Streamlining Environmental Management in Public Sector (Webinar Slides)


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These are the slides from Intelex's webinar - Streamlining Environmental Management in the Public Sector. To learn more about Environmental Management and ISO 14001 certification be sure to check these slides out or go to to get Free Trial Access to Intelex’s EMS software and see how Environmental Management Software can power your environmental program!

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  • - Today’s preso is more of a high level informational webinar as opposed to a software or product demo.- Note Poll – feel free to fill it out. We will tally the results at the end.
  • Here is a snapshot of some of the various elements of an EMS
  • The public sector has been one of the fastest growing sectors for ISO 14001 implementionWe’re seeing it at all levels – local, regional and national/federal levels.We at Intelex have a number of clients from the public sector including a number of municipal clients but also those from the state/provincial and federal government departments and agencies.Some highlights:There was a strong push in Arizona for municipal EMS and we have cities such Tempe, Phoenix, Surprise, Scottsdale and others.I think Calgary is considered to be the first municipality in NA to be ISO 14001 certified corp-wide.Other levels of gov such as Arizona DOT, USDA, Environment Canada, etc.
  • There are different ways to build and maintain a EMSOld way was paper – very manual and not efficient, no metrics or real time reportsAnother way is a home grown database like Excel or Access. But then you end up with a lot of silos of data. Excel for tracking training requirements, Access for incidents/NCRs, network drive housing policy/procedure documents.
  • -A streamlined centralized EMS brings all that information together to make it a one stop shop. Ties the data together to break down the data silos. Reduces the overall cost of maintaining the system and makes it more efficientLower cost of managing/maintaining EMS system will increase the ROI.Example of clients going for ISO certification with web based system (Intelex) – auditor didn’t have to go onsite. Save costs.
  • Centralized management system provides the framework for all of the elements of a EMS – company doesn’t have to build and create process from scratch.It takes substantial amount of time and effort to manage tasks, data collection, assessment and reporting. All this can be automated and streamlined in a software system.
  • Streamlining Environmental Management in Public Sector (Webinar Slides)

    1. 1. Streamlining EnvironmentalManagement in the Public SectorPresented by: Jason FitzpatrickIntelex
    2. 2. Presentation Outline1. Intelex / Presenter introduction2. ISO 14001 in the public sector3. Leveraging technology for a streamlined EMS4. Obtaining organizational buy-in
    3. 3. About Intelex• Develop, implement and support software for EHS and Quality Management• More than 20 years in business.• Global client base.• Over 600 global customers.• Over half-a-million users.• Average 45% Growth YoY Since 2002.
    4. 4. About ISO 14001• ISO 14001 is an internationally recognized standard for a Environmental Management System (EMS).• Standards published by the International Organization for Standardization.• ISO 14001 outlines the generic requirements for an environmental management system – it does specify levels of performance.
    5. 5. ISO 14001 Certifications WorldwideHow many ISO 14001 certificates have been issued worldwide? Over 223,149* *As of 2010
    6. 6. ISO 14001 – Continuous Improvement
    7. 7. ISO 14001
    8. 8. ISO 14001 And The Public Sector
    9. 9. ISO 14001 And The Public Sector
    10. 10. Streamlined Approach to Environmental Management• EMS is a multifaceted aggregate of integrated elements • Environmental Aspects & Impacts • Documents • Training • Audits • Permits Management • Corrective and Preventive Actions• There are costs associated with implementing and maintaining the EMS.
    11. 11. Streamlined Approach to Environmental Management
    12. 12. Streamlined Approach to Environmental Management• Optimize ROI by implementing a streamlined, robust EMS software solution.
    13. 13. Streamlined Approach to Environmental Management
    14. 14. Streamlined Approach to Environmental Management
    15. 15. Streamlined Approach to Environmental Management
    16. 16. Streamlined Approach to Environmental Management Notifications escalate as Tasks remain incomplete
    17. 17. Benefits of leveraging technology for an EMS • Centralized location for tracking all EMS information – eliminate silos of data • Improved communications and reporting on metrics (permits, training, audits, etc) • Automated notifications for upcoming and overdue tasks to ensure compliance • Reduce risks • Reduce administrative burdens • Access to data in real time with visual indicators
    18. 18. Getting Organizational Buy-In Visit to get your free copy
    19. 19. Getting Organizational Buy-InCreate a business proposal – including the following four key elements: Statement of Purpose ROI Pricing/Cost Schedule Implementation Plan
    20. 20. Crafting a Proposal for a Streamlined EMS Solution  Stress the benefits of implementing an integrated EMS • Cost and efficiency savings through streamlined collection, assessment and reporting of data • Ability to measure and reduce operational impacts and costs • Ensure compliance to permits, legislation, etc. • Real-time access to organizational environmental performance metrics
    21. 21. Crafting a Proposal for a Streamlined EMS Solution Effect of EMS software on the bottom line – make it measureable • Ability to measure operational costs such as energy and waste in real time will allow us to identify areas to reduce • Attract more events and business opportunities • Reduced fines through from expired permits • Fewer environmental incidents/spills through corrective actions and improved communications • Fewer resources required to maintain EMS program
    22. 22. Crafting a Proposal for a Streamlined EMS Solution  Cost of implementing an integrated EMS • Software / Data management costs. • Implementation costs. • Workforce cost to manage processes. • Certification costs. • Overall costs can be reduced and more measureable with a EMS software system.
    23. 23. Crafting a Proposal for a Streamlined QMS Solution
    24. 24. Crafting a Proposal for a Streamlined EMS Solution Implementation Plan • Timeline indicating how long to implement. • Resources involved.
    25. 25. Crafting a Proposal for a Streamlined EMS SolutionFour key elements of the business proposal: 1. Statement of Purpose 2. ROI 3. Pricing/Cost Schedule 4. Implementation Plan
    26. 26. Case Study – Port of Houston Authority Challenge: • Wanted to implement a new EMS to replace home-grown legacy databases • Required a system to support ISO standards, manage all documents and foster internal communications
    27. 27. Case Study – Port of Houston Authority Solution: • Implemented Intelex’s Environmental Management System • Leveraged the Intelex Message Center tool to improve internal communications • Created reports and charts to measure key performance indicators • Received onsite training for staff and continually participate in Intelex’s online training webinars
    28. 28. Case Study – Port of Houston Authority Results: • Maintain ISO 14001 standard with improved efficiency • Use Intelex reporting tools to monitor KPIs to make important business decisions • Successfully setup automatic email notifications to review and approve docs, assign and complete tasks, comment on follow-up actions, etc.
    29. 29. Case Study – City of TempeChallenge:• Sought to achieve 100% compliance with all internal and government environmental rules, regulations and permits• Ability to sustain environmental compliance in the short and long term and provide compliance assessment and assistance to all facilities
    30. 30. Case Study – City of TempeSolution:• Implemented Intelex’s Environmental Management System• Special focus on Compliance Management(permits and permit activities, legal requirements) and Document Control• Implemented Document Control to house all compliance related documentation, including discharge monitoring reports, drinking water reports, invoices, linked websites, SOP, etc.
    31. 31. Case Study – City of TempeResults:• Achieved highest confidence in compliance status to all environmental rules and permits• Sustain compliance and pass all audits and inspections with a very high level of confidence• All necessary compliance documentation is centrally maintained and retrievable as required by staff
    32. 32. Thank-youFor Free Trial Access Visit: Jason Fitzpatrick (416) 599-6009 x302