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Near-Miss Reporting (Infographic)


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Near-Miss Reporting Infographic outlines that reporting and investigating near-miss events is a central part of any proactive safety management system. Near-miss data can be used to implement corrective actions that address safety concerns before they become safety incidents. Download this FREE Whitepaper to learn how to capture and track near-miss events before they become workplace incidents -

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Near-Miss Reporting (Infographic)

  1. 1. A near-miss is an incident where no property was damaged and no personal injury sustained, but where given a slight shift in time or position, damage and/or injury could have easily occurred. Other terms: close call near collision near hit Near-Miss workers suffered injuries and illnesses on the job in 2013 in the united states 2,786,906 4,693workers killed on the job in 2011 in the United States 13 deaths per day Best practices: Prevent near-miss reporting from getting out of control with a clear definition Implement a successful reward and recognition program for reporting near-misses Choose a Near-miss Reporting Solution That Works for Your Organization Three factors to ensure near-misses are reported: Reporting The safety pyramid* Shows that for every 300 no-injuries (near-misses) there were 29 minor or recordable injuries. By addressing these precursors, accidents could be avoided. *developed by Mr. H.W. Heinrich in 1931 1 2 3 Implement a near-miss reporting system Near-miss system must be understood by all employees All near-misses should be investigated and corrective actions taken if, if necessary, to prevent reoccurrence and/or more serious injury Intelex provides web-based software that helps companies identify hazards within the workplace, report on the risks associated with these hazards and prioritize the required corrective actions. Improve employee productivity and safety while reducing incidents, absenteeism and workers’ compensation costs. Download this free whitepaper! Learn more about Near-Miss Reporting SOURCES: From Near-Miss to At-Risk: How Untracked Data Costs Lives and Kills Profit (Intelex Whitepaper) - OSHA