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AIDC Summit LA: LA Drones Solution Overview

Check out this exciting use case featuring LA Drones showcasing AI applications with Intel architecture.

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AIDC Summit LA: LA Drones Solution Overview

  1. 1. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit AERIAL COMPUTER VISION Development and Applications PRIVILEGED AND CONFIDENTIAL: This content, including referenced IP, is for the exclusive use of viewer and may contain proprietary, confidential or privileged information. Any use, copying, disclosure, dissemination or distribution outside of this presentation is strictly prohibited.
  2. 2. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit Team Introduction Austin James Smith CEO and Founder of L.A. Drones LLC Vignesh Mohanraj Computer Vision Engineer, L.A. Drones LLC Introduction 2
  3. 3. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit About L.A. Drones 3 Located in Venice CA, L.A. Drones is the industry leading, battle-tested, multi- versed aerial cinema and robotic engineering powerhouse. LAD features 5 unique aerial service silos, while creating our own products for entertainment and real life applications. ➔ Cinema / Commercial Production ➔ Live Content Production ➔ Experiential Technology Development ➔ Inspection & Survey ➔ Embedded Robotic Systems Engineering AI has allowed us to combine all of our areas of expertise under our engineering umbrella.
  4. 4. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit L.A. Drones Engineering L.A. Drones Engineering Arm builds custom robotic, hardware and software solutions to not only wow an audience, but also to solve real world problems. 4 With Intel and Ferrari, we built Artificial Intelligence into aerial platforms to detect drivers during live broadcast. With Absolut, we built drones that pour shots and shake martinis. Robotic tech is on the cutting edge and LAD wields the sharpest blade.
  5. 5. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit L.A. Drones & Intel - 5 Years of Innovation L.A. Drones has been an Intel Partner, Vendor, and technology advocate for five years. - 100 Projects Across the US, China, Poland, Germany, Bali, Australia, South Korea, and more. - 10 Keynotes with Intel Executives - Worked across 10+ Intel Business Units - 3 Years with Intel AI - This Project is a Culmination of all Intel Experience 5 Introduction
  6. 6. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit Today’s Presentation Today is all about aerial computer vision and real time inference. 1. Our overall mission, RTI as area of focus, technical strategies, challenges, and solutions. 2. Applying the technology within entertainment - motorsports. 3. Applying the technology within a real world scenario - First Response. 4. Finally, we’re going to tell you what we’re doing next, and how we will achieve it with Intel technology at the core. 6 Introduction
  7. 7. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit Our AI Mission 7
  8. 8. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit “Real Time Inference” Our goal is to create a robust aerial solution to detect and relay valuable data insights in a few seconds. Currently, in drone applications during live scenarios, all key insight happen after the fact. Time is the ultimate variable, and in these applications, every second matters. RTI can change a viewing moment, or save a life. Our AI Mission 8
  9. 9. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit CV Real Time Inference Challenges ● Heavy footage ● Detecting very small things from the air ● Lighting, shot angles, and environment conditions ● Retraining standard image detector ● 50 + identically shaped cars ● Processing 1080p 30 FPS in real time ● Video latency / real time vs. broadcast 9 Challenges
  10. 10. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit The Motorsports Application 10
  11. 11. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit 11
  12. 12. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit The Ferrari Challenge Campaign Add Value to Motorsports Broadcasts with AI ● Incredible amounts of data to leverage ● Drones offer a new exciting vantage point ● With CV / Graphics we can create an enhanced viewing experience ● Data insights for both viewers and DRIVERS ● Chances to test implement 5G, Cloud Computing, Remote Processing, Movidius, etc. ● Two incredible, iconic pioneers of automotive and computing technology, combining forces. Intel Experience 12
  13. 13. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit The Execution Coverage ● 5 Drones, Live, Flying Simultaneously, 20k ft. fiber, wireless, Full track and race coverage, and Intel-Driven RTI Data ➔ Real time data ingestion and graphic display ➔ Detect exciting / actionable scenarios through visual / car data ➔ Inform viewer of classes Intel Experience 13 Ultimate Goal: Live Race Broadcast with Real Time Inference and Graphics powered by Intel AI
  14. 14. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit Intel Experience 14 The Goal - Simulation
  15. 15. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit The Reality - Watkins Glen Live Intel Experience 15
  16. 16. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit High Level Hardware Workflow 16v ● Intel optimised tensorflow ● Intel xeon skylake gold processor ● Scalable Performance using Xeon ● Improved performance using TF
  17. 17. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit Layers of Methods to Accomplish Aerial RTI(™) Live Technology Production ● Large video data for training and testing ● Data Augmentation ● Pre processing and tracking model ● Fine-grained object detection and localization ● Real time inference with modern bounding box Projects 17
  18. 18. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit RTI for Sports Version 2.0 Impact of Version 2.0 and our RTI Solution on Live Sports ● 4k live inference with higher frame rate ● Multiple video feed inference processing using single compute New Experiences ● More cameras with inference, more graphic insights ● Interactive viewer experiences, choose your car ● More data and more granular insights - predict the pass ● Real time driver data reporting ● New capture processing (thermal), Live VR, etc. Intel Experience 18A
  19. 19. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit Tech Strategy Intel cascade lake Processor ● Intel Xeons have Deep Learning Boost with vector neural network Instruction ● Helps accelerate performance with its massive CPU power OpenVINO ● Speeds up time via library functions and pre-optimized kernels ● Accelerates intel hardware Xeon Intel Experience v
  20. 20. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit What else can RTI be used for? Intel Experience 20A
  21. 21. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit RTI & First Response 21
  22. 22. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit ● Many moons ago, we worked on a RealSense commercial. ● A hypothetical branding campaign ● Now with AI, we can do something so far beyond this. ● We’ve come a long way since this day in the Vancouver Wilderness. Application 22 In the beginning…
  23. 23. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit 23
  24. 24. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit Application 24 Layers of Time and Technology What was a glimpse into the future, is now the present, and all experience has been implemented, incorporating layers of tech. - Intel AI - Intel Drones - Intel Processing - Intel Cloud - Intel Computing … probably more. Now the goal is how to properly use it.
  25. 25. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit Endless Applications for RTI ● Surveillance ● Inspection ● Sports and Entertainment ● Real world problems ● Defense ● Agriculture ● Search and Rescue What’s the most significant? Applications 25
  26. 26. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit Hurricane Harvey L.A. Drones isn’t new to first response with Intel. Hurricane Harvey was an obvious disaster, and it was evidence that we still are not using the technology we have to create quicker, more efficient response. - CRASAR and Robin Murphy. - LAD successful outing - Drone inspection - Reopened bridge w/ civil engineer ments/case-studies/falcon-8-plus-hurricane-harvey- study.pdf Intel Experience 26
  27. 27. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit Recognizing the Need for RTI Intel Experience 27
  28. 28. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit First Response Application Strategy Get the insights to the right people, as fast as possible. - Autonomous area mapping - Multi-Faceted Detection, Multiple Models, and Multiple Compute Scenarios. - Live Streaming of RTI Feed to RTMP - Multiple Cameras for Specific Purposes (Zoom and Thermal) - Turning Insights into Deliverables, in real time (we’ll get to this more later). - Live Interfacing Models with Airmap, Kittyhawk, FAA from UAS Intel Experience 28
  29. 29. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit What can we do, when this is what we see? Intel Experience 29 BUT WHERE DO WE BEGIN? Hurricane Katrina
  30. 30. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit The Physical Challenges are Real ● Weather and visibility ● Airspace / Emergency TFRs ● Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) ● Distance / Batteries ● Time ● Connectivity ● UAS Infrastructure Stiff, but we can manage. Intel Experience 30
  31. 31. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit Newer, Next Level Hardware Projects 31 Custom, LIVE, VR Drones for Solar Inspection Intel Falcon 8+, 50+ MP Photos & Thermal, w/ Intel Insight Platform DJI 210 RTK Multi 360 Payload - 3 Miles, 20 min flight times.
  32. 32. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit Tech Strategy Intel cascade lake Processor ● Intel Xeons have Deep Learning Boost with vector neural network Instruction ● Helps accelerate performance with its massive CPU power and DL boost OpenVINO ● Speeds up time via library functions and pre-optimized kernels ● Accelerates intel hardware Xeon Intel Experience v
  33. 33. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit Turning Live, Raw Data, into Real-time Deliverables Projects 33 SnapSight - D 1. An anomaly is detected 2. Capture machine begins to roll (pre-set) 3. Video is sent to cloud 4. Video is tagged with all valuable data 5. Video is sent to first time responder with all vital info via mobile 6. elivers Video of detected item directly to First Responders mobile device with GPS coordinates. 7. I can develop a flow diagram for this if needed L.A. Drones Intel Pilot - Andrew Georgopoulos
  34. 34. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit Sample RTI in Disaster Relief Scenario Projects 34 Example UI / Deliverable
  35. 35. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit Projects 35 Competitive Advantage ● The hardware we leverage / create / modify - (Drones) ● Realtime Insight Delivery Platform ● Our software / processing stack (Intel) ● Ability to Infer on highest resolution cameras ● High accuracy and speed of inference ● Delivery of Insights to Mobile / Cloud (less than minute) ● Our Data (petabyte of internally owned aerial footage) ● Experience (6 years in the embedded UAS solutions) ● Field tested solutions ● Cross compatibility - apply model to any detection scenario
  36. 36. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit ● Building Version 2.0 of RTI Hardware Foundation ● Demoing our Pilot Program of SnapSight ● Adding functionality across the broad to both applications ● Investment for scaling ● Will be deploying in a variety of scenarios this summer. And as Intel technology continues to advance, so does our RTI. Outro 36 Where We Are Today
  37. 37. L.A. Drones AIDC Summit FIN 37 Thank you for attending our presentation. Please feel free to contact us with inquiries.