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Build Better Products Faster: The Playbook for Customer-Driven Development


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We all have a vision for our products--how they should look and what features they should have. But it's easy to get so wrapped up in the development of the product that you can lose sight of who it's really for: the customer.

When was the last time you spoke to one of your customers and incorporated their needs and feedback into your design? If you can't remember, then you're doing it wrong. Christopher O'Donnell, product management expert and head of HubSpot's new Signals product, will teach you how to build better products for your customers in less time than ever before and why Agile is dead.

What You'll Learn
Incorporate valuable user feedback into your product in real time
Beat your competition by moving 2x faster than an "agile" development model
Motivate your team by tying their contributions to actual customer pain
Deliver an amazing experience for all your customers

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Build Better Products Faster: The Playbook for Customer-Driven Development

  1. 1. presents Build Better Products Faster: The Playbook for Customer-Driven Development CHRISTOPHER O’DONNELL @Markitecht
  2. 2. Christopher O’Donnell Christopher O'Donnell is VP of Sales Products GM of Signals at HubSpot. Christopher joined HubSpot as a part of the Performable acquisition in June of 2011. Prior to joining Performable, in Fall of 2010, Christopher managed a team of designers and product managers serving the largest customers in the world: our nation's various military and intelligence organizations. In parallel, he started and drove a content-driven social media marketing effort that today boasts over a million readers. Prior to working in online marketing and product development, Christopher operated a music production business, where he put his B.A. in Music from Brown University to good use.
  3. 3. Better Products, Faster The Playbook for Customer-Driven Development ! Christopher O’Donnell, VP of Sales Products - GM, Signals // HubSpot
  4. 4. The only people who call their customers users are drug dealers and product managers
  5. 5. You Products are for people Let’s start with what you expect out of a product experience. !
  6. 6. emily and pandora ! WHY IS IT MAKING ME LOG IN EVERY TIME I USE THE APP?!? ! “I don’t even know where I would complain or let them know.” - emily
  7. 7. roaches The thing about bugs is … where there is one report there are thousands of the same that you don’t see.
  8. 8. Instant response You expect it. ! Your customers expect it. ! It’s an opportunity: 1) to learn and improve the product in real time 2) to WOW people and get free marketing
  9. 9. Instant response The “Typo Test” How long does it take your team to fix a typo in your product? ! This simple test is a terrific way to evaluate your process and tooling ! ! ! ! Your answer should be “under five minutes”
  10. 10. Instant response The Unfair Advantage Housecleaners vs. Exterminators * Support reps are amazing and wonderful and resourceful BUT they can’t resolve issues * Developers get a ticket twice and they resolve the issue for good. * Fewer tickets, and better product
  11. 11. progress
  12. 12. ideas
  13. 13. pain
  14. 14. Consistent Progress Establish a monthly cadence ! * Address biggest complaint every month ! * Address biggest customer request each month ! * Ship two/three exciting, demoable features - live for customers
  15. 15. Consistent Progress Bring it to the world ! * Company-wide demo (5 mins) ! * Internal product announcement and PR ! * Customer announcement - aligned with product messaging: clear before/after shown - segmented email send (yey gifs!)
  16. 16. ! ! “Who are you building for?” ! “Is this for me?” ! “Am I your target customer?”
  17. 17. Fulfill the promise ! It takes years. ! Stay on your grind.
  18. 18. Exercises
  19. 19. Summary ! Respond instantly to feedback and issues. ! Consistently show progress, reward loyalty. ! Aim high with your promise, work to realize it.
  20. 20. Takeaway and THANK YOU! ! ! @markitecht !
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