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Sales Lead Generation


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Effective creation and management of lead generation programs

Published in: Business, Technology
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Sales Lead Generation

  1. 1. salesssal<br />Effective Sales Lead Generation<br /><ul><li>Mistakes that are made in sales lead generation
  2. 2. Definition of a lead
  3. 3. Quantity vs. Quality
  4. 4. Multi-dimensional lead generation
  5. 5. Nurturing leads
  6. 6. Measuring and understanding return/success</li></li></ul><li>Common Mistakes made in sales lead generation<br /><ul><li> Too many organization focus on increasing the</li></ul> number of leads – volumes of poorly qualified<br /> leads cause sales people to ignore them <br /><ul><li> Marketing designs and manages the sales lead </li></ul> generation programs<br /><ul><li> There is no accountability process
  7. 7. Measurements are focused on the lead and not</li></ul> the result<br /><ul><li>R.O.I. is not measured and information is not</li></ul> communicated effectively<br />
  8. 8. Defining the sales lead<br /><ul><li> Leads should be qualified in order for the sales</li></ul> people to derive benefit – building pipeline<br /> defines success <br /><ul><li> Qualifiers should be defined up-front by sales
  9. 9. Leads should not be passed to sales unless they</li></ul> meet qualification criteria<br /><ul><li> Leads need to tied to those capable of making</li></ul> decisions<br /><ul><li> Leads are not contact information</li></li></ul><li>Sales Lead Generation<br />Quantity vs Quality <br /><ul><li> There is no value to a large number of unqualified</li></ul> leads<br /><ul><li> Lead generation programs should not be a</li></ul> replacement for sales prospecting for their own<br /> business<br /><ul><li> Too much activity from unqualified leads</li></ul> frustrates sales the organization <br /><ul><li> Large numbers of unqualified leads destroys the</li></ul> confidence in the program and most ofetn ends in<br /> the programs demise<br /><ul><li> A few very well qualified leads will cement sales</li></ul> involvement and buy-in<br />
  10. 10. Multi-dimensional lead generation creates a closed loop<br /><ul><li>Effective Lead Generation should be made up</li></ul> of a variety of touch points<br /><ul><li> Event support
  11. 11. Intelligent email
  12. 12. Telephone contact
  13. 13. Direct Mail (optional)
  14. 14. The database of suspects should be touched no less</li></ul> than 7 times in a year<br /><ul><li> Honor “opt – outs” but continue to touch even</li></ul> those who have expressed “no interest” at least<br /> once per quarter – things and people change <br />
  15. 15. Nurturing Leads = higher sales growth<br /><ul><li>The different types of contact allow you to nurture</li></ul> suspects and grow them into prospects <br /><ul><li> Prospects should be nurtured with several </li></ul> contacts within the target organization<br /><ul><li> More contacts = internal awareness
  16. 16. Contacts potentially include influencers
  17. 17. Increases chances of positive response
  18. 18. People buy from people they know – Nurturing</li></ul> begins the relationship before transitioning the<br /> lead to the sales representative. <br />
  19. 19. Measuring/understanding the result/return<br /><ul><li>Sales Forecasting and reporting is key to</li></ul> understanding the return<br /><ul><li> Leads should be tracked through a CRM system
  20. 20. Leads should be classified like any suspect/prospect
  21. 21. Reporting should be generated weekly
  22. 22. Where Are You Getting</li></ul> Traction<br /><ul><li> Is The Message Resonating
  23. 23. To What Are People</li></ul> Responding<br /><ul><li> Are The Qualifiers </li></ul> Correct<br />
  24. 24. salesssal<br />Effective Sales Lead Generation<br />InteliTarget builds Sales Lead Generation programs for clients in a wide variety of selling environments<br />The InteliTarget team supports Fortune 500, Mid-size, e-Business, and Start-up organizations<br />For more information about how InteliTarget can help you build a successful Sales Lead generation program click below<br /><br />Providing Sales Lead Generation Services since 1996<br />