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Boxes for Shipping: Packaging Tips


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Sending out boxes for shipping starts with careful preparation. Follow these simple guidelines to assure the shipment arrives safely.

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Boxes for Shipping: Packaging Tips

  1. 1. Boxes for Shipping: Packaging TipsSending out boxes for shipping starts with careful preparation. Follow these simpleguidelines to assure the shipment arrives safely.Choose Your Boxes for ShippingChoose a corrugated box size that is suitable for the contents you are shipping. Forsmall items, choose small shipping boxes. For larger items, choose large shipping boxes.For items that are very heavy, go for the double-wall or triple wall corrugated fiber. Inother words, for very heavy items, choose heavy duty shipping boxes. Heavy dutyshipping boxes super strength can contain and protect the contents while still retain itsshape during shipment.Protect ItOnce you choose the correct size and strength, it is important to cushion the contents ofyour package properly.Surround each item with at least two inches of cushioning. This will prevent product-against-product damage. This will also protect the item from rough shipping andhandling, jolts, and shocks.For extra assurance, close your package. Gently shake the shipping box to see whetherthere is enough padding. If your item still moves in the box, then add more packagingmaterials. The secret is to keep the items from moving inside the box. You will want itto feel solid and protected. Make sure to fill it with packaging materials such as bubblewrap, Kraft paper, peanuts, corrugated roll, and more from Instabox.Seal ItKeep your shipping tools supply at hand by using the correct shipping tape. Sealing eachpackage is just as important as choosing the correct size box and protecting the interioritem. Some tape such as cellophane tape, duct tape or masking tape is not meant forshipping. Instead, keep it simple by using brown or clear two inch packing tape. Youmay also use heavy duty multi-purpose packing tape. They are built to keep the boxessealed, and stay sealed during shipment. Rest assured that the shipping tape can alsowithstand extreme cold and hot temperatures and will continue to keep the boxessealed.Keep Supplies at Bay
  2. 2. A great start to careful preparation is to have your supplies at bay. Keep your supplycloset well stocked with shipping boxes, shipping tools, packing materials, shipping bags,shipping tags, and packing tapeChoose the correct box size and type, protect the interiors, seal it with the propershipping tape, and keep your supplies well stocked. When sending a package, followthese quick and easy steps to get your shipment off to a good start.If you need to read more about it then please visit: