Intel Big Data Analysis Peer Research Slideshare 2013


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This PowerPoint presentation provides insights into results of a 2013 survey about big data analytics, including a comparison to 2012 big data survey results.

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Intel Big Data Analysis Peer Research Slideshare 2013

  1. 1. Intel Confidential — Do Not Forward Insights on Big Data Analytics Intel’s IT Manager Survey September 2013
  2. 2. 200 U.S.-Based IT Managers Speak Out 2 We wanted to find out:   What is your understanding of big data?   How are you approaching your big data projects? An update to our 2012 survey, this report also:   Shows year-over-year evolution in the understanding of big data analytics   Demonstrates some of the progress made in big data in the enterprise Note: See our methodology in the full research report at
  3. 3. Top Five Findings 3 1.  Big data analytics is a top strategic focus. 2.  IT and stakeholders understand the value potential of big data. 3.  Big data is delivering real-world insight. 4.  The cloud and commercial versions of Apache Hadoop* are a good fit for big data analytics. 5.  Big data challenges are evolving.
  4. 4. Big Data Analytics Is a Top Strategic Focus 4   Similar to our 2012 findings, our 2013 survey identified big data as a top strategic focus for the enterprise.   Updating data center infrastructure is also a leading priority through 2016.   Larger companies ($100M+) are three times more likely than smaller ones (<$100M) to rank big data as their top priority (34% vs. 11%).
  5. 5. Enterprises Have a Formal Big Data Strategy 5   70% of respondents already have a formal big data strategy in place.   22% of respondents will have a formal plan in place within a year.   77% of respondents currently process both structured and unstructured data.   16% plan to do so within the next year.
  6. 6. IT Managers Understand Big Data 6   IT managers feel that they—and their stakeholders— know what big data is about and understand its value. -  91% of IT managers have a strong understanding of big data and what it takes to support it (compared to 80% in 2012). -  75% felt their stakeholders also have a strong understanding of big data.   And requests for big data analytics are common. -  54% receive requests regularly and 97% receive them at least occasionally. -  Fortunately, the majority of these requests are communicated fairly clearly (79%).
  7. 7. Big Data Is Delivering Real-World Insight Today 7   Our survey group is already using big data to gather insight.   Top uses today: -  Evaluating staffing levels and productivity -  Generating competitive intelligence   Expected top uses by 2016: -  Improving operational efficiency -  Generating new revenue sources
  8. 8. Cloud Use for Big Data Is Fairly Widespread 8
  9. 9. … And Deployment of Commercial Versions of Apache Hadoop* Is Increasing 9 Adoption of tools such as the Apache Hadoop* framework continues to rise.
  10. 10. Big Data Challenges Are Evolving 10 Now that big data is moving to real-world implementation, the challenges and obstacles are evolving.   49% of IT managers rate analyzing big data sets as a leading challenge.   36% list big data expertise as a top-tier concern.   Data growth and data integration also top the list.
  11. 11. Concerns about Apache Hadoop* Framework 11 Commercial Framework   42% of IT managers are concerned about high subscription and licensing costs.   30% worry that vendor solution capabilities will be limited or difficult to upgrade. Open-Source Framework   43% worry about the completeness of an open-source Apache Hadoop* solution.   38% are concerned about integrating the solution with existing resources.
  12. 12. Our Respondents Had a Lot More to Say 12   Read the full research report at   Learn more about big data analytics at•  Join the Intel IT Center at to gain access to more industry insights.
  13. 13. Legal 13 This paper is for informational purposes only. THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED “AS IS” WITH NO WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, NONINFRINGEMENT, FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR ANY WARRANTY OTHERWISE ARISING OUT OF ANY PROPOSAL, SPECIFICATION, OR SAMPLE. Intel disclaims all liability, including liability for infringement of any property rights, relating to use of this information. No license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to any intellectual property rights is granted herein. Copyright © 2013 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. Intel, the Intel logo, the Look Inside. logo, and Xeon are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.
  14. 14. Intel Confidential — Do Not Forward