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DDN and Intel: Partnered for Exascale


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Dr. James Coomer discusses DataDirect Network's partnership with Intel for exascale at the Intel Theater

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DDN and Intel: Partnered for Exascale

  1. 1.©2012 DataDirect Networks. All Rights Reserved.DDN and Intel – Partnered for ExascaleISC’13 editionJune 2013Dr. James CoomerSenior Technical Advisor for EMEA
  2. 2.©2012 DataDirect Networks. All Rights Reserved.DDN | About Us► Established: 1998► Revenue: $250M+ – Profitable, Fast Growth► Main Office: Sunnyvale, California, USA► Employees: ~650 Worldwide► Worldwide Presence: 20 Countries► Installed Base: 1,000+ End Customers; 50+ Countries► Go To Market: Global Partners, Resellers, Direct► Top HPC Sites:• > 60% of Top100• World’s Fastest File SystemDDN is a Leader in Massively Scalable Platforms andSolutions for Big Data and Cloud ApplicationsWorld-Renowned & Award-Winning2
  3. 3.©2012 DataDirect Networks. All Rights Reserved.DDN | The “Big” In Big Data800%Paypal acceleratesstream processingand fraud analyticsby 8x with DDN,saves $100Ms.1TB/sThe world’s fastestfile system, to powerthe US’s fastestsupercomputer, ispowered by DDN.Tier 1Tier1 CDN acceleratesthe world’s video trafficusing DDN technologyto exceed customerSLAs.If any company is well poised to take on the challenges of exascalecomputing and big data, its DDN, since this is its heritage.451 Group3
  4. 4.©2012 DataDirect Networks. All Rights Reserved.DDN Infrastructure Innovation CanBridge Applications To ExascaleThe Exascale Objective The Benefits of Exascale… Today.4RAM NVRAM Hard DiskMiddlewareApplication‘Application Defined Infrastructure’This is long-range ambition, w/ challenges:• Applications Need To Be Re-coded• IT Standards Need to Be ReinventedRAM NVRAM Hard DiskMiddlewareApplicationApplication-Aware Data Infrastructure:• Avoid Application Re-architecture• Build Widely-Portable Application Appliances• And, over time, integrate with applicationswhich will define HPC infrastructures…I/O &DataControlI/O &DataControl
  5. 5.©2012 DataDirect Networks. All Rights Reserved.Big Data & Cloud InfrastructurePortfoliohScaler™50-2000 Nodes200+ Data SourcesHigh Speed ETLUp to 500% Faster ResultsEnterpriseHadoop ApplianceEXAScaler™10Ks of Clients1TB/s+, HSMLinux/Windows ClientsNFS & CIFSPetascaleLustre® StorageEnterpriseScale-Out File StorageGRIDScaler™1Ks of Clients1TB/s+, HSMLinux/Windows ClientsNFS & CIFSSFA12K40GB/s/1.7M IOPS1,680 Drives:16U-2 RacksEmbedded ComputingSFA770010GB/s, 600K IOPS60 Drives in 4U;396 Drives in 20UStorage Fusion Architecture™ Core Storage PlatformsSATA SSDFlexible Drive ConfigurationSASSFX Automated Flash Caching• Read• Write• Context Commit• Instant CommitWOS® 2.5256 Billion ObjectsGeoReplicated8 Million Objects/SecondSelf-HealingMobile Cloud AccessCloud FoundationBig Data PlatformManagementDirectMonCloudTiering5
  6. 6.©2012 DataDirect Networks. All Rights Reserved.Democratizing HPC6Mainstream HPC &Enterprise Big DataHyperscale /SupercomputingMid-RangeArraysSFA7700ModularParallel FSAppliancesSFA7700EHybrid FlashAppliancesSFX ContextCommitDDN WOSCloudAppliancesHyperscaleAppliancesSFA12KEmbeddedProcessingSFA12K-20EContext-Aware CacheSFX APIExascaleObjectStorage
  7. 7.©2012 DataDirect Networks. All Rights Reserved.SFA12K™ | Models™Maximum DrivesSystem InterfaceDrive TypesSystem CapacityBandwidthCache IOPSFlash IOPSIn-StorageProcessing™1,6801 1,6801 1,6801FDR IB16Gb FC2FDR IB16Gb FC2FDR IB10/40GbE3.5” & 2.5” SSD, SAS & SATA (inter-mixable)6.72PB (w/ 4TB HDDs)120GB/s(raw I/O)40GB/s(raw I/O)20GB/s(file I/O)850K 1.7M850K700K 1.4M700KN/A N/AYes.ExaScaler, GridScalerCustomer Provided1 840 Drives Until Q1’132 16Gb FC available Q1’13SFA12K-20 SFA12K-20E SFA12K-407
  8. 8.©2012 DataDirect Networks. All Rights Reserved.PCIe x8 Bandwidth2004 2006 2008 2010 20142012 2016GB/S1.63.26.4PCIe G1PCIe G2PCIe G3IVBSNBWestmereNehalemIntel Tick TockStrategy allows DDNto provide the fasteststorage products inthe Industry12K-40 – 40GB/S8
  9. 9.©2012 DataDirect Networks. All Rights Reserved.SFA12K-40 World’s Fastest StorageSFA12K-40 WRITE(GB/s) READ(GB/s)Raw device 34.8 44.2EXAScaler (obdfilter) 28.5 33.4EXAScaler % of Raw 78% 84%9
  10. 10.©2012 DataDirect Networks. All Rights Reserved.SFA12K-40 EXAScaler Performance10
  11. 11.©2012 DataDirect Networks. All Rights Reserved.Today’s Media Challenges11Database LogsStructured DataFS MetadataColumnar TablesFile System DataFlat FilesMB AccessTransactions TransfersKB AccessMulti-Dimensional PerformanceRequirementsEfficient Mixed Media UtilizationGreat performancebut expensiveMassive capacitybut flat performanceFlash Disk DrivesSSD SATADelivering Flash performance at Disk costSFX
  12. 12.©2012 DataDirect Networks. All Rights Reserved.SFAOSSFAOSSFAOSRam Flash Hard DiskSFX Read SFX WriteRam Flash Hard DiskSFX Instant CommitRam Flash Hard DiskSFX Context CommitApplicationControlAccelerate Reads bycaching frequentlyaccessed data in FlashAccelerate Writes byinstantly acknowledgingnew data that is written.Intelligentily pre-popullate criticaldata in Flash toimprove applicationperformanceSFAOSRam Flash Hard DiskLeverage Flash for newWrites to Acceleratessubsequent ReadsFlash Acceleration:SFX - Storage Fusion eXceleratorSFX12
  13. 13.©2012 DataDirect Networks. All Rights Reserved.SFA7700 Hybrid Big Data Appliance13300% ROIImprovementModular, Highest-PerformingMid-Range Array• 4U Fully-Integrated Applianceo Expandable to 3 Additional StorageEnclosures For Cost-Effective CapacityTieringo Tiered HDD & Flash Supporto Simple, Enterprise Management GUI• High Speed IB & FC Connectivityo 4 FDR IB OR 4 FC-16 portso OR 8 FC-8 ports (possibly 16 ports)• Balanced Performance for Big DataApplicationso 10+ GB/s of Sustained Bandwidtho 350K Sustained SSD IOPS
  14. 14.©2012 DataDirect Networks. All Rights Reserved.SFA7700 Example Configuration14ExaScaler & GridScalerActive/Active Parallel File Storage ServersSFA7700Integrated, Hybrid Storage ApplianceSS70004U 60-Drive Storage Enclosures (1-3)ApplianceCapacity540 TB in 14U(using 3TB 7.2K)AppliancePerformance8.5GB/sWith File System
  15. 15.©2012 DataDirect Networks. All Rights Reserved.DDN & Intel Hardware Partnership► IA compatibility• Fast Platform Porting due to generation compatibility and ubiquity► Technology leadership• First to Market with the latest technologies - PCIeG3, DDR3► Storage Feature Integration• Transparent Bridging for mirroring data across dual controllers• Crystal Beach DMA Engines to automate RAID, CRC’s and accelerate datatransfer► Xeon Data Integrity features• Advanced memory ECC• Error checking across all major components and communication pathways► Support infrastructure• Support staff and Advanced Diagnostic Tools like VTune► Regular cadence on new products• Tick Tock strategy assures newer and higher performance storage products► Highest Performance• New MicroArchitectures continually increase the bar15
  16. 16.©2012 DataDirect Networks. All Rights Reserved.DDN & Intel Software PartnershipA Rich History of Innovation► 10 Years of Close CollaborationAround Accelerating Computing• First Engagement in 2003• Many 100 Petaflops deployed since► Partnered to provide the bestsupport for a new class of enterpriseLustre File System adopters► Collaborating on Intel® - EnterpriseEdition for Lustre* software16
  17. 17.©2012 DataDirect Networks. All Rights Reserved.DataDirect Networks, Information in Motion, Silicon Storage Appliance, S2A, Storage Fusion Architecture, SFA, Storage Fusion Fabric, Web Object Scaler, WOS, EXAScaler, GRIDScaler,xSTREAMScaler, NAS Scaler, ReAct, ObjectAssure, In-Storage Processing and SATAssure are all trademarks of DataDirect Networks. Any unauthorized use is prohibited.Questions?17