The International Aquafeed product showcase 2013


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A selection of products currently available in the aquaculture industry

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The International Aquafeed product showcase 2013

  1. 1. I N C O R P O R AT I N G f i s h far m ing t e c h no l og y March | April 2013 The International Aquafeed product showcase 2013 International Aquafeed is published six times a year by Perendale Publishers Ltd of the United Kingdom. All data is published in good faith, based on information received, and while every care is taken to prevent inaccuracies, the publishers accept no liability for any errors or omissions or for the consequences of action taken on the basis of information published. ©Copyright 2013 Perendale Publishers Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior permission of the copyright owner. Printed by Perendale Publishers Ltd. ISSN: 1464-0058The International magazine for the aquaculture feed industry
  2. 2. Bühler’s new hammer mill Granulex - The hammer mill Granulex is the new dynamic grinding machine from Bühler. Designed for ultimate power, high capacity grinding up to 75 tph. The company said its Swiss- made reliability and supreme ease of maintenance minimize downtime, so you can make maximum use of this productivity 2013 Bühler says it is an investment in quality that is PRODUCT sure to show a rapid return and SHOWCASE deliver a hammer blow to your operating costs. www.buhlergroup.comNew extrusion programme - ANDRITz FEED & BIOFUEL has Almex - specialises in single screw extrusion equipment, from the launching a new and improved extrusion programme for the production extrusion unit to complete installations. Almex extruders and Contivar of all kinds of fish feed, and pet-food. The new improved extruders are Expanders are in use worldwide at fishfeed-, oil extraction-, petfood-, based on the experience gained from the popular ANDRITZ animalfeed plants, the foodindustry and the processing and chemical FEED & BIOFUEL industries. Please visit our websites for more information.Ex620, Ex920, Ex617, and Ex917 extruders, which all have proved their process versatility, controllability, and energy efficient extrusion performance, leading to very uniform and high nutrient value feeds for aquaculture and pets for many years. www.expander.nlExtru-Tech, Inc. - Introduces New Valve Options. Extru-Tech, Inc. SABETHA, AquaStar® - With the development of the AquaStar® product line, AquaStarKS. February 2013— In a continued effort to improve product performance and BIOMIN serves the needs of the industry for natural and sustainable production control, Extru-Tech, Inc. has introduced a new Mid-Barrel Valve (MBV), ® solutions. AquaStar® is a well-defined, multi-strain probiotic product for fish as well as a new Energy Management Valve (EMV). Used independently, or together, and shrimp which promotes a beneficial gut microflora as well both products offer increased control of SME (Specific Mechanical Energy). as an improved environmental condition in ponds, Because it is an internal component, the MBV can be added in any position along thereby improving efficiency in production:the length of the barrel for on-line control of SME and product density. Used Controls pathogenic microorganismswith the company’s highly adaptable single screw extruders, the new MBV allows Stabilizes water quality and pondmanufacturers to achieve higher SME, higher cook and lower bulk density, even with bottomfresh meat and high-fat recipes. Improves gut health andThe new EMV located at the barrel discharge, performancemeanwhile, controls the final characteristics of the product by dynamically adjusting the extruder die restriction — even when the machine is in operation. Because of the advanced EMV design it also allows the flow of off-spec extrudate to be diverted away 46 | InternAtIonAl AquAFeed | March-April 2013
  3. 3. Gold Mehl FM - Gold Mehl FM is a processed poultry protein with Beta S – The natural Immune Modulator - Leiber Beta-S® consists of high protein content and high protein digestibility. isolated 1.3-1.6-β-D-Glucan molecules from brewers’ yeast cell walls. This is achieved by using drying process with optimal conditions using Thanks to a patented and gentle production process, Low Temperature (LT) drying technology. their native structure stays intact so that A comparison between Gold Mehl FM and demand of EAA by fish and they have an effective and immune-shrimp indicates that a balance exists within most EAA thus positioning modulating impact during intestinal Gold Mehl FM as a replacer of Fish Meal. passage.With 85% crude protein content and more than 85% in vivo Leiber Beta-S® has a digestibility, the product is a unique offering in the category scientifically proven of Animal Proteins and is being used widely in positive effect on the immune variables different parts of the world. of fish including the antibody titer, the immune globin level, and the mortality rate. Excellence in Yeast – Excellent for fish! A selection of products currently available in the Single screw extruder - Leading extrusion technology and intelligent control; by-pass for avoiding blockage; simple operation, precise and aquaculture industry reliable. High efficiency - DDC conditioner and optimal extruder screw & chamber, Use the QR code to reach minimum SME input; recoverable energy, maximum energy utilization; unique suspending cutter, replacement and adjustment without downtime. each company from your Wide production range - Controllable temperature, pressure and phone or tablet. density thanks to modularized design and many add-ons, minimizing reconfiguration acquired. Satisfying product quality - Uniform extruded pellets with high fat absorption, unique visual appearance, environment friendly and sustainable. www.muyang.comNew Wenger Extrusion Process for Shrimp Feed Production Xtreme Duty (CC-XD) elevator bucket - Tapco Inc.’s 508mm x - Wenger’s new Micro Aquatic Extrusion System 254mm (20” x 10”) Xtreme Duty (CC-XD) elevator bucket — with surpasses the capabilities of other small diameter 26,837.64mm (1,056.6 cubic inches (rated at industry standard of 110% aquatic feed processes, and redefines all previous of water level) of actual capacity — runs at speeds up to 940 fpm. The shrimp feed production technology. Based on 508mm x 254mm (20” x 10”) CC-XD features a 15.875mm (5/8”) thick Wenger’s versatile C2TX Conical Co-Rotating Twin- rounded front. Screw Extruder, the new system is tailored specifically The buckets are made with 35%-50% more resin throughout, and for small-diameter aquatic feeds and employs the are available in nylon, urethane and polyethylene. U.S. Food and Drug added innovation of oblique die technology Administration (FDA)-compliant resins are standard in and a high-shear conditioner to bring new polyethylene and urethane. feasibilities to shrimp feed production, as well FDA-compliant nylon resin is as other types of small and available by special request. For micro-diameter more information, contact aquatic feed. Yassine Abbad at 1 314 739 9191 or 1 800 288 2726 March-April 2013 | InternAtIonAl AquAFeed | 47
  4. 4. Liptocitro Growth Plus - is a natural additive developed by Liptosa AMINOCarp® - is a tool delivering amino acid recommendations for with growth promoter and hepatic protector effect. growing common carp (cyprinus carpio ssp.). This additive can be incorporated in feed The software calculates amino acid recommendations based on user inputs fish since fingerling period until the end of like growth, feeding intensity and production conditions like duration of growing phase in all sorts of aquaculture feeding period, proportion of natural feed in total feed intake and daily fish (marine and fresh water) and shrimp. feeding frequency.Liptocitro Growth Plus get to reduce the cycle production thanks to FCR reduction and improvement in daily gain of weight. As growth natural promoter LGP get that fish have better protection state versus bacterial diseases thanks to Bacteriostatic and bactericide effect against microorganisms G (+) y G (-)” www.evonik.comChinese Largest Capacity Pellet Mill SZLH1068 - SzLH1068 pellet The extruder OEE - with an exchangeable and hydraulically adjustable mill is one of the national key science and technology support projects of die is an advancement of the KAHL annular gap expander. the eleventh five-year plan. It is also the key promotion program of the The user-friendly and flexible plant is available in different sizes. Many national agricultural ministry of the twelfth five-year plan. parameters can be influenced to obtain an optimum product quality. Starch SZLH1068 pellet mill is one of the national key science and is modified by 90 % / The device can be used for feeds for all animal technology support projects of the eleventh five-year plan. It species / High water absorption capacity / High fat contents of up to 30 % is also the key promotion program of the national agricultural for high energy feed are possible / Different product shapes are possibleministry of the twelfth five-year plan. The KAHL extruder OEE provides fish and shrimp feed with special Developed and manufactured by Zhengchang, SZLH1068 has properties for fish farming. Floating or very slowly sinking pellets for tilapia, attained domestic largest capacity of 45-55 ton per hour. It will be carp, catfish / Slowly sinking pellets for trout, salmon, and perch / Water-put in use in 160t/h feed factory for the company of Hewei. The stable pellets for crustaceans / Rearing feed with a successful manufacture of SZLH1068 has laid solid technology granular size of 0.1 - 2 mmfoundation for the massive and intensive development of China feed industry. The adoption of SZLh1068 pellet mill will greatly save the investment, production and management costs for feed factory and create more values for them. See our review of products launched and displayed Rotifers - are small (50-1000 µm) zooplankton that occur in freshwater, brackish, and marine environments. Rotifers feed on microalgae and are at the Aquaculture consumed by a wide variety of fish, shellfish, corals, and other organisms. They are used extensively in aquaculture and aquariums because of their very high 2013 event in Nashville, reproductive rates (as great as doubling or better every 24 hours), ease of culturing, optimal size for USA turn to page 58 larval fish, and nutritional profile that can be tailored to the needs of prey species by use of special feeds such as Reed Mariculture’s RotiGrow® and N-Rich® microalgae feeds. The most commonly used marine rotifers are the species Brachionus plicatilis (L-type) and Brachionus rotundiformis (S-type and SS-type). Reed Mariculture supplies pure cultures of a strain of Brachionus plicatilis (L-type rotifers) with a typical lorica length of about 160 µm. This species is euryhaline, capable of thriving in salinities of 5-40 ppt.
  5. 5. This digital re-print is part of the March | April 2013 edition of International LINKSAquafeed magazine. Content from the magazine is available to view free-of-charge, both as a fullonline magazine on our website, and as an archive of individual features onthe docstoc website.Please click here to view our other publications on I N C O R P O R AT I N G f I s h fA R m I N G T e C h N O l O G y • See the full issue Transforming aquaculture production using • Visit the International Aquafeed website oxygenation systems • Contact the International Aquafeed Team Nutritional benefits of processed animal proteins – in European aquafeeds Bioenergetics – application in aquaculture nutrition Towards aquafeeds with increased food security • Subscribe to International Aquafeed Vo l u m e 1 6 I s s u e 2 2 0 1 3 - mARCH | APRIlTo purchase a paper copy of the magazine, or to subscribe to the paperedition please contact our Circulation and Subscriptions Manager on the linkabove. INFORMATION FOR ADVERTISERS - CLICK HERE