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As demographics change and more and more new pharmaceutical and medical devices come to market, content plays an increasingly important role in regulatory requirements and physician and patient knowledge and support. Yet, content is still created and managed using manual methods requiring enormous amounts of time and human intervention.

The requirements for content in healthcare are increasing as well, with greater emphasis on helping patients to knowledgeably manage their conditions. Keeping up with the dramatic changes in guidelines and recommendations for patients, caregivers, and healthcare workers is very difficult and the increasing use of multiple devices is putting increasing pressure on the healthcare industry.

Dedicated and knowledgeable though our resources are, we can no longer rely on people to have an in-depth knowledge of our content and all its permutations to rapidly respond to changes and requirements. And we can no longer hand-craft our content over and over again for multiple channels and devices. We don’t have the resources or the time, and we can’t afford the cost of this error prone process.

We need intelligent content!

Using the results of the survey of content challenges in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry, Ann Rockley — the founder of the Intelligent Content Conferences — will put intelligent content in context and illustrate how intelligent content can be used to successfully address these challenges.

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Intelligent Content for Life Sciences and Healthcare

  1. 1. @arockley©2014 The Rockley Group, Inc.#ICCLSH Intelligent Content for Life Sciences and Healthcare Ann Rockley, President The Rockley Group
  2. 2. @arockley©2014 The Rockley Group, Inc.#ICCLSH Rockley LS & H Customers
  3. 3. @arockley©2014 The Rockley Group, Inc.#ICCLSH Content Challenges in LS&H Survey developed and conducted by
  4. 4. @arockley©2014 The Rockley Group, Inc.#ICCLSH Why a survey? • Prepare for LS&H conference • Increasing regulatory requirements • Growing need for good healthcare • Fast-paced environment • Growing pressure on resources • Strong emphasis on content • Knowing the challenges makes it possible to address the them
  5. 5. @arockley©2014 The Rockley Group, Inc.#ICCLSH
  6. 6. @arockley©2014 The Rockley Group, Inc.#ICCLSH
  7. 7. @arockley©2014 The Rockley Group, Inc.#ICCLSH
  8. 8. @arockley©2014 The Rockley Group, Inc.#ICCLSH How intelligent content can help • Intelligent content is content that is: • Structured • Reusable • Adaptable • Retrievable • Managed
  9. 9. @arockley©2014 The Rockley Group, Inc.#ICCLSH Multichannel publishing • Content is frequently created for one channel (e.g., print or web) and manually recreated over and over again for each channel (print, web, mobile) • Multichannel publishing can be addressed through: • Structured content that is separate from format • Treating devices and channels as output only • Taking format-free content from a single source and automatically converting the content for delivery to the channel
  10. 10. @arockley©2014 The Rockley Group, Inc.#ICCLSH Time to market • Reviews can be lengthy • Errors cost time in rework • Retranslation for changes add time and money • Incorrect/missing claims can result in agency problems • Time to market can be addressed through: • Reuse • Translate content as it is approved, only change content must be retranslated • Controlled content
  11. 11. @arockley©2014 The Rockley Group, Inc.#ICCLSH Rapid customer response • Responding to customer questions and needs often requires searching through content to find the right information. This takes time and content may have to be approved before release. • Content may have to be written because it cannot be found. • Customers often ask the same questions. • Customers want answers anywhere, anytime, and on any device • Issues of responding to customers can be addressed through: • Well organized content tagged with metadata • Reuse of common content • Automatic response configured for the device
  12. 12. @arockley©2014 The Rockley Group, Inc.#ICCLSH Multiple versions • Someone accidentally uses/copies an old version. (Incorrect content gets published, errors in the field, regulatory fines) • Time is spent looking for the most recent version. (Stuck in email, on fileserver, in multiple folders) • Common content isn’t common. (Variations of images, symbols, statements, text are similar but different). • Issues of version control can be addressed through content management and planned reuse.
  13. 13. @arockley©2014 The Rockley Group, Inc.#ICCLSH Regulatory requirements • Large number of regulatory requirements. • New people may not understand the requirements or know where to find the correct information. • Different people may respond differently to the same requirement. • Different requirements for multiple agencies. • Regulatory requirements can be addressed through: • Best practice/approved common content • Reuse • Version control • Metadata
  14. 14. @arockley©2014 The Rockley Group, Inc.#ICCLSH Translation • Number of languages is increasing. • Common content isn’t common so it is translated and retranslated. • Content is retranslated for every channel. • Content is written inconsistently (different terms, phrases, style) so it is retranslated. • Costs of translation can be addressed through: • Reuse • Workflow (content management) • Automation of multichannel publishing • Automated content quality control and voice
  15. 15. @arockley©2014 The Rockley Group, Inc.#ICCLSH Supporting claims • Every claim must have supporting content to ensure approval. Supporting content is often tracked manually. • Claims are easily separated from their supporting content across products and channels. • Claims must be worded identically or with minimal change to be approved. People create and recreate the claims differently. • Supporting claims costs can be addressed through: • Metadata (content management) • Reuse
  16. 16. @arockley©2014 The Rockley Group, Inc.#ICCLSH Many ways in which we can make our content intelligent! Many excellent presenters will share their stories.
  17. 17. @arockley©2014 The Rockley Group, Inc.#ICCLSH Ann Rockley @arockley