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About Insurance Claim Solutions


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Insurance Claim Solutions are Independent Loss Assessors and Insurance Claim Managers in Ireland. We handle on your behalf all types of Domestic and Business claims taking away stress and hassle of dealing with the insurers and getting far higher settlement figures than policy holders handling the claim themselves.

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About Insurance Claim Solutions

  1. 1. Trevor Kelly BSc. Managing Director CDIP LA
  2. 2. Who are Insurance Claim Solutions? Insurance Claim Solutions are Independent Loss Assessors & Insurance Claims Managers. We handle property claims on behalf of the general public who have suffered damage to their homes and businesses and wish to pursue a claim against their insurers.
  3. 3. Why should you use Insurance ClaimSolutions to handle your claim? • Receive higher and faster claim settlement than doing it by yourself • Less stress and hassle, we take care of all paperwork, negotiations with the insurers • No win no fee (no risk) • We don’t get paid till you get paid thus ensuring that you are not out of pocket. • We have a very high success rate in claims settlement • We have access to all trades, disaster recovery specialists etc. – we can get better quotes than you can
  4. 4. Insurance Claim Solutions credentials • Regulated by the Central Bank (financial regulator) for your peace of mind • Certified Insurance Practitioners and Members of the Insurance Institute • In depth knowledge of insurance policies and consumer codes • Hundreds of satisfied clients • 24/7 Nationwide Service including Pass Porting to UK on Freedom of Service • Fully Qualified Building Surveyors with extensive contacts • We have good relationships with Insurance Loss Adjusters (insurers representatives) • Claims handled from €500 to €5 million complex commercial claims
  5. 5. Claim Settlement Process Happy and ICS meet with satisfied Insurer Loss property Adjuster onsite to owner can Client suffers agree scope of now reinstateproperty damage repairs property Appoints ICS to ICS negotiate and review policy and obtain the best assess the extend possible of damage. settlement
  6. 6. Types of Domestic and Business InsuranceClaims we handle: • Water damage • Fire & Smoke Damage • Storm & Flood • Theft and Malicious Damage • Escape of Oil • Burst pipes • Subsidence • Accidental Damage • Impact damage • Third party damage • Business Interruption
  7. 7. Case Study 1 – Fire and Smoke DamageThe policy holders initially filed the claim themselves. They submittedestimates for €160 000 to repair the house and replace the contentsdamaged by fire. The insurers had offered €96,000.00 in full and finalsettlement claiming that the kitchen could be cleaned up and re-fitted.ICS got involved and received a settlement cheque for €205,000,€109, 000 more than was initially offered to property owners.
  8. 8. Case Study 2 – Water DamageInsurers had declined this claim on the basis that the claim was due toneglect and gradual deterioration. The policyholders were elderly andcould not get up the stairs to check the rooms. ICS settled this claimfor €37,000 on the basis of unfair treatment of the policyholders.