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Optimize and Integrate International Offline and Online Enrollment Marketing


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This presentation focuses on the importance of combining online and offline marketing strategies. It includes practical solutions on how to optimize and plan digital marketing strategies. It includes data from the two mystery shopper experiments conducted by Intead. The presentation also highlights the success of the University of Cincinnati in international recruitment.

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Optimize and Integrate International Offline and Online Enrollment Marketing

  1. 1. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 Optimize  and  Integrate  International   Offline  and  Online  Enrollment  Marketing Lisa  Cynamon  Mayers,  Academic  Advisor   Charlie  Schwartz,  Associate  Director  
  2. 2. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 Digital  Marketing  Implementation  as  Part  of  A  Holistic   Enrollment  Strategy   Our  agency,  Interna.onal   Educa.on  Advantage,   works  with  clients  to   develop  a  holis.c  strategy   to  recruit  and  enroll   interna.onal  students.   We  use  digital  tools  to   build  rela.onships  from  a   distance.  
  3. 3. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 While  it  may  seem  that  you  are  to  recruit  this  vast  group  of  students,  you  are   actually  specific  students,  like  this  young  man.  Your  digital  plaCorm  helps  you  tell  the   world  what  you  are  really  good  at  –  which  is  what  differen.a.on  is  all  about.  Explaining  why   you  are  be@er  than  others  at  something.  Explaining  why  students  should  choose  you.  
  4. 4. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 ü  Product  development:   Do  you  have  content   that  is  unique  and     ü  Delivery  Method:  Can   you  produce  and   disseminate  the   content  yourself  or  do   you  need  help?     ü  Analy.cs:    Will  you   use  analy.cs  to   con.nually  improve   your  offering?    
  5. 5. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 Digital marketing requires creativity, process and analytics. We  op.mize  to   con.nuously  improve.  
  6. 6. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 The  Source  of  Our  Headaches:   The  Proliferation  of  Marketing  Channels   •  Challenge of managing multiple digital channels in various countries •  Your Website is the foundation upon which you build •  Deploy your digital marketing direct marketing skills & your creative skills •  Segmentation is powerful (regional, demographics, psychographic) •  Relevant, engaging, authentic content
  7. 7. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 Original, creative content, brand building and recognition, and thoughtful analytics will allow you to better reach this student, and others like him.
  8. 8. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 Fall  2013:We  sent  an  email  inquiry  to  60  US,  Canadian  and  Australian   informa.on  as  a  Chinese  student.  The  response  (or  lack  there  of)  was  surprising.  
  9. 9. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013
  10. 10. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 These  were  the  that   par.cularly   impressed  us   with  their  ability   to  recruit  Chinese   students.  
  11. 11. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 Exemplary  Institutions   Chinese Language Documents
  12. 12. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 Spring  2013:We  sent  an  email  inquiry  to  30+  US,  Canadian  and  Australian  informa.on  as  a  Chinese  student.  The  response  (or  lack  there  of)  was   surprising.  
  13. 13. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 Exemplary  Institutions   Chinese Language Documents
  14. 14. University of Cincinnati Charlie Schwartz, Associate Director 14
  15. 15. UC Overview The University •  Students   •  42,000  students   •  2,900  interna.onal   •  Predominately  Ohio   students     •  Rankings   •  Top  25  Public  Research   University   •  Learning   •  Programs   •  300  undergrad  programs   and  200  grad  programs   •  Design,  Engineering,   Business,  Health   Sciences,  etc.   15
  16. 16. UC Overview Internationalization •  Goals   •  Current    6%   interna.onal   •  Goal  8%  interna.onal   •  University Investment   •  Increased  staffing   •  4  Overseas  Staff   •  Scholarship   •  $1.2  million  awarded   •  ELS  Center   •  Agent  Model   •  International Undergrads   •  2007  250   •  2013  1,053   16
  17. 17. Find Your Prospects 17 Source:
  18. 18. Find Your Prospects In Person   •  Travel -­‐  Overseas     -­‐  Tours   -­‐  Independent   -­‐  Group   -­‐  Domes.c   -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  Community  Colleges   Boarding  Schools   English  Language  Schools   4-­‐year  Only  Ins.tu.ons   (grad)   -­‐  Faculty/Staff/Students   -­‐  Travel  Grants   -­‐  Study  Abroad   -­‐  Interna.onal  Faculty   •  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  Print  Materials   Lots  of  vendors   Handouts   Mail??   18
  19. 19. Find Your Prospects Digitally -­‐  Name  Buys   -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  SAT   ACT   TOEFL   Others?   -­‐  Virtual  College   Fairs   -­‐  Hobsons   -­‐  College  Week  Live   -­‐  Educa.onUSA   -­‐  Adver.sing   -­‐  Google  Ads   -­‐  Third-­‐party  sites   19
  20. 20. Connect with Your Prospects Source: 20
  21. 21. Connect with Your Prospects In Person •  This  can  get  a   li@le  tricky…   -­‐  Travel   -­‐  Really?       -­‐  How  much  is  too   much?   -­‐  In-­‐Country   Representa.on   -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  In-­‐country  staff   Agents   Educa.onUSA   Counselors   -­‐  Anything  else??   21
  22. 22. Connect with Your Prospects Digitally • Keep  It  Simple,  Stupid! 22
  23. 23. Connect with Your Prospects Digitally •  This  can  (also)  get   a  li@le  tricky…   -­‐  KISS!   -­‐  Keep  It  Simple,   Stupid!   -­‐  Keys   -­‐  Frequency   -­‐  Message   -­‐  Length…    TL;DR -­‐  Tools   -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  Mass  Emails   Incoming  Emails   Webinars   Skype/Hangouts   Calls   -­‐  Social  Media?   23
  24. 24. Build Relationships 24
  25. 25. Build Relationships Curate and Connect Digital  is  a  tool   Find  people   Connect  with  people   Build  rela.onships  with   people   -­‐  Help  people   •  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  •  No one wants to talk to you!   •  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  They  want  to  talk  to  …   Current  Students   Alumni   Professors   Parents   Coaches   Business  Execs.   25
  26. 26. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 What  digital  marketing  activities  do  we  need?     There  isn’t  a  perfect,  magical  formula  for  all  ins.tu.ons  to  use.  There  are   many  building  blocks  to  success.  
  27. 27. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 Different  Platforms  Rule  in  Different  Countries  
  28. 28. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 LinkedIn  is  A  (neglected)  Social  Network     •  >  200  million  worldwide  users   •  Large  penetration  among   professional     •  Your  Alumni  (domestically  and   internationally)     •  Parents   •  Students  will  be  coming  soon….     E-­‐book  available  on  
  29. 29. “ Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 Latest  News  as  of  September  12th   •  Linked  In  is  focusing  on  universities  and  students   •  Launch  of  University  Pages   “We  believe  University  Pages  will  be  especially  valuable  for  students  making  their   first,  big  decision  about  where  to  attend  college.  Therefore,  beginning  on   September  12,  we  will  be  making  LinkedIn  available  to  high  school  students*  who   can  use  LinkedIn  to  explore  schools  worldwide,  greatly  expand  their  understanding   of  the  careers  available,  and  get  a  head  start  on  building  a  network  for  family  and   friends  to  help  guide  them  at  every  milestone.”   ”
  30. 30. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 University  Page  Example     •  Need  to  coordinate  university   publishing  activities   •   Alumni  Relations     •  Domestic  and  International   Admissions       •  Career  services     We  will  have  to  see  the  effect  LinkedIn   University  Pages  will  have  on  interna.onal   student  recruitment.  This  is  a  good  example  of   new  tools  con.nually  entering  the  market.  
  31. 31. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 Universities  are  Publishers       •  Need  to  coordinate   university  publishing   activities     •  How  to  manage  the   process   •  More  and  more  tools   are  available  
  32. 32. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 Advanced  digital  allows  for:   Automa'on   Personaliza'on     Segmenta'on  
  33. 33. Regions  V  and  VI   Indianapolis 2013 Lisa  Cynamon  Mayers     Thank  You   Charlie  Schwartz