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Review on-google-plus-local


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How to write a review on Integrity Post Structures on Google+ Local. It's easy with this step-by-step instruction manual. Get started now>>

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Review on-google-plus-local

  1. 1. How  to  write  a  review  on  Google +  Local?   Integrity  Post  Structures  
  2. 2. Requirements  •  Have  an  exis=ng  Google+  account  or  email  address  •  OR  register  a  new  Google+  account  •  Visit  Integrity  Post  Structures  page  
  3. 3. Click  “Write  a  review”  
  4. 4. Either  sign  in  using  your  exis=ng  account  OR  create  a  new  Google+  account.  
  5. 5. Rank  the  quality  of  our  service  0  to  3  and  write  your  review,  then  click  Publish.  
  6. 6. Tips  for  wri=ng  great  reviews  from  Google  Wri=ng  great  reviews  helps  other  users  find  the  places  that  are  right  for  them.  Here  are  a  few  =ps  to  help  you  get  started:  •  Be  informa+ve  and  insigh1ul:  Your  review  should  be  specific  and  relevant  to  the  place  you  are  reviewing   and  describe  what  other  visitors  are  likely  to  experience.  Describe  why  you  liked  or  disliked  the  place.   Highlight  what  makes  the  place  special  and  try  to  share  something  novel.  From  favorite  dishes  to  secret   sale  racks,  reviews  can  describe  unique  experiences  at  a  loca=on.  •  Keep  it  real:  People  read  reviews  to  learn  about  real  experiences  from  real  people,  so  be  authen=c.  Keep   your  reviews  about  your  own,  direct  experience  with  a  place.  Try  to  describe  your  experience  as   accurately  as  possible,  including  both  posi=ve  and  nega=ve  aspects.  •  Be  respec1ul:  We  don’t  expect  that  every  interac=on  you  have  with  a  place  or  business  will  be  perfect.   Some=mes,  you’ll  want  to  share  nega=ve  feedback.  Even  if  you’re  frustrated,  be  sure  your  cri=cism  is   construc=ve.  Business  owners  can  use  feedback  to  improve  their  business.  •  Write  in  style:  People  will  pay  more  aXen=on  to  what  you  say  when  you  write  your  review  thoughYully.   Keep  it  readable  and  dont  use  excessive  capitaliza=on  or  punctua=on.  Use  good  grammar,  check  your   spelling,  and  don’t  use  excessive  profanity.  Choose  the  right  length:  people  aren’t  necessarily  looking  for   formal  write-­‐ups,  they  want  to  know  what’s  notable  about  a  par=cular  place.  Whether  it  takes  an  essay  or   a  haiku  -­‐-­‐  share  your  thoughts  and  be  crea=ve.  Source:  hXp://  
  7. 7. Thank  you  for  wri=ng  a  review!   Integrity  Post  Structures:  farm,   equestrian  and  commercial  buildings.