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Newsletter may 2012


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Published in: Education, Career
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Newsletter may 2012

  1. 1. May 2012Volume 6, Issue 5 Inspiring Teachers Driving educational change through excellence in teaching Travel is a learning experience This month I have spent about transported from one scientists now believe that 15 days away from home and phase of day to another, travel also makes us solve this itself is a learning from one climate to problems in a more creative experience. Sometimes we another, from one culture way – because the mind This month: travel because we have to (but to another in a matter of becomes flexible and agile if you think hard, this is also hours. Whether you are while dealing with unusual or Chasm between jobs and eductaion negotiable), but at times we on business or pleasure, a unexpected things. And when Uma Garimella..….2 can travel because we want to. new place is likely to we get back home, our mind Prof Waghodekar, We travel because it is one of make you relaxed yet has changed and is ready to FOM……….. …. . 3 the basic human desires. With alert, and brings a change attack the problems! Interesting links …4 flights and taxis, now we get from routine. But Sharing Time The month that was.. College Champions Dr B Palanki …….4 • A visit to Center for Development of Teaching and A unique model of engaging faculty Learning at National University of Singapore, 9th and building a truly distributed April. team • A brief interactive session at Global Indian • To make faculty as stakeholders International School at Singapore, 11th April • To help enhance the profile of • 5-day CCE training for about 45 teachers at MALCO faculty through consultancy and Matriculation High School, Mettur Dam. The research options descriptors in co-scholastic areas were discussed At the end of one year engagement, using Jigsaw reading, teachers participated in debate apart from the performance based and GDs and assessed using the CCE rubric. Life cash incentives, the faculty will get Skills assessment and using inexpensive resources visibility in academic and industry for designing learning activities were some other circles, expand their horizons and highlights. Trainers: Uma Garimella and get an impressive profile. For Shankarson Roy. details read: • One day session on inexpensive resources (newspapers and hands-on science) and reflective teaching at Jubilee Hills Public School, Hyderabad. Trainers: Uma Garimella, Madhu Phani (Yardstick)
  2. 2. The chasm between Inspiring Teachers Page 2 of 5education and jobs I am not using the word said, MCA. I am sure his first All the jobs require the industry ….somehow people choice may have been an IT employee to have enthusiasm seem to think of only certain job…but that’s besides the and to have reading jobs when we use the word point. comprehension (we did that in industry. For example, school, remember?) which will So what is all this about teaching jobs are not part of put them on the path to engineering curriculum and ‘industry’ and neither are the learning what is required in wanting to give technical various odd jobs which that job. After some training, skills? For one thing, by calling people get into when they when they start working, they it engineering degrees, we have are not industry ready! I am need an ability to conceptualize only brought ourselves agony. also not using the word ‘gap’, a problem and look for a Because, there is a certain since it seems to be very solution. This may mean expectation from suchMore and more, I feel that by huge. searching on the internet (with graduates – which MOST ofputting our youth in college, the right keywords), finding a I was with a principal of a them lack – neither a naturalwe are only delaying their on- real expert and asking the right college when a person from inclination/aptitude, northe-job learning. Since in any question, or sometimes just Titan Industries was acquired in the program. Nocase, what is taught (if any), looking at some data and doing speaking about hiring fresh amount of industry/ instituteis not used in the jobs that are some analysis. She should also graduate engineers. He meetings is going to changethere in the market. Perhaps, have interpersonal skills and specifically asked for that as long as students don’tthis is how the western culture speaking/writing skills. Mechanical Engineers who know what to learn from thatevolved, where people start had confidence and curriculum. No amount of In some jobs, someworking, and they pick up a communication skills with adding/deleting courses is fundamental concepts thatdegree that will be useful to career goals (oh aren’t we going to help anyone. Any were studied may come inthem much later in life. So fed up these C words?) Since number of ‘guest lectures’ to handy. But if we go back to thewhen we go to students and he asked for mechanical, we bridge the gap is not going to car sales executive and watchtell them to use learning thought he was going to put enlighten anyone. salesman – even if they sound astrategies and work on them in production. But no, little extreme examples – allprojects, and they turn back But then I think deeper and I he had other ideas. He they need is to understand theand ask us to show jobs in see some light. This wanted them for their shops product, deal with customerthose areas, we may not have curriculum is only a test bed to and not shop floor. Why questions and be pleasant. Asan answer. (And here I am learn ‘thinking’. Stop believing Mechanical? They will stay. they go along, with open earstalking of the average that anything from the hmm and eyes, they should learnengineering student in an curriculum is going to be more about the product and theaverage college. The premier In another incident, I met a directly or indirectly useful in customer and get is a different game young executive who gave any job (save a very smallaltogether. Or I am not aware me a test drive of a new car. percentage …or a large Comment online atof the game at least!) I asked him if he was from percentage if someone wants MBA or automobile to teach..but I will come to that bmc Cont’d on page 4 Engineering. Neither. He in a moment)
  3. 3. Page 3 of 5 Inspiring TeachersFaculty of the month - Prof PRAbhakar Waghodekar materials, notes and particular? presentations to all students. Language plays a vital role in In class mostly interaction education. If one fails to takes place. I refer only understand this coding standard books and perception of a subject handbooks. Solve the drastically reduces, interest . numerical. Show some CDs, in the subject vanishes. In Dr Prabhakar and load latest literature Waghodekar is a fact, compared to other veteran in teaching with including CII, MPI reports and languages, English is an 43 yrs of experience. International published articles He has been easier one. The root cause is relentlessly working for (3-5 in a Semester) to students today faculty hardly refers to bringing internationalWhen you were younger, that is normally beyond quality to engineeringwhat kind of teaching books of international status and professional syllabus. and they rely on books education. He wasmethods did you use? instrumental in How do your colleagues written by local authors,For theory: thorough establishing several react to your ideas and written in local English, a colleges andpreparation, solving each and programmes of study in initiatives? How do you guide type book,every numerical problem Maharashtra. He wrote respond? examination oriented, and twelve e-books for freefrom book of international circulation on topics in many a times appear asstatus, using teaching aids Some are appreciating, some management, teaching, reference books in syllabus. project/seminars andlike drawing diagrams on criticizing. They say sending soft skills. It is the first and foremostrolling boards, use of slides course material through e-mail With a PhD from IIT duty of teacher to hand over Kharagpur, which wonand transparencies. For makes students lazy. I respond the research award for a list of standard books topractical: to attend it them, I have to do lot of his guide, and students and all his teaching numerous other awardsminimum for 2 hours, dis- planning and homework to in both research and need to be in line with theseassemble and assemble the keep myself on track, I am teaching, Prof books. Four years duration Waghodekar heldparts, taking to nearby growing with my students and several positions as is enough to reach to theindustry and neat journal students save lot of time for faculty in Mechanical level. Referring standard Engineering as well aswriting as per schedule taking down notes in the class an administrator. He is books while in final year sayalready circulated. and more brainstorming takes now advisor at for electives, both students Marathwada Institute of place. Some are convinced a Technology,Now you are a very and faculty develop few are not. Aurangabad.senior professor, do you inferiority complex. In thisstill teach? How? What is the role of respect Maharashtra is not language in learning? different, save a fewTeach mostly at PG level, What is the trend in institutes located in metros.occasionally for final year Maharashtra in generalelective. I use extensively Read more at and your college ininternet, sending all my
  4. 4. Inspiring Teachers Page 4 of 5 Interesting Links ♦ Articles on education ♦ Student projects ♦ IIM Students see the other India sundaymagazine/article3292289.ece ♦ Learning Difficulties ♦ General resources ♦ Pre-school sites Funny or Sad? ♦ Telugu Lessons Alicia Catalano ♦ Hindi Lessons"To be tested or not to be That is the ♦ Games in finance/economicsquestions." Acharya"standardized schedule togo mad" The father of a student phoned at 9 pm and said that one of the teachers is refusing to give back the notes prepared by his daughter and that I should ensure that the same is returned. I told him that his daughter should meet me the next day in the college so that I would do the needful. The next day she came. I told her that it is very easy for me to instruct the teacher to return the notes, but it might cause a little bitterness. Instead, the student should approach the teacher once again and talk sweetly and get back the notes. If all the methods used by the student fail, then I would step in. I told the student that she has to learn not just the subject but also how to manage people. Tomorrow, you will have to manage your bosses, colleagues, subordinated, mother-in-law, husband, children. I also told her that she should avoid using her father for such issues and that she should boldly attempt on her own. I told her the saying in Telugu that for some one to climb a palm tree, how high can be supported. She then tried her own methods and succeeded in retrieving her notes. The next day she came back smiling and said that she learned a very valuable lesson. Dr Balakrishna Palanki, Principal, Anjamma Agi Reddy Engineering College for Women, Hyderabad
  5. 5. Chasm - education and jobs Page 5 of 5 Inspiring Teachers Cont’d from page 2 When jobs are more and go from text book experiments and noting down Teacher’s Academy ‘technical’, the domain may examples to usage and fabricated observations, but change (from car and watch to communicating in our life. inquiring about the Hyderabad may be banks, markets, Nobody ever thinks that he is experiments, spend some platforms, and even rockets), going to use those ‘artificial’ time in the society and see PHONE: 97011 41118 but the principle remains the example sentences of the text what is needed by the people same. This applies equally well books in life. and by the jobs. They should E-MAIL: to the growing number of indulge in discussions and Then why physics? why freshers who want to be collaborations, searching and electronics? is there any job entrepreneurs in any segment, collating – using technology in the world where people are those who want to make films, as a tool. They should also given some material and those who want to be in sports, learn to spend some time with asked to reproduce the same those who want to go for themselves to understand after a few weeks? But, that’s higher education abroad et what is important and what is what we are preparing them cetera. not. for. And when I look at the And when things are learnt So if students are also told curriculum in this angle, it is like this, the youngster who that they are learning these all the more important to teach graduates from the college subjects to ‘think’ in a certain it in such a way that these will be more prepared to take way, to use some basic basic skills are developed. on any job. See us at: principles for problem Unfortunately, universities And a teaching job too solving, to be able to read and requires all these. Most often, and colleges are missing this comprehend new information point and their assessment people who are not suitable and to use it as a basis for system is checking the mastery higher level thinking like for any other job end up in of the content of the teaching. And they seem to be application and analysis, to curriculum and not the spirit. getting way with it. All be able to build things with And so are the students – who their hands and heads, and to because there are compliance are always aligned to the issues and the count of be enthusiastic about new exams. And so are the teachers is one part of it. In things..then may be theirHelp us reach more people teachers, who have to attitude towards learning will fact, I would say, more careDo read the blog and leave your complete the syllabus and get should be taken in selecting be more open and theircomments on-line results. teachers than anyone else. expectations from the college Because the future of our kids When we learn a language, we and from the placements willClick on like and youth is in their hands. learn simple words and be realistic, if they don’t get And now, more than ever sentences, we build a small these ‘employability’ skills.e-Professor/203174356365130 before, the future of India is vocabulary and the rules of For this teachers and in their hands since more grammar. But the real learning students need to use well than 50% of the population is is when we use the basic rules written books, spend more under the age of 25! and apply in new situations time in working in the labs – not just setting up