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Brazil's time has come!
Brazil is emerging, so more and more companies are moving to Brazil. As a result we already see a shortage of talent in Brazil developing. Recruiting in Brazil is getting more difficult and recruiting to Brazil a interesting option. This presentation shows how to recruit to Brazil. What makes Brazil globally attractive and how to recruit in Brazil.
To be successful in Brazil you have to know your facts and know your recruitment intelligence. Brazil’s time has come….don’t miss it.

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Global attractiveness brazil recruitment

  1. 1. Ranking Global AttractivenessTo measure the Global Attractiveness of differentcountries, the following question is asked to theinternational mobile workforce:Which countries would you considerworking in abroad?• Globally 199 million people would like to work in Brazil.• Brazil is globally ranked 22th.• Brazil is most popular in: • Panama 6th position • Ivory Coast 7th • El Salvador 8th • Guatemala 8th • France 11th Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  2. 2. Much global competitionOn average, the global workforce prefers 7,8 countries to work in. Potentials for Brazil prefer -on average-15,5 other countries. The competition on the global labor market is high and very divers for Brazil. Thebiggest competitors are the English speaking countries like the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. In volumeand similarity we see Portugal (due to the historical connection) and emerging markets like Russia, SouthAfrica and China. In similarity we see countries from the same geographical area like El Salvador andPanama and the more „adventurous‟ countries in Africa. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  3. 3. Global potential Brazil50% of the labor potential ofBrazil lives in India and ChinaThe most labor potential(in volume) for Brazil lies in India.A quarter of everybody that wants to workin Brazil lives there, followed byChina (24%) and the USA (13%).Portuguese love BrazilBrazil is six times more popular withPortuguese than average. Brazil ismore than average popular in theUSA, Canada, Guatemala andIvory Coast. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  4. 4. Popular industries & occupations Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  5. 5. Characteristics potentials for Brazil Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  6. 6. Mobility drivers to BrazilCountry Value Drivers (CVD)The most import reason for the globaltalent that wants to work in Brazil isthe „opportunity to broaden experience‟,followed by „better career opportunities‟and „challenging oneself‟.Looking at the country value drivers toBrazil, it‟s notable that - in general -more than average all kind of driversare mentioned. Only „to have a betterstandard of live‟ scores less.Ambitious and focused on careerThe overall view that appears is that peoplewanting to go to Brazil are ambitious andfocused on work and career. Elements as gettinga better standard of living, culture, language and„starting a new life‟ are not the main drivers. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  7. 7. Top-10 relocation informationTalent that is interesting in Brazil, has more need (+15%) for information,than the global average. They make a calculated choice for a country anda company. For Brazilian companies who like to attract talent on theglobal market, it‟s important to share full informationwith their potential talent.The most important information isabout housing and living.64 Percent of Brazilians talentrequests information aboutthe standard of living,followed by accommodation (61%).A online community and a specialsection on the website for foreignersis least needed. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  8. 8. Preferred cities and employers attractive toBrazillians potentials Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  9. 9. To stay for a long timeMore than three quarters of the potential talentprefers a fixed contract,followed by a temporary contract of12 months or longer.That‟s a logical result of the question:How long are you willing to stay abroad?Almost half of the talent (43%) wants to stay for5 years or more. Only 11 percent is lookingfor a challenge for 1 year or less.A temporary contract of flexible contractthrough a temporary agency would be a greatSolution for this group. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  10. 10. Career > employer brandWe asked Brazilians“Which factors are important to you in your next job?”The number one choice is „goodcareer opportunities‟, followed by „goodsalary‟ and „good working atmosphere‟.In comparison to the global workforce,are Brazilians more focused on „careeropportunities‟, „challenge of the job‟,„responsibility and skilled managers‟.Their scope is on the future, with importantother motivators as „good salary‟ and„good working atmosphere‟.Interesting to see is that, in comparisonto other countries, „good education‟,„variation in work‟, „employer benefits‟,„international scope‟ and the „employerbrand‟ is less important.Brazilians prefer a careerover an employer brand. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  11. 11. Number 1 recruitment channel: internetWe asked the Brazilian workforce “Which sources would you use when looking for a new job?”The most used recruitment channel in Brazil are jobs websites, followed by the „companywebsite‟. Those two channels dominate the landscape of recruitment channels.Also online communities score more than average,in comparison to the global average.It‟s remarkable that search engines score lessthan average, because the internet adoptionas recruitment channel in Brazilis high.In comparison to the global average,Brazilians still use papers to look fora new job. Also their personal networkscores high.Jobfairs and career eventsStay behind in comparisonto the global average. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  12. 12. Global attractiveness Brazil Brazil is hot, emerging en climbing on the global ranking of popular countries to work in. Number 22 globally and a total of 199 million people of the global workforce wanting to work in Brazil. The global completion is high and divers. Brazil is considered among more than 15 other countries. Main competitors are the English speaking countries, other emerging markets, the regional area and the more „adventures‟ countries. Half the global potentials for Brazil live in India and China. What combines talent that wants to work in Brazil, is that they are ambitious and primary focused on work and career. For international recruiting companies in Brazil, it is important to be open and complete with information and to give much attention to important relocation information. Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are important cities that attract global talent. These cities should be visible in the promotion of Brazil. Brazil’s star is rising. With a good organization of the World Soccer Championship and Olympics, Brazil will be more top of mind, more a primary choice and get even a sharper global profile. Brazil’s time has come….
  13. 13. Curious in your country?I have put this presentation online to get in contact witheverybody who wants to know more about: Global recruiting Global labor city profiling/marketing Global labor country profiling/marketing Global employer branding (EVP) Global recruitment intelligence Please follow me or contact me: Geert-Jan Waasdorp Global Recruitment Intelligence Consultant Founder of Intelligence Group @waasdorpigi More information about the data, look at:
  14. 14. Countries we all know about:• Algeria • Hungary • Romania• Australia • India • Russia• Austria • Indonesia • Saudi Arabia• Bahrain • Ireland • Serbia• Belarus • Israel • Singapore• Belgium • Italy • Slovenia• Bosnia • Ivory Coast • South Africa• Brazil • Jordan • Spain• Bulgaria • Kazakhstan • Sweden• Cameroon • Kenya • Switzerland• Canada • Kuwait • Tunisia• China • Latvia • Ukraine• Croatia • Lebanon • United Arab Emirates• Czech Republic • Lithuania • United Kingdom• Denmark • Luxemburg • USA• East Africa • Malaysia• Egypt • Morocco And much more…• El Salvador • Nigeria• Estonia • Norway• Finland • Oman• France • Panama• Germany • Philippines• Ghana • Poland• Greece • Portugal• Guatemala • Qatar
  15. 15. Cities we all know about:• Abu Dhabi • Cologne • Kuala Lumpur • Nice • Sofia• Adelaide • Copenhagen • Las Vegas • Ontario • Stavanger• Amsterdam • Dallas • Lausanne • Oslo • Stokholm• Antwerp • Doha • Lisbon • Ottawa • Stuttgart• Athens • Dresden • Liverpool • Paris • Sydney• Atlanta • Dubai • Ljubljana • Peking • Taipei• Auckland • Dublin • London • Perth • Tel Aviv• Bangkok • Düsseldorf • Los Angeles • Prague • Tokyo• Barcelona • Edinburgh • Luanda • Quebec • Toronto• Basel • Estocolmo • Luxemburg • Riga • Toulouse• Beijing • Florence • Lyon • Rio de Janeiro • Turin• Bergen • Frankfurt • Madrid • Rome • Valencia• Berlin • Geneva • Málaga • Rotterdam • Vancouver• Bern • Glasgow • Manchester • Salzburg • Vantaa• Birmingham • Gothenburg • Manila • San Diego • Venice• Bordeaux • Graz • Marseilles • San Francisco • Vienna• Boston • Hamburg • Melbourne • San José • Vilnius• Brisbane • Helsinki • Miami • San José de Costa Rica • Warsaw• Brussels • HongKong • Milan • San Salvador • Washington DC• Budapest • Houston • Minhen • Santiago • Wellington• Buenos Aires • Istanbul • Monaco • São Paulo • Zagreb• Caïro • Jakarta • Montreal • Seattle • Zürich• Calgary • Jeddah • Moscow • Seoul• Canberra • Johannesburg • Mumbai • Shanghai And much more…• CapeTown • Kiev • Munich • Singapore• Chicago • Kraków • New York • Sint Petersburg
  16. 16. Companies we all know about:• GE • Deloitte • Lufthansa • Telefónica• ABB • Deutsche Bank • Maersk • Texas Instruments• Accenture • DHL • McKinsey • Total• Adidas • EADS Airbus • Mercedes • Toyota• Alstom • Ericsson • Merck • UBS• Amazon • Ernst & Young • Microsoft • UN• Apple • Exxon • Nestle • Unilever• AT&T • Facebook • Nike • Vodafone• Audi • Ford • Nokia • Volkswagen AG• BASF • Gazprom • Novartis • Volvo• Bayer • General Motors • Oracle • Walmart• BBC • Goldman Sachs • Orange • Yahoo• Blizzard Entertainment • Google • P&G• BMW • Halliburton • Pfizer And much more…• Boeing • Heineken • Philips• Bosch • Henkel • Porsche• BP • Hilton • PwC• Chevron • HP • Roche• Cisco • HSBC • Samsung• Citigroup • IBM • SAP• Coca Cola • Ikea • Schlumberger• Credit Suisse Group • Intel • Shell• Daimler • JP Morgan • Siemens• Danone • KPMG • Sony• Dell • Loreal • Starbucks