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TP2 Case C: concept design in service production


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Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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TP2 Case C: concept design in service production

  1. 1. Satu Miettinen, Juha Miettinen, Antti Kares, Raisa Leinonen and Timo Sirviö Kuopio Academy of Design, Savonia University of Applied Sciences Finland P.O. BOX 98, FIN -70101 KUOPIO Email: "DE-SME - Intelligent Furniture - Training for Design, Environment and New Materials in SMEs" Agreement n. 2009 - 2196 / 001 - 001
  2. 2. Theme 5.2.1. case c) Concept Design in Service Production CASE: KOKO house (WoodKOKO) ”Innovative KOKO house -concept brings entirely extension for living.”2
  3. 3. BRIEF:Herrala Talot Oy gave the brief to architect and professor Hannu Tikkaand interior architect and designer Tapio Anttila:”New, innovative and modern wooden prefabricated house”
  4. 4. INQUIRY”But before any sketch or pictures we made a lot of backgroud workasking people what they really want and what are their needs.”(Anttila) RESULTS • Modifiability – new space solutions to nowaday’s living and life cycle needs and possibility to private solutions • Ecological – materials, energy • Space and privacy in spite of small building lots (city area) • Price and budgeting – no extra, unspected cost • Delivery’s realiability and quality • Architecture
  5. 5. FIRST SKETCHS – MODERN VERSION OF ”VETERAN HOUSE””From the first sketches it was clear that we use a traditional ”veteranhouse” as a archetype for our project. Our aim was to make a modernversion to nowadays needs. We tried to save it’s cosiness by designinga space more open. An idea of two buildings and between them asheltered yard.” (Anttila)Veteran houses were built after the second war lot in Finland. Theoriginal houses war quite small (about 70m2) but fuctionally active andsuitable for city area where building sites are quite small
  6. 6. DEVELOPING AND TESTING THE CONCEPT• In order to serve clients better designers created concepts whichwould help clients in their KOKO house projects; furnishingpackages and design packages• Proto house ”I have never felt myself as a private house people,but I was intered in to test in practise how the concept we haddeveloped would works – so I started my own KOKO house project. Iopened blog which follows the construction of my own KOKO housenear Lahti, Finland.”
  7. 7. DIFFERENT SIZES AND LAYOUTS FOR DIFFERENT NEEDS• A client can choose from three different sizes: S, M and L.• The amount of totally different combination is nine and along with thisinside of these all several different layouts are available.•
  8. 8. SPACE AND PEACE• Roof truss has turned over which gives more space• Inside wooden building constructions are in view;save space and give an athmospire of ”Loft image”• Big windows bring light• Living department connects to other spaces andcontructs a shelted yardECOLOGICAL• Bearing wall in the middle of a house heats a wholehouse with one full nest all day and night• Optimized space utilization, no waste square meters,save energy• Client can adopt ecological heating system,for example a heating pump• Ecological life cycle thinking as the basis of design
  9. 9. MODIFIABILITY FOR LIFE CYCLE LIVING• During inhabitants’ life cycle and during variable periods of life KOKOhouse is able to revise according to changing needs.• Example: A young couple buys a house with a one and half floors witha reasonable price. When a family grows it is possible to expand aspace to second floor or build more inner walls.
  10. 10. FURNISHING PACKAGES – SAVE CLIENTS’ TIME (MONEY)• Ready designed (by Tapio Anttila) furnishing packages forbathrooms, saunas, kitchens etc.• Save client’s time• Every package has three different price category: A,B,C which helpsbudgeting• Exaple: Bathroom packages includes: pools, showers, toilettes,taps, plates….. and even stands for toilette-papers• Client can also build packages self and use sevices of ”Housemaster” in Herrala Talot which includes the whole network ofmanufactures and constructors
  11. 11. FURNISHING DESIGN AS A SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICETapio Anttila has also designed for KOKO house furnishing systemsfrom which a client can easily choose for self the most matchingoption. Furnishing has implemented in cooperation with the followingcompanies.Koskisen Oy (outside constructions, KOKOA-interior panels)Laattapiste (wet spaces)Helo + Lumilaude (sauna premises)Uunisepät (fireplaces)Isku Keittiöt (kitchens)Hoviportaat (stairs)Tank Indoor (sliding doors andspace utilization)Saas Instruments (lightning)Karelia Parketti (floor materials)Vallila Interior (interior textiles)Vepsäläinen (furnitures)
  12. 12. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.13.3.2012 12