Integrated restoration harry's house


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Integrated restoration harry's house

  1. 1. Your call to Integrated Restoration provides you access to our courteous professional staff.
  2. 2. About Integrated Restoration• As a single source provider, Integrated Restoration is a customer focused service organization specifically designed and dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of the property owner who encounters a casualty loss resulting from Fire, Water, Storm, Vehicle Impact , Vandalism, or Microbial Remediation.• Our professional staff will serve your needs while concurrently respecting and meeting the specialized requirements of your insurance carrier.• We will integrate our efforts with those of your carrier in an effort to work in concert and provide a quick and harmonious resolution to your loss experience.
  3. 3. Our vast project experience and emphasis on training add to your assurance that the uniformed, photo ID’d personnel dispatched to your loss are experienced, trained, professionals.
  4. 4. Integrated Restoration has on staff personnel whohave attended the classroom training and passed the required examination to become certified in:
  5. 5. Clean Trust Certified Firm Water Restoration Technician Applied Structural Drying Commercial Drying Specialist Applied Microbial Remediation Technician Carpet Cleaning Technician Health and SafetyFire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technician Odor Control Technician
  6. 6. Mold Remediation Supervisor
  7. 7. Mold Remediation Training Certified Mold RemediatorCertified Indoor Environmentalist
  8. 8. Lead RenovatorLead Safe Certified Firm
  9. 9. Integrated Restoration is strategically located in the Integrated Building at 3348 St. Clair Avenue in downtown Cleveland. This location provides us withquick and easy access to 90 east and west, to 77 and 71 south, and to 480 both East and West.
  10. 10. Our location houses our corporate offices as well as ourwarehoused equipment and our emergency service vehicles.
  11. 11. We are experienced DISASTER REPAIRFIRST RESPONDERS
  12. 12. Our dedicated emergency service vehicles are well equipped and on station, ready to serve your emergency needs, providing independent power, lighting and repair services.
  13. 13. Our experienced project managers will immediatelyinitiate the process of restoring property and lives to normalcy.
  14. 14. Our expertise in loss evaluation, Xactimate basedestimating, digital imaging and loss presentation will provide a timely, detailed, line item proposal of all work to be performed. This will enable the property owner as well as the insurance carrier claimsprofessional to ascertain quickly and with great detail what repairs are being presented.
  15. 15. Our expertise in project and production management will be utilized to coordinate and integrate the various trade specialties involved in your restoration project.
  16. 16. Our hands on management style will ensure that your project receives the attention required.
  17. 17. Our systems approach provides for professional projectcommunication, smooth transitions and exceptional project turn around time.
  18. 18. MICROBIAL REMEDIATIONIntegrated Restoration specializes in, and is trained, certified andexperienced in the broad spectrum of microbial remediation challenges. RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL
  19. 19. Case Study Harry’s Home Water Damage/Microbial RemediationExtreme long term water damage, with dwell time,evolves into microbial conflagration, century home. Homeowner proclaims it a misnomer that the insurance company is an evil entity.
  20. 20. Harry lived alone in his century home in a western Cleveland suburb. Typical of homes built during this time, theresidence featured a central boiler and radiator steam heat..
  21. 21. During the winter, Harry suffered an injury requiringhospitalization. During this time, the area experienced a spate of severe cold weather. As fate would have it, the boiler failed.
  22. 22. The radiators and water pipes froze and broke. As thehome was unoccupied, the conditions went undiscovered. It was later ascertained that the water ran and the home froze and thawed and froze again,… for nine weeks.
  23. 23. This scenario created atypical conditions. Upon IntegratedRestoration’s arrival at the scene, they were brought into a,albeit cold, rain forest environment. Interior surfaces of the residence were at dew point. Rain was falling within the home.
  24. 24. The loss had progressed from a major water damage to a full blown microbial remediation project. Ceilings fell. Floor lifted. Surfaces were covered with a confligration of well established microbial growth.
  25. 25. Windows, doors, cabinets, and floors all succumbed to the moisture and microbial damage.
  26. 26. Out of necessity, Harry interviewed his prospectivecontractors, off site, at the health care facility where hewas residing. Integrated Restoration provided Harry adigital presentation illustrating the conditions at hishome. Integrated Restoration also provided a detailedorder of events that presented solutions to thechallenges the loss presented.
  27. 27. Although shocked by the images, Harry was pleased with thepresentation and the proposed solutions. IntegratedRestoration was hired and put to task.The initial challenge posed by this project was providing heatnecessary to effect a structural dry out and perform themicrobial remediation. Integrated Restoration proposedinstalling a forced hot air furnace to immediately initiate thedry out. This temporary furnace would then remain as thehome’s permanent heat source. All parties agreed. Therestoration commenced.
  28. 28. The aggressive microbial growth dictated that substantialdemolition take place. This included removal of contaminated building materials, HEPA sanding, HEPA vacuuming and treating surfaces with an EPA registered broad spectrum disinfectant / sanitizer / cleaner.
  29. 29. Upon achieving microbial remediation and structural dry out, to ensure a pristine indoor environment, an EPA registered anti fungicidal coating was applied to surfaces.The demolition, however, exposed serious framing issues that required attention.
  30. 30. At times, a project’s challenges, present opportunities. Installation of microlams addressed framing issues. The design alteration opened up the first floor. Harry was presented the proposals. He signed off. As he was non-ambulatory, Harry was given weekly digital image updates.
  31. 31. Insulation and quality windows addressed prior heat loss concerns.
  32. 32. Installation of drywall clarified the look of the new first floor layout.
  33. 33. The before and after of the side entry landingillustrates the transformation ongoing within.
  34. 34. The bath up demanded a new spatial layout and updating.
  35. 35. The opened dining room became an extension of the newly remodelled kitchen.
  36. 36. Oxidized Mortised locksets on painted flat panel doors werereplaced with decorative brass swags on stained raised paneldoors to provide a rich, beautiful look throughout the newly refurbished home.
  37. 37. After selection signoffs, design build changes, windows,doors, painting, cabinetry, flooring and trim, the completed project was a dramatic upgrade over the original home. Harry had overseen all of this from a hospital room with weekly progress photos. When he came out to visuallysurvey the final project, Harry was pleased with his choices. Harry shed tears of joy with how well his home turned out and how well he had been treated.
  38. 38. At the onset of this project, one of the first sign offs by Harry was a release authorizing the disposal of hiscontents. This was necessary to facilitate the repairs.Tables, chairs, furnishings, clothing and bags and bags of personal contents were removed from the home and placed in dumpsters.
  39. 39. As protocol, Integrated Restoration took detailed photos and a video documenting the contents on site. The insurance carrier was informed of the documentation. The carrier hired an independent vendor who came to Integrated Restoration’s offices and evaluated the contents that had been disposed of. At the end of the loss, to Harry’s great surprise, the carrier notified the insured that there was acontents settlement due him. In his absence, his contractor,his insurance company, and even his city had looked out for him.
  40. 40. When all was said and done this Integrated Restoration project involved a major residentialstructural dry out, full scale microbial remediation, design build, framing, doors, windows, flooring, drywall, paint, staining, cabinetry, trim, electrical, plumbing and HVAC.
  41. 41. Harry Expressed his thanks to the city officials who reported the loss, the adjuster who assisted him, the contents management company, and Integrated Restoration who provided such a positive experience in a difficult disaster scenario.
  42. 42. Thank you for taking the time to viewour case study. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your insured’s should the need arise.