannerismsYou can find thisinformation byadministering onlinesurveys of your targetaudience.
  14. 14. Persona NameGOALS:• Persona’s primary goal• Persona’s secondary goalCHALLENGES:• Primary challenge to persona’s success• Secondary challenge to persona’ssuccessHOW WE HELP:• How you solve your persona’schallenges• How you help your persona achievegoalsConduct interviewswith your targetaudience to learnabout their goals andchallenges in moredetail.
  15. 15. Persona NameREAL QUOTES:• Include a few real quotes – takenduring your interviews – thatrepresent your persona well. Thiswill make it easier for employeesto relate to and understand yourpersona.COMMON OBJECTIONS:• Identify the most commonobjections your persona will raiseduring the sales process.Identifying commonobjections will helpyour sales team bebetter preparedduring theirconversations.
  16. 16. Persona NameMARKETING MESSAGING:• How should you describeyour solution to yourpersona?• Do they respond differentlyto different messaging(humor, memes,aggressiveness, etc.)ELEVATOR PITCH:• Make describing yoursolution simple andconsistent across everyonein your company.Establishing yourmessaging preparesyour entireorganization toconvey the samemessage.Including a real photofrom CreativeCommons oriStockphoto helpseveryone envision thesame person.
  17. 17. An Example ofa CompleteBuyer Persona3
  18. 18. Sample SallyBACKGROUND:• Head of Human Resources• Worked at the same company for 10years; worked her way up from HRAssociate• Married with 2 children (10 and 8)DEMOGRAPHICS:• Skews female• Age 30-45• Dual HH Income: $140,000• SuburbanIDENTIFIERS:• Calm demeanor• Probably has an assistant screening calls• Asks to receive collateral mailed/printed
  19. 19. Sample SallyGOALS:• Keep employees happy andturnover low• Support legal and finance teamsCHALLENGES:• Getting everything done with asmall staff• Rolling out changes to the entirecompanyHOW WE HELP:• Make it easy to manage allemployee data in one place• Integrate with legal and financeteams’ systems
  20. 20. Sample SallyREAL QUOTES:• “It’s been difficult getting company-wide adoption of new technologies inthe past.”• “I don’t have time to train newemployees on a million differentdatabases and platforms.”• “I’ve had to deal with so many painfulintegrations with other departments’databases and software.”COMMON OBJECTIONS:• I’m worried I’ll lose data transitioning toa new system.• I don’t want to have to train the entirecompany on how to use a new system.
  21. 21. Sample SallyMARKETING MESSAGING:• Integrated HR DatabaseManagementELEVATOR PITCH:• We give you an intuitive databasethat integrates with your existingsoftware and platforms, and lifetimetraining to help new employees getup to speed quickly.
  22. 22. HowBusinessesUse BuyerPersonas4
  23. 23. Content Creation• Blog  content• Non-­‐transac8onal  Conversion  Offers• Website  &  Graphic  Design• E-­‐mail  Copy  &  Design
  24. 24. Content Creation• Blog  content• Non-­‐transac8onal  Conversion  Offers• Website  &  Graphic  Design• E-­‐mail  Copy  &  Design
  25. 25. Sales• Psychographic  Characteris8cs  help  sales  know  how  to  approach  individual  leads:• How  does  this  persona  respond  to  aggressiveness?• What  creates  a  sense  of  urgency  for  them?• What  are  the  key  pain  points  the  solu8on  addresses?• What’s  the  prospects  level  of  sophis8ca8on?
  26. 26. Services• What’s  the  customer’s  level  of  sophis8ca8on?• What  are  the  primary  features  that  aMracted  the  customer?• What  organiza8onal  or  experien8al  challenges  might  hinder  implementa8on?• What  unique  use  cases  can  be  used  to  upsell  or  retain  a  customer?  (DirecTV  FTW)
  27. 27. Personas & Unit Economics• Since  Personas  are  aligned  across  all  elements  of  the  business,  you  can  iden8fy  and  define  individual  unit  economics  by  persona.• This  lets  marke8ng  and  sales  know  which  personas  to  pursue  to  drive  the  most  Enterprise  Value.
  28. 28. Personas & Customer LTV• The  marke8ng  equa8on  doesn’t  end  with  lead  –  or  even  customer  –  acquisi8on.• Persona  characteris8cs  can  help  iden8fy  what  messaging  and  offers  an  exis8ng  customer  will  respond  to  that  can  increase  their  LTV.
  29. 29. Learn From Our Mistakes:• HubSpot’s  ARG• MEME  in  E-­‐mails  Test• Ashley  Overload
  30. 30. Let’s Make A Persona• Define  Demographics• Define  Psychographics• Name  The  Persona• Develop  Backstory• *What’s  Next?
  31. 31. Course TitleCourse TitleINSTRUCTOR NAME