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Do You Have The Right Sales Leadership


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Do You Have The Right Sales Leadership

  1. 1. Do you have the Right Sales Leadership By Tom Siciliano
  2. 2. Ask your self the following questions on the next few slides: To see if you have the “right” sales leadership currently and for the future
  3. 3. Is our VP Sales, Sales Director or Sales Management team doing everything possible?• If yes, delete this presentation and go get a cup of coffee and set-up a tee time!• If no, do I have people within my company who can – If I don’t, where do I find them
  4. 4. What is missing in our field/inside sales teams?• Great teams are made up of skill players, tactical players and strategy leaders, what part is missing…• Everyone should be working together and the team should be excited!!!
  5. 5. How high is our turnover?• If your turnover rate is • If your turnover rate is greater than 20% - less than 10% - look look at it… at it• If your turnover rate is • If your turnover rate is greater than 30% - 0% - start worrying start worrying…
  6. 6. Do our sales reps know their goals?• It’s more than just the sales goals…• Do they know their activity standards – Prospects added – Appointments – Presentations
  7. 7. Does our team know our value proposition to our customers?• What and how are we selling• Who is teaching this - who is reinforcing it
  8. 8. What is our closing rates by rep, territory…?• First, do we know how to figure closing rates – second, are we tracking it by rep, territory, size of account (by quarter and year)• What are we doing to increase our success
  9. 9. Have we prepared business plans by market?• When is the last time we did a business plan by sales market / territory• Here are just some of the things to be looking at – Competitor data – Prospect base – Our strengths vs. our short falls
  10. 10. If your company needs help - call for a “free 30 minute” consultation Integrity Associates LLC (847) 669-6723 Tom Siciliano