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“Customers want the same rich and fast experience
with the same great imagery, a...
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Understand the 5 Key APM Metrics That Impact Customer Experience


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Got a new APM tool like Akamai RUM / New Relic / App Dynamics / Soasta / Catchpoint / Pingdom or similar? Here are 5 key metrics you should watch carefully. Visit for more information.

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Understand the 5 Key APM Metrics That Impact Customer Experience

  1. 1. TURN BOUNCERS INTO BUYERS 1PAGE LOAD TIME “Customers want the same rich and fast experience with the same great imagery, anywhere they go. ”– CTO, One Kings Lane 3 seconds r less Averagescan bemisleading DON’T LET YOUR USERS STARE AT A BLANK SCREEN START RENDER Ideally, your page should load in Focusing on your slowest users could be your easiest win Your customers need visual feedback that your site is loading 88% Slowest sites have a TTFB more than 500ms Dynamic content 2 3 SLOW TTFB IS YOUR FIRST CLUE THAT YOU HAVE A PROBLEM TIME TO FIRST BYTE that impact your customer’s experience 5KEY Understand the APM METRICS Great User Experience Relies on Seamless Web Performance JS UNLOCKS CAPABILITIES BUT IT KILLS LOAD TIMES 4 JAVASCRIPT of the web page requests are to 3rd parties 5 EVERY ADDITION TO YOUR SITE SLOWS IT DOWN SIZE JavaScript is 16% of a page and 208% in the past 5 years The average page size today is Guaranteed 20% faster than your existing CDN provider With a radically unique architecture that continuously adapts to the application behavior and leverages the power of machine learning, Instart Logic can provide faster performance than any other CDN provider. Network and application level optimizations Unlike most CDNs who just focus on network level optimizations, Instart Logic provides both network and application level performance optimizations enabling the best end-user experience. Hundreds of customers trust us World-class organizations such as Staples and The Washington Post trust Instart Logic to deliver superior customer experiences. Personalized, flexible, reliable 99.99% uptime monitored by a team of world-class engineers and a dedicated 24/7 support team. Measure your performance improvements with an APM tool By using both Instart Logic and an APM tool, you will be able to improve your customer experience and measure the improvement to your ROI and bottom line. Influence key performance metrics Instart Logic provides innovative performance features such as streaming, adaptation and interception that influence critical performance metrics such as page load times, DOC complete, Time to First Byte, and Start Render. Seamless integration with your APM dashboard We work very well with all APM tools on the market. We have partnerships with New Relic and Soasta that provide extensive integration for a holistic view of Instart Logic’s performance metrics in your APM dashboard. Why Instart Logic? Click here to learn more ways to improve customer experience Page size has grown over of customers are less likely to return to a site after a bad/ slow experience 68% of people will leave your site when it takes more than 5 seconds to load within 1-2 seconds or they will leave (e.g. personalization) puts pressure on TTFB has increased 42% in the past 3 years 40% 3rd party JavaScript adds functionality but is a secretperformance killer 2169KB