How IT can support a Lean Transformation? Daniel T Jones - European Lean IT Summit 2012


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How IT can support a Lean Transformation? Daniel Jones' presentation from the European Lean IT Summit 2012.
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How IT can support a Lean Transformation? Daniel T Jones - European Lean IT Summit 2012

  1. 1. 22-23 November, 2012 Paris, FranceHow can IT support a Lean Transformation? Daniel T Jones, The Lean Enterprise Academy
  2. 2. How can IT support aLean Transformation? Daniel T Jones
  3. 3. The ProblemThe challenges in managing and transforming organisations are commonExplore the contributions of three perspectives the IT folks > the Lean folks > the CEO using the 5 Lean Principles What does this tell us about Lean Transformation and the Lean Enterprise?
  4. 4. Value IT – think forward from the capabilities of the technologyLean – think back from the circumstances of the customer/user CEO – grow sales through better products/service – today and tomorrow
  5. 5. Value Streams IT – model, simulate and automate the system Lean – understand the context for actions to unblock the flow of value creationCEO – see why it is broken and takes too long where to focus improvements and how to design the future
  6. 6. Flow IT – optimise activities and standardise through complianceLean – develop the capabilities to stabilise the work and improve the flow CEO – free up cash by compressing order to cash and time to market
  7. 7. Pull IT – vertical communications to control the use of resourcesLean – horizontal communications to align the work with the rate of demandCEO – reduce cost by needing less capacity to meet demand
  8. 8. PerfectionIT – changes are designed and implemented by expertsLean – everyone is engaged in creating value and improving their work CEO – reduce the capital required for future investments
  9. 9. A Lean Management System Direction Top Focus Vital Few Aligning Hoshin FunctionEnd-to-End VS Analysis Value Stream Enabling Oobeya Stability Stability Stability Stability StabilityGemba Plan/Actual Plan/Actual Plan/Actual Plan/Actual Plan/Actual Kaizen Problems Problems Problems Problems Problems The Value Stream
  10. 10. Lean Transformation Solve specific business problems By developing the capabilities To improve the flow of workEnabled by leaders showing clear direction and asking questions Systematic use of PDCA by everyone
  11. 11. The Lean Transformation Path Solve Business Problems in their specific Context “Follow Me” By Leadership By enabling developing Front Line their Staff to Capabilities unblock the through Flow of Mentored Value Learning by Creation Go See Doing Ask Why & Show Respect So everyone learns to use the Scientific Approach After John Shook, LEI
  12. 12. So What? While the specific results are fineThe lasting value is the capability to solve the next set of problemsSuccess is judged by the ability of the team to sustain and improve after you leave It is the responsibility of management to focus these actions on the needs of the business and its customers
  13. 13. Beyond Mass …. Many experiments – quick feedback – with experienced users/customersNo one best way – multiple, parallel solutions with total connectivity Simplify the experience, work, tools, IT etc.Everyone has knowledge – experts as advisors Save capital, minimise resources and support local communities
  14. 14. 22-23 November, 2012 Paris, FranceMore Lean IT videos and presentations on