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Infographic: How Millennials Shop Online this Holiday season


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Instart Logic interviewed millennial shoppers to uncover new insights and help retailers set priorities in their mobile commerce programs as the holiday shopping season approaches.

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Infographic: How Millennials Shop Online this Holiday season

  1. 1. Millennial mobile holiday The biggest frustrations with mobile shopping 19% 9% + + 25% 21% 11% 15% 68%will not wait more than 5 seconds for a page to load on a mobile device 1 sec 2 sec 3-5 sec 5 sec 20%1 in 5 would not wait more than 35% 50% 77%29% Slow checkout Images Product Descriptions How Millennials Buy This Holiday Season 2 sec WIFI4G3G 4 out of 5 millenials shop directly from mobile devices 57% prefer to shop using a browser over a native APP Multiple devices At home and on-the-go Mobile browsers Under 5 seconds load times 65% WIFI Home on-the-go Where they shop Instartlogic Native App 43% 57%57% Home Imagesareindispensable 55%couldn’t live without pictures when shopping on mobile 23%71% 72% 38% 17% 55%use multiple devices to shop Slow load time Bad navigation Small or fuzzy images Lack of interactive features