ClusterVision & Intel: Top500 class Computing at the University of Paderborn


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ClusterVision on Intel's role in the development of the top500 class system at the Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing

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ClusterVision & Intel: Top500 class Computing at the University of Paderborn

  1. 1. dd-Mmm-2011June-2013ClusterVisionClusterVision & IntelDr.Tony KentMarketing & PR Manager, ClusterVision“The best way to predictthe future is to invent it”Top500 Class Computing at the University of Paderborn
  2. 2. dd-Mmm-2011June-2013ClusterVisionThe University of Paderborn
  3. 3. dd-Mmm-2011June-2013ClusterVisionThe University of Paderborn• Originally founded 1614- restablished in 1972- Universität Paderborn in 2002• 18,800 students• 60 under/post-graduate degrees• 5 faculties- Arts & Humanities- Business administration- Science- Mechanical Engineering- Electrical Engineering- & Mathematics• PC² Center for Parallel Computing ..
  4. 4. dd-Mmm-2011June-2013ClusterVisionPC² Center for Parallel Computing• Founded in 1991• Integral inter-disciplinary instituteof the University of Paderborn• Distributed & parallel high performance computing• HPC research, development & applications- Custom computing & many cores- Middleware & system software- Scalable storage- Testbeds & benchmarking• 5 HPC systems• OCcuLUS part of 4m Euro investment• “This system is a powerful compute resource for allresearchers in the region of East Westphalia and Lippe,and our partners in Germany and Europe,” Prof.Dr.Holger Karl, head of the PC² board. ..
  5. 5. dd-Mmm-2011June-2013ClusterVision• 614 compute nodes, 10,000 cores- 552 ASUS E7 rack-mount compute servers- each with 2 Intel Xeon E5-2670 (16 cores) 2.6GHz processors- Smaller compute nodes have 64 GByte of main memory per node- larger nodes are enhanced with 256 GByte of main memory• 40 GPU Nodes, ES4000Type-1 Intel Xeon E5-2670 processors with 32 NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPUs.Type-2 Intel Xeon E5-2670 processors with 8 Intel Xeon Phi co-processors• 20 Intel Servers (256G).• 2 SMP nodes- Dell PowerEdge R820 servers with four 8-Core Xeon E5-4650 processors• 6 front-end and management and administration nodes- Supermicro Superserver 825TQ-R740WB and 1027GR-TRFchassis• Fast QDR InfiniBand, 40 Gbit/s system from Mellanox Technologies.• 14 42U Emerson/Knürr server racks,- 12 of which incorporate Knürr’s backdoor chilled water cooling technology.• Bright Cluster Manager• FraunhoferFS (FhGFS) parallel file-system …ClusterVision Project : 90208
  6. 6. dd-Mmm-2011June-2013ClusterVisionSystem Configuration
  7. 7. dd-Mmm-2011June-2013ClusterVisionIntel Xeon Phi
  8. 8. dd-Mmm-2011June-2013ClusterVisionBuild• Off-site engineering Nov-2012• 6-man on-site build• Handover Feb-2013• Official inauguration- ZKI Supercomputing Mar-2013• Post-delivery services- support/Maintenance for BCM/FhGFS- multi-year critical hardware warranties …“It is always exciting for ourcompany to work on Top500 classsystems like the new HPC cluster atPaderborn. Large scale, complexsystems like this understandablyrepresent a showcase of possibilityto the HPC community, both inacademia and commercialenterprise, and enable our team todraw upon and demonstrate all oftheir experience in system designand their expertise in build andconfiguration,” Christopher Huggins,Commercial Director atClusterVision.
  9. 9. dd-Mmm-2011June-2013ClusterVisionISC’13 Exhibitor Forum (02)Tuesday 18 June, 11:00-11:30 hrsDipl.Bjoern OlaussonHPC System Architect, ClusterVisionDr.Jens SimonTechnical Manager & Senior Research Assistant at PC²ISC’13 Stand 520