Case StudyIntel® vPro™ Technology                             eWranglers’ Simple Formula for MSP Success:eWranglers       ...
Using Intel vPro Technology to Better LeverageYour Existing Tools and Increase Margins                                    ...
Hardware repairs are also accelerated by Intel vPro technology’sremote capabilities, reducing eWranglers’ average hardware...
Delivering Unusual Margins    and Competitive Advantage                                                                   ...
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eWranglers Case Study


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eWranglers’ Simple Formula for MSP Success Productivity = Margin. MSP uses PCs based on Intel® vPro™ technology to cut repair times by 66% – and takes the savings straight to the bottom line.

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eWranglers Case Study

  1. 1. Case StudyIntel® vPro™ Technology eWranglers’ Simple Formula for MSP Success:eWranglers Productivity = Margin MSP uses PCs based on Intel® vPro™ technology to cut repair times by 66% – and takes the savings straight to the bottom line Though it may seem obvious that higher productivity equals increased profit margins, many MSPs struggle to accomplish high levels of staff productivity. Part of the challenge is that high productivity is not self sustaining:“ Without vPro, a new tools, procedures, and opportunities are constantly evolving in the managed services marketplace, andblue-screened competitive MSPs work hard to track the changes and take advantage of them. Those that don’t inevitably fall behind in a competitive landscape.PC almost alwaysmeans an onsite eWranglers, one of the leading MSPs in the northwestern US, understands this dynamic well. “IT providers are attracted to the managed services model because the value proposition makes sense,” says Steve Zetzer, presidentvisit. With vPro, we of eWranglers. “Help small and mid-size businesses align their IT with their business goals and then outsource theircan cut those visits IT management to gain better IT expertise at a lower cost. But many MSPs struggle with how to drive their own productivity up. Your cost structure, your pricing structure, and ultimately your margins all depend on it.” Zetzer’ssignificantly and the organization is constantly working to develop better processes and tools. “In our fixed-price, recurring revenue model,average OS repair every call from the customer costs us margin,” explains Zetzer. “The fewer the better, and the faster remediation thedrops from three better—that’s how we get our margin.” This focus on constantly improving productivity led eWranglers to adopt Intel® vPro™ technology-based1 Dell desktop and laptop PCs as a standard part of their solution. Intel vPro technologyhours to one hour.” allows eWranglers to do more remotely (reducing truck rolls by over 40%) and to remediate problems more quickly (improving staff utilization and increasing margins). “vPro-based PCs are now our standard for all clients,” says– Steve Zetzer, President, eWranglers Zetzer. “All of our contracts require a business-class machine, which essentially means a vPro-based PC.”
  2. 2. Using Intel vPro Technology to Better LeverageYour Existing Tools and Increase Margins Leveraging Dell desktop and laptop PCsThe advanced manageability and security features of Intel with Intel® vPro™ technologyvPro technology allow eWranglers to significantly streamline a According to Steve Zetzer, president of eWranglers, Dell’snumber of key PC management tasks within their existing Kaseya outstanding support makes the difference. “Our standardmanagement console software. This both reduces their cost and install is the latest Dell OptiPlex* desktops or Dell Latitude* laptops with Intel vPro technology. Dell’s support is awe-helps eliminate downtime and interruptions for PC users. The some. Whenever we have a hardware problem, whether largepower of this solution has three elements: or small, they have never failed to make it right quickly. Their• Increased abilities to monitor, manage, and repair PCs remotely 2— business PC configurations are solid, and we have a great regardless of power state or operating system health—that relationship with them through a dedicated rep. They make greatly reduce maintenance and management costs and increase reordering easy by keeping track of what our client already the utilization of eWranglers’ personnel. has, so we save time spec-ing out the PC.• Increased security capabilities that better protect the customer’s critical data and improve compliance while reducing PC downtime.• A standardized, energy-efficient platform that can meet and problem resolutions. “vPro reduces our truck rolls by 43%,” the developing demands of the customer’s business while says Zetzer. “The average field call costs us $100, and some of significantly reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). our clients are hundreds of miles away, so this is huge.” But the cost savings go deeper than that. “If we can do a repair remotelyThese capabilities give eWranglers considerable advantages. rather than go onsite, chances are good that the technician can be“We’re often running at capacity, so tools that can improve our multitasking on multiple repairs at once—that’s additional produc-productivity impact everything: costs, margins, our ability to tivity leverage that we get from vPro.” Intel vPro technology-basedgrow, and the quality of life for our staff,” notes Zetzer. systems also help eWranglers avoid what Zetzer calls ‘train wrecks.’“So vPro is a very big deal.” “A train wreck is an issue that would have been simple to prevent but takes a technician 10 to 12 hours to fix,” he explains. ”One train“Intel vPro reduces our truck rolls by 43%. The wreck and our margin is gone.”average field call costs us $100, and some of our Remote repair of OS problems cuts repair times by 66%. Intelclients are hundreds of miles away, so this is huge.” vPro technology allows eWranglers to diagnose and repair many– Steve Zetzer, President, eWranglers software-related issues without a service visit. “Without vPro, a blue-screened PC almost always means an onsite visit,” saysNew remote capabilities reduce truck rolls by 43%. The Zetzer. “With vPro, we can cut those visits significantly and theadvanced remote capabilities of Intel vPro technology allow average OS repair drops from three hours to one hour.” eWranglerseWranglers to maintain and repair PCs more quickly and at can even remotely reimage the PC if necessary.lower cost. This is true for both normal maintenance activitiesTable 1. Delivering More to Customers Through Intel® vPro™ TechnologyeWranglers’ deployment of PCs based on Intel vPro technology yields better IT functionality and lower service delivery cost.3 Without Intel vPro With Intel vPro Activity Technology Technology Improvement Average time to resolve a hardware problem 3 hours 1 hour Reduced 66% Average time to resolve an OS problem 3 hours 1 hour Reduced 66% Number of deskside visits per month at a typical customer 7 4 Reduced 43% Average amount of downtime per PC per month 1 hour 15 minutes Reduced 75% Number of PCs that can be managed per technician 200 250 Increased 25% Time to achieve 95% patch saturation 7 days 1 day Reduced 86% Power cost savings per PC over 3-year life span $0 $165 TCO lowered by $1652
  3. 3. Hardware repairs are also accelerated by Intel vPro technology’sremote capabilities, reducing eWranglers’ average hardware repair Kaseya IT Automation Frameworktime by 2 hours. On a vPro-based system, technicians can diagnose The Kaseya IT Automation Framework provides a completethe problem remotely and then go to the customer site with the and integrated view of IT environments from a centralizedright part the first time. “We don’t have a huge volume of hardware Web-based management console, allowing managed serviceissues—maybe five per month,” Zetzer notes. “But saving 10 hours providers to remotely manage their customers’ entireper month is real money.” computing infrastructure with one powerful and integratedBreakthrough hardware-based KVM. Today’s Intel vPro application. The Kaseya IT Automation Framework leveragestechnology-based PCs include KVM Remote Control,4 a unique Intel® vPro™ technology to deliver more remote capabilitieshardware-based KVM capability built directly into the PC. Like to KVM tools, it allows technicians to remotely Built-in IT automation. Kaseya builds automation into thecontrol the keyboard, video, and mouse on a customer’s PC. But system’s deployment and management process by mirroringunlike software-based KVM tools, KVM Remote Control connects best practices and automating repetitive work usingeasily, maintains the connection through reboot cycles, and gives machine-driven tasks and processes.the technician a “full GUI” view of the PC they are working on.“Using KVM to see the machine at the BIOS level is a significant Designed to manage, not just monitor, the SMB ITbenefit,” says Zetzer. “vPro has for the first time made it possible environment. Kaseya focuses on managing the entire ITto work on the computer remotely just as if we were physically infrastructure, so the IT services provided are proactive andin front of the machine. That’s why it’s our standard PC.” customers get deeper support for their business applications. Powerful, fully integrated, and easy to use. The“We’re often running at capacity, so tools that can combination of Kaseya and Intel vPro technology provides aimprove our productivity impact everything: costs, comprehensive, easy-to-use, and integrated Web-based IT automation solution that can be deployed rapidly, efficiently,margins, our ability to grow, and the quality of life and effectively.for our staff. So vPro is a very big deal.” Integrated Intel vPro technology. Kaseya has fully– Steve Zetzer, President, eWranglers integrated many of the powerful capabilities of Intel vPro technology to provide authorized technicians with remoteBuilt-in technologies that reduce patch times by 86% and PC management virtually anytime, even when PC power isreduce malware remediation costs. Because eWranglers off or the OS is unresponsive.can reach machines that are powered down, security softwareupdates are accomplished much more quickly, resulting in better For more information on the Kaseya IT Automationcustomer protection. “Customers can get weeks behind on Framework, visit patches because they’re turning the machine off at night,”explains Zetzer. “This makes them more vulnerable to malware—and our cost per malware incident is in the range of $500. It’s ahuge impact.” Intel vPro technology allows eWranglers to keep Active and passive power management capabilities thatthese PCs patched—but the improvement goes even further. significantly reduce energy costs. With the ability to turn off“Reaching PCs that are turned off better protects the PCs so groups of PCs after hours and then power them back up beforethat the only malware that gets through is the really nasty the start of the next business day, eWranglers can now savestuff,“ says Zetzer. “In those cases, we’re almost always look- their customers money through lower energy usage, makinging at rebuilding the machine. Here, vPro lets us remount the OS a substantial positive impact on their ROI. “With the ability toremotely, allowing us to accelerate the restore without touching proactively manage the PC’s power state, we estimate that wethe machine.” vPro’s ability to remotely power up machines also can save customers $55 per PC per year,” says Zetzer. “Many ofhelps with other security-related activities. “vPro lets us get our customers are interested in green IT, and $55 is a significantbackups and AV scans done without interrupting the PC user— benefit, especially if a customer has a lot of PCs.”which means more of them get done,” says Zetzer. 3
  4. 4. Delivering Unusual Margins and Competitive Advantage Overview of Intel® vPro™ Technology According to Zetzer, Intel vPro technology’s capabilities are resulting Desktop, notebook, and tablet PCs based on Intel vPro tech- in both higher margins and stronger customer relationships. “Getting nology, combined with a leading software management applica- customer problems solved faster means higher customer satisfaction tion such as Kaseya, provide unprecedented capabilities. These and better account control,” he explains. “vPro increases the value of advances allow you to deliver more value to your managed our services. There are very few providers in our market making the services customers by helping them spend smarter, get effort to deploy Intel vPro technology, so the competitive advantage more done, and be more secure. is real.” That’s all in addition to the impact on eWranglers’ profitability. • emote diagnosis and repair reduce costly and time-consuming R “Our bottom line is all about how long it takes us to solve customer deskside and service depot visits by resolving problems and problems,” says Zetzer. “Shortening that time is how we earn our repairing PCs quickly from the console—even if the PC is margins. And vPro means more margin.” powered off or in standby mode, is connected to a wireless network, or has a disabled OS.2 For More Information • VM Remote Control connects easily, maintains the K For more information on the benefits of Intel vPro technology connection through reboot cycles, and gives technicians for small and midsize businesses, visit a “full GUI” view of PC they are working on.4 For more information on eWranglers, visit • ecure remote power up and power cycling allow you S For more information on Kaseya’s management console software, to perform scheduled maintenance, backups, and visit monitoring after hours.2 • ncrypted, remote security updates ensure that security E patches are up to date and speed the deployment of critical patches, even to systems that are off or down. • emote asset tracking eliminates time-consuming manual R inventory of hardware and software with remote inventory management, even if the system is off or down. Solution provided by:1 Intel® vPro™ Technology is sophisticated and requires setup and activation. Availability of features and results will depend upon the setup and configuration of your hardware, software and IT environment. To learn more visit: technology/vpro.2 PCs with Intel® vPro™ processor technology include Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT). Intel® Active Management Technology requires the computer system to have an Intel ® AMT-enabled chipset, network hardware and software, as well as connection with a power source and a corporate network connection. Setup requires configuration by the purchaser and may require scripting with the management console or further integration into existing security frameworks to enable certain functionality. It may also require modifications of implementation of new business processes. For more information, see Source: eWranglers based on field testing performed during September 2011.4 KVM Remote Control (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) is only available with Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ and Core™ i7 vPro™ processors with Intel® Active Management technology activated and configured and with integrated graphics active. Discrete graphics are not supported. This document is for informational purposes only. Intel makes no warranties, express or implied, in this document. Copyright © 2012 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. Intel, the Intel logo, vPro, and Core inside are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Printed in USA 0212/ET/OCG/XX/PDF Please Recycle 326758-001US