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ExtrudersOttevanger Milling Engineers BVFor Ottevanger Milling Engineers the jubilee year starts on 5 July 2009. The com-p...
AdditivesZCMEZCME, established in 1918, has made constant innovations in feed machinery in-dustry and accumulated a wealth...
AdditivesDishman NetherlandsActive in the marketing/sales and manufacture of Vitamin D analogues,VitaminD, Cholesterol and...
Feed processingWynveen InternationalThe history of Wynveen International goes back to the two brothers Wynveenselling mill...
International Aquafeed magazinePerendale Publishers Ltd7 ST georges TerraceSt James SquareCheltenham, GL50 3PTUnited Kingd...
The market place for aquaculture and aquatic feed products
The market place for aquaculture and aquatic feed products
The market place for aquaculture and aquatic feed products
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The market place for aquaculture and aquatic feed products


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The market place for aquaculture and aquatic feed products

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The market place for aquaculture and aquatic feed products

  1. 1. Additives AdditivesChemo forma LtdChemoforma was founded in 1961 with the aim to utilize and transform new‘natural’ substances for innovative and practical application in agricultural andaquacultural livestock. The first major product breakthrough resulted in a productwe named ASCOGEN®, a yeast based feed additive rich in PSB-Complexes andwith strong performance enhancing activity in animals.In 1988, a group of immunologists, biochemists and biologists founded BMA, Bio-medicals Ltd. This company specialized in the production of monoclonal antibod-ies for human research, and acquired Chemoforma. Extensive testing of ASCO- www.chemoforma.comGEN® provided compelling evidence of the highly beneficial effects of the naturalcompounds in ASCOGEN® on all immuno-competent cells.This unique and proprietary formula has been steadily improved, and its efficacyand benefits for the livestock industry was and continues to be confirmed byscientific trials.Initially, the primary applications for ASCOGEN® were for breeding livestock, in- VANNAGEN®cluding sows, hens and cows. However, in more recent years, additional, substan-tial research and development has focused on shrimp, fish, horses and companion Chemoforma Ltdanimals. Rheinstrasse 28-32 03/02/2009 Chemoforma-class.indd 1 15:20Today, Chemoforma sells its products, in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North and Augst, CH-4302South America and Australia. More than 90% of its total production of feed addi- Switzerlandtives are exported. Tel: + 41 61 8113355 Email: Web: www.chemoforma.comChemo forma Ltd productsASCOGEN® for Poultry, Pig or Cattle / VANNAGEN® for Fish or Shrimp / BIORACING®for Performance Animals / ASCOSAN® for Pet
  2. 2. Additivesbuckets ElevatorTapco IncTapco was conceived in the early 1970’s by Paul D. Taylor, President and Ted W.Beaty, Retired, to fill a void in the elevator bucket industry. At that time, there wasonly one manufacturer of nonmetallic buckets in the U.S.A. All the other bucketswere made from fabricated steel. With the inherent problems of steel buckets and AquafeedClassified40_2x40mFINALrevsdthe limited range of the existing polyethylene brand, the time was right for Tapco.Tapco factory floorThe company has been in its own 92,500 square foot facilityfor over 25 years. This has allowed us to bring our injection molding “in house” forbetter control and cost effectiveness. Tapco has nine injection molding machinesranging from a small 150 ton to a very large 1,000 ton press. This allows us to make ® STYLE CC-XD (XTREME DUTY)our entire range of buckets in the most expedient and quality controlled manner. Polyethylene Elevator BucketTapco stocks the largest inventory of elevator buckets and bolts in the world,some 900,000 buckets and 14 million bolts. We also have the largest inventory of ELEVATOR BUCKETS & BOLTSabrasion resistant sheeting, drag flights and hanger bearings in North America. St. Louis, Missouri USA T:+1 314 739 9191• F:+1 314 739 5880Our exporting is growing every day. We have exported to more than fifty differ- www.tapcoinc.coment countries around the world. Stocking distributors are located strategically inNorth America, Central America, South America, Australia, Western Europe and Tapco Incthe Pacific Rim. This segment of the market is keyed for further growth. 225 Rock Industrial ParkTapco is continuously researching new technologies to better serve our customers. Drive, St Louis, MO 63044Product research has been a priority for many years. Innovations in the company’s state USAof the art processing enables Tapco to meet the customized needs of its diverse cus- Tel: +1 314 7399191tomers.Tapco uses the highest quality material for their buckets; 100% prime virgin high Email: info@tapcoinc.comdensity linear polyethylene, impact modified nylon and thermoplastic urethane. Web: www.tapcoinc.comOur mission at Tapco is to provide the highest value products and service at thebest price. The company’s focus is on building and maintaining “Solid and Repu-table” relationships with its customers. With our high quality staff, we are ableto serve your needs promptly. Most importantly, we appreciate and are proud ofyou, our customer. WorldOfDiffSEB_HD_Oct2010 10/25/10 11:40 AM Page 1 I Precise Discharge I Tough & Flexible Consistent profile shape assures uniform discharge Injection molded polyethylene “gives” or “yields” to characteristics over the entire bucket range. bypass obstructions in your elevator, allowing the bucket to return to its original shape. I Perfect FitTapco Inc products Direct replacement of existing steel and plastic I Unequaled Strength buckets. No modifications to your elevator Thick walls and prime virgin engineered are needed. resins provide exceptional strength. I Profitable, I I Accurate & Reliable High-Speed Capacity RatingsElevator buckets / Bolts, nuts & washers / Belt splicers / Sheeting / Drag flights & Handling Equal or greater Tested and proven carrying designs allow a capacity of direct, compact equivalenthangar bearings discharge path for size steel improved, high-speed buckets. performance. Rounded front lip aids in filling of I Increased Safety bucket. ® Non-metallic materials eliminate the possibility of explosion-causing sparking from bent and torn I Cost Efficient steel buckets. Prime virgin resins give unsurpassed bucket life for maximum return on investment. I Ease of Installation Lighter weight aids in mounting buckets and reduces load on belt and running components. I Ordered Today, Shipped Today Nonmetallic materials eliminate hazardous sharp 900,000 buckets in stock worldwide in more than edges of steel buckets. 64 sizes, 12 styles & 6 materials for fast delivery. STYLE SUPER EUROBUCKET ™ and STYLE CC-HD Polyethylene Elevator Buckets (pictured) How Tapco Buckets Make a World of Difference in Your Elevator Facility Only from Tapco, the two most popular 25% more capacity than the 8" buckets at a Tapco elevator bolts have been specifically bucket designs in the world! very cost effective price. designed to work with nonmetallic buckets. Wear and tear is a fact of life in many To achieve the most secure assembly, use For North American style elevators: the elevators. Tapco urethane buckets are known Tapco fanged elevator bolts and self-locking classic CC-HD design. For European style for their exceptional wear characteristics. nuts. Tapco stocks over 14 million bolts elevators: the Super EuroBucket. Our nylon buckets are extremely strong, in six styles. If you would Do you need more capacity? Consider the like to improve your yet lightweight. If you are not using Tapco Tapco 8" and 9" CC-HD Super Capacity elevator performance, buckets, you are not getting the most out of FLAT buckets. Our 9" projection cups provide contact Tapco or visit COUNTERSUNK your elevator! HEAD FANGED HEAD Elevator Bolt Elevator Bolt ELEVATOR BUCKETS - ELEVATOR BOLTS St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A. Tel.: +1 314 739 9191 • +1 800 AT-TAPCO (+1 800 288 2726) • Fax: +1 314 739 5880 • The color blue, when used in connection with elevator buckets, is a U.S. registered trademark owned by Tapco Inc. Super EuroBucket ™ is a registered trademark of Tapco Inc. © 2010 Tapco Inc.® All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Additives for sale EquipmentExtru-tech IncFounded in 1985, Extru-Tech® has installed numerous extrusion systems world-wide designed for the production of human food, pet food, aquatic feed andanimal feed products. Extru-Tech® also maintains the reputation of supplying theextrusion industry with superior quality replacement parts.Extru-Tech® currently produces and markets one of the industry’s most com-plete lines of extrusion processing systems. In addition, they offer a full line of an-cillary equipment and customized equipment solutions for specialized processesExtru-Tech® is involved in a continual research and development effort that isdriven by an experienced engineering staff. This staff is constantly looking fornew metallurgical advances that will increase the performance of the processingsystems and their replacement parts. Extru-Tech Inc 100 Airport Road Sabetha, KS 66534 USA Tel: +1 785 2842153 Email: Web: www.extru-techinc.comExtru-tech Inc productsSingle Screw Extruders / PDU/Densification Equipment / Sphere-izer Agglomera-tion SystemsTM / Dual and Triple Pass Dryer/Coolers / Vertical Counter-FlowCoolers / Pneumatic Conveying Systems / Liquid and Powder Coating Systems /Meat Inclusion Systems / All Related Ancillary Equipment
  4. 4. Additives ExtrudersBuhler GroupThere are plenty of good reasons for Buhler’s success: Personal commitment,clever entrepreneurial decision-making, a high level of sensitivity to the changingneeds of the market, and a core business that has become a byword for qualityand consistency, founded on the distinct power to innovate. Tackling the chal-lenges of the period and of the market have always played a role in shaping thedirection of the company. This is simply something that Buhler has always done,and when it comes to generating benefits and added value for our customers, wehave always been a step ahead.Bühler is a specialist and technology partner for plant and equipment and related Buhler AGservices for processing basic foods and manufacturing highgrade materials. The CH – 9240 Uzwil, SwitzerlandGroup is a global market leader in the supply of flour production plants, pasta T: +41 71 955 11 11and chocolate production lines, animal feed manufacturing installations, and alumi- F: +41 71 955 28 96num die casting systems. E: fu.buz@buhlergroup.comThe core technologies of the Group are in the field of mechanical and thermal www.buhlergroup.comprocess engineering. With its expertise and over 150 years of experience, Bühlertime and again rolls out unique and innovative solutions for its customers, helping Buhler AGthem achieve success in the marketplace. Over the decades, Bühler has come to Feed and Oil Milling FU38be acknowledged as a reliable partner, thanks to its distinct commitment to qual- Uzwil, CH-9240ity and its global presence. SwitzerlandBühler Group operates in over 140 countries, has a global payroll of 7,860, and Tel: +41 71 9551111generated sales revenues of CHF 1,907 million in fiscal 2010. Email: Web: www.buhlergroup.comBuhler Group productsIndustry solutions / process technologiesFor a full list of products for this company, please visit:
  5. 5. ExtrudersOttevanger Milling Engineers BVFor Ottevanger Milling Engineers the jubilee year starts on 5 July 2009. The com-pany, which has been established in 1909, exists 100 years by then. In those yearsOttevanger became an internationally operating company, specialized in designingand building a complete range of feed milling machinery.On 5 July 1909 Dirk Ottevanger founded his mill constructing company inMoerkapelle. His work area, the many windmills in the surroundings, he couldreach by bicycle. Hundred years later there is no more employ for the bicyclewith consumers in the whole world, from Jamaica to New Zealand. A hundred-years-old company jubilee is already an exceptional event, but this centenary of afamily company which is now conducted by the fourth generation Ottevanger is CRAFTMANSHIP IN THE ANIMAL FEED AND FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRYa unique fact.Ottevanger Milling Engineers are one of the leading European companies whohave specialised in the design and manufacture of equipment and complete plantsfor the grain processing and compound feed industry.In our modern and newly equipped production facilities at Aalten and Moerka-pelle we design and build our comprehensive range of machinery using the latest WWW.OTTEVANGER.COMtechnology.Ottevanger installations are world-wide and those which are computer control- Ottevanger Millingled can be provided with technical support by modem- and internet link with us Engineers Holland. PO Box 3 Moerkapelle, NL-2750 AA Netherlands Tel: +31 79 5932221 Email: Web: www.ottevanger.comOttevanger Milling Engineers BV productsfor a full list of products please visit:
  6. 6. AdditivesZCMEZCME, established in 1918, has made constant innovations in feed machinery in-dustry and accumulated a wealth of experience in tackling the various challengesfacing feed companies and, more importantly, is able to offer a range of compre-hensive solutions. ZCME has now evolved into China’s largest manufacture offeed machinery and has 16 branches in China with over 1300 staff and more thanthirty offices all over the world.ZCME to date has successfully constructed more than 2,000 turnkey projectsworld around the world, covering fields of poultry and livestock feed, aquaticfeed, pet feed, premix feed, sawdust pellet, fertilizer, silo storage, pasture, electricalcontrol and garbage treatment, etc. ZCME projects are designed to deliver to theclient higher feed quality, higher overall capacity and more profits.ZCME have conquered challenges one after another for the customers and accu-mulated rich experience in the past 90 years. We are now making great endeav-ors to apply our latest achievements to feed, pasture, environment protection,fertilizer, sawdust shaping industries.ZCME is more than a professional partner who can provide advanced machinery, ZCMEtechnology and management ideas. It is also a truly problem solver who knows Floor25, Friendship Build-you well during your development. ing, No 159, Zhao Jia BangZCME is with you every step of the way. Road, Shanghai, P C 200032 China Tel: +86 21 64188282 Fax : +86 21 64163299 Email: Web: www.zcme.comZCME productsBatching systems / Conditioners, pellet / Control systems, electrical equipment /Conveyors, belt / Coolers/driers, control systems / Dosing and Weighing Equip-ment / Driers, extruded pellets / Enzyme applicators / Extruder dies / Feed millpackage systems / Grinders / Hammermills / Mixers, batch / Pellet dies & rolls /Pellet presses / Silos / Silos, Mixer / Wood Pelleting
  7. 7. AdditivesDishman NetherlandsActive in the marketing/sales and manufacture of Vitamin D analogues,VitaminD, Cholesterol and lanolin related products for key markets as pharmaceutical,cosmetic, feed, food, shrimp farming and industry applications. Dishman Netherlands Nieuweweg 2A,Veenendaal, 3901 BE The Netherlands Tel: +31 318545754 Email: info Web: www. dishman-netherlands.comDishman Netherlands productsD3-500 / Vitamin D3 products in oil
  8. 8. Feed processingWynveen InternationalThe history of Wynveen International goes back to the two brothers Wynveenselling milling stones at 1795. During 1945 with the growth in Dutch agriculturalIndustry, Wynveen began to dominate the feed mill production. We are proud tosay Wynveen has installed many of the feed mills, which are in operation in theNetherlands today. Approximately 3.000 Wynveen sifters are being employed allover the world now.Wynveen is located in Heteren in the Netherlands, close to AgriculturalUniversity of Wageningen. All the primary functions of Wynveen such as sales,engineering, manufacturing, service, R&D, testing and administration are beingexecuted from Heteren.Main product line of Wynveen contains hammer mills, 3000 and 1500 rpm,ribbon- and paddle mixers, double shaft paddle mixers, rotary sifters, coaters forliquids (vacuum or atmospheric)To ensure its quality standards Wynveen assembles and tests all key equipment inits own plant. Wynveen exports roughly 80 % of its current production outsidethe Netherlands. Wynveen International BVWith an expert, experienced and enthusiastic team, we are focusing solely on Poort van Midden Geld-the development and construction of high quality innovative machines and erland, Groen 2, 6666 LPinstallations for manufacturing livestock, fish feed and pet food. Our motto Heteren, PO Box 38‘versatility in feed processing’ will continue to apply and we wish to distinguish Hollandourselves by quality, innovation, client focus and added value. Tel: +31 26 4790699Not only do we execute the orders, we actual think with you! If we have an Fax: +31 26 4790698agreement with you, we will fulfil it. This is possible, because we believe in what Email: info@wynveen.comwe are doing. Web: www.wynveen.comThe most innovative technological solutions guarantee unique possibilities. Qual-ity is a high standard at Wynveen.Wynveen International productsHammer mills / Mixers / Sifters / Coaters Your partner in technology, equipment and plants forFor a full list of products for this company, please visit: animal- and aqua feed and petfood. Wynveen for: • osing and weighing of raw D materials • Grinding and mixing • Pelleting lines • Extrusion lines • Finished product handling Wynveen International b.v. P.O. Box 38 6666 ZG Heteren The Netherlands Tel : +31 (0)26 - 479 06 99 Fax: +31 (0)26 - 479 06 98
  9. 9. International Aquafeed magazinePerendale Publishers Ltd7 ST georges TerraceSt James SquareCheltenham, GL50 3PTUnited KingdomWeb: