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How to Use Brand Archetypes to Attract the Right Customers and Repel the Wrong Ones


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Most executives want the answer to the following question: How can we clone our top five customers? And better yet, how do those customers find us (versus us finding them)? Archetypes is a way to do that.

Jason Voiovich is Director of Corporate Marketing for Logic PD. As Director of Corporate Marketing, Jason is responsible for aligning Logic PD’s products and services with market needs. Jason has more than 15 years of experience in marketing intelligence and research, specializing in competitive intelligence, new venture strategy, brand valuation and business modeling. Prior to joining Logic PD in 2012, Jason founded Ecra Creative Group, a Minneapolis-based marketing intelligence and brand development agency. His clients included Target Corp, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Guidant (Boston Scientific), and Michael Foods along with dozens of start-ups and mid-sized firms. Jason also acts as an advisor to the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire’s Entrepreneur Program and serves on its Communication and Journalism curriculum review committee. Jason received his B.S. in Communications from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire and his M.A. in Strategic Communications from the University of Minnesota.

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How to Use Brand Archetypes to Attract the Right Customers and Repel the Wrong Ones

  1. 1. How to Use BrandArchetypes to Attract theRight Customers and Repelthe Wrong OnesA Complimentary Webinar from Aurora WDC12:00 Noon Eastern /// Wednesday 1 May 2013~ featuring ~Jason Voiovich Derek JohnsonThe Intelligence Collaborative #IntelCollabPoweredby
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  3. 3. Using brand archetypes to attract the rightcustomers (and repel the wrong ones).Aurora WDC Webinar Series, Jason Voiovich, May 1, 2013
  4. 4. "These changes are a result of considerable research that weveconducted including conversations with hundreds of customers, many ofwhom expressed a desire to see the Medallion program truly target ourbest customers," Jeff Robertson, vice president – SkyMiles, said in astatement. "Adding a revenue component to the SkyMiles Medallionprogram ensures that our most valued customers receive the bestprogram benefits and a more exclusive experience."
  5. 5. New term:Customer Value Management (CVM)Research Question:Does it make sense to focus on yourbest customers?Findings:1. Only works in a “no/lowcompetition” environment (thatrarely exists)2. Competitors now know who topoach (customers who remain)3. Treating your “bad” customers“better” not only wastes resources,but makes you even moreattractive to poaching.Recommendations:Keep „em guessing. Find cheap waysto keep low value customers happy.
  6. 6. What they don’t.(emotional)What they say they want.(rational)
  7. 7. Peripheral Route(more emotional)Central Route(more rational)Understanding the mechanics of branding and consumer decisions.(Elaboration Likelihood Model)Increasing ability & motivation to elaborate
  8. 8. An EmotionalMarketing FrameworkArchetypes as“shorthand” for brandconversations
  9. 9. Understanding Archetypes(emotional)The “Sage”The “Innocent”The “Explorer”Yearning for paradiseThe “Creator”The “Ruler”The “Caregiver”Providing structure to the worldThe “Jester”The “Regular Guyor Gal”The “Lover”No man (or woman) is an islandThe “Magician”The “Hero”The “Outlaw”Leaving a mark on the worldStabilityChangeBelongingIndependence
  10. 10. The “Jester”The “Regular Guyor Gal”The “Lover”The “Magician”The “Hero”The “Outlaw”The “Creator”The “Ruler”The “Caregiver”The “Sage”The “Innocent”The “Explorer”StabilityChangeBelongingIndependence
  11. 11. The “Ruler”The “Hero”The “Outlaw”The “Caregiver”The “Sage”The “Jester”The “Lover”The “Innocent”StabilityChangeBelongingIndependence
  12. 12. The Caregiver:Desire: Protect people from harmGoal: To Help OthersFear: Selfishness, ingratiationGift: Compassion, generosity
  13. 13. Caregiver Example:Johnson & Johnson“We believe our firstresponsibility is to thedoctors, nurses, andparents…”
  14. 14. The Regular Guy (or Gal):Desire: Connect with othersGoal: To belong, fit inFear: Rejection, standing outGift: Realism, empathy, lack ofpretense
  15. 15. Regular Guy Example: MasterCard“Every day, everywhere, we use our technology andexpertise to make payments safe, simple and smart…”
  16. 16. The Sage:Desire: Discovery of truthGoal: To understand the worldFear: Ignorance, being misledGift: Wisdom, intelligence
  17. 17. Sage Example: The Wall Street Journal“Our mission is to produce fair-minded, enterprising, well-craftedjournalism that helps readers to understand their world…we tellthem what it means and what‟s likely to come next.”
  18. 18. The Outlaw:Desire: RevolutionGoal: Destroy what isn‟t workingFear: PowerlessnessGift: Radical freedom
  19. 19. Outlaw Example: Harley Davidson“We believe in going our own way, no matterwhich way the rest of the world is going…”
  20. 20. But how can I do that?
  21. 21. How do I get my customers to tell me what they really want?
  22. 22. AttributesConsequencesValuesSelfActualizationSocialHarmonyHappinessEnjoymentTruth, HonestyVirtueRole inCommunityIncreasedKnowledgeEmpowerEngageSavesTimeAdd ValueFilterSubstance/QualityLocal AreaFocusAnalysis v.“News”Writers /PersonalitySample Elicitation ResultsWeighting:1. V > C > A2. Connection Strength
  23. 23. The “Jester”The “Regular Guyor Gal”The “Lover”The “Hero”The “Outlaw”The “Creator”The “Ruler”The “Caregiver”The “Sage”The “Innocent”The “Explorer”Aligning Means-Ends toArchetypes
  24. 24. $0.0$50.0$100.0$150.0$200.0$250.0$300.0$350.0$400.0$450.0What’s the payoff?BillionsUSDAsset ValueMarket Capitalization – Asset Value
  25. 25. So what happens now?A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.- Lao Tzu
  26. 26. Jason VoiovichJason Voiovich is an Intelligence professionalwho focuses on the role of research and analysisas the basis for making critical decisions thatmove his firm and its‟ clients forward. He isDirector of Marketing at LogicPD.Connect with Jason via:Web: www.logicpd.comEmail: jason.voiovich@logicpd.comTwitter: @jasonvoiovichThe Intelligence Collaborative is the online learning and networkingcommunity powered by Aurora WDC, our clients, partners and otherfriends and dedicated to exploring how to apply intelligence methods tosolve real-world business problems.Apply for a free 30-day trial membership at orlearn more about Aurora at – see you next time!The Intelligence Collaborative #IntelCollabPoweredby