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Dera Sacha Sauda's Ho Prithvi Saaf Campaign Report


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Dera Sacha Sauda's (DSS) conducted a Ho Prithvi Saaf cleanliness drive in Mumbai in 2015. This is the Campaign Report.

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Dera Sacha Sauda's Ho Prithvi Saaf Campaign Report

  1. 1. Dera Sacha Sauda’s #SwachhMumbai Drive
  2. 2. Brief Received • Objective: Create Awareness and drive a Change in the Society. • Positioning: Dera Sacha Sauda has been a forerunner in the mission #MyCleanIndia. Guruji along with his volunteers have already cleaned 27 major cities of the country in just a few hours on the day of the drive. • Key Messages: – Cleanse the planet Earth, to remove Diseases and Curse! – Guruji along with his volunteers have already cleaned 27 major cities. On Oct 28th it’s gonna be Mumbai – 28th City! – Mumbaikars, get ready for a Clean Mumbai. – Clean Mumbai Drive under the leadership of Guruji and in the presence of the Governor of Maharashtra, Celebrities, Business Tycoon and Volunteers.
  3. 3. Campaign BIG Idea • Introduce Dera Sacha Sauda’s…. – Three Change Agents – Arise, Go-Forth and Conquer. • WHO? – Arise: He’s the one who has been Sensitized. He isn’t ignorant anymore. He uses Social Platforms to spread awareness. – Go-Forth: He’s the one who’s involved. He has a broom in his hand & he’s passionate about a Clean India & a Diseases-free India. – Conquer: He goes an extra mile. He spreads the message amongst peers, lobbies with local change agents & works with Government bodies at the National level. – It’s YOU – You have to ARISE… passionately GO-FORTH and utimately CONQUER!
  4. 4. Engagement on Facebook Introduce… Reinforce… Encourage
  5. 5. Introducing: Arise, GoForth & Conquer
  6. 6. Reinforced Event Date & encouraged Participation
  7. 7. Disseminated a Few Key Messages
  8. 8. Facebook Results • From Oct 24 to Oct 28 – 57 posts (status update + picture posts + links + cover photo update + event creation) – 914,519 impressions recorded over 5 days (lifetime recorded impressions are higher) – 404,891 unique people saw one or more post over 5 days (lifetime reach is higher) – 64,375 active engagements recorded over 5 days (lifetime engagements are higher) • Ad Campaign (Ran from DSS existing FB Ad account) – Page LIKE campaign was created and promoted to people residing in India. 3555 new page likes were recorded.
  9. 9. Engagement on Twitter Seeding… Discussion… Encouragement
  10. 10. Twitter Engagement Plan • From Oct 24 to Oct 28 – Over 50 unique tweets were created (event promotion + live discussion + live updates) – Two hashtags: #HoPrithviSaaf & #AriseGoForthConquer were used & both trended; over 300 new followers recorded on Oct 28th • Live Discussion & Trend Creation – 18 tweets with 10 questions were planned beforehand to engage Twitter audience – As per Trendsinalia India - 3,377 users and 3,971 tweets (3710 RTs) in 2 days made #HoPrithviSaaf a Trending Topic in India. – As per Trendsinalia India - 43,002 people could have seen #HoPrithviSaaf since its 1st mention until it became a Trending Topic. Many more would have seen it after it became a Trending Topic.
  11. 11. Google Ad Campaign Recorded 1971691 impressions & 2900 engagements
  12. 12. Can We Assist You?