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Inspiring Teachers May 2011


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Published in: Education
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Inspiring Teachers May 2011

  1. 1. May 2011Volume 5, Issue 5 Inspiring Teachers Driving educational change through excellence in teaching This month…. Facebook is really useful for question on our site too this month. Excerpts of gathering tips quickly. and the answer is Faculty-of-Month, PSS Sometime back I asked for published in this issue. An Raju, Results of picture creative ideas in making article by Indira Narayan caption contests, humour,This month: students come to school on on how to engage students interesting links sent byDeeper Learning time and was happy to see a in deep learning and the friends and mailing lists areIndira Narayan..….2 lively and useful discussion. profile of a differently the regulars. Please explorePSS Raju – Faculty The school is going to abled trainer Shakir, those links and keepof the month …. . 3 implement one of those ideas complemented by work contributing too.Interesting links …4 posted by FB friends. done by Samrita Trust for Have a great vacation, and One of our readers posted a visually challenged – get refreshed and rechargedUpdates on site and these are the main reads for the new academic year…ask an expert …..4 College ChampionsDifferently abledtrainer Shakir …..5 April-May 2011 • Elaborate training needs analysis (TNA) for A unique model of engaging faculty andEducation for 100 teachers at NMREC, Hyderabad 25th- building a truly distributed teamVisually Challenged -Samrita Trust……6 27th April • To make faculty as stakeholders in • “Classroom Management”, JNTU Academic expanding the reach ofPicture captionsHumour Staff College, 26th April and • Visit to REC Bhalki and interaction with faculty – 6th April • To help enhance the profile of faculty • Visit to Nanded and interaction with through consultancy and research schools – 11th April options • Sessions in a corporate induction training At the end of one year engagement, apart program from – 15th May from the performance based cash • Faculty training from May 15th – NMREC incentives, the faculty will get visibility in • Adult learning and TNA – ESCI – 12th May academic and industry circles, expand • Sessions for faculty at Kolhapur Institute of their horizons and get an impressive Engineering, 25th May profile. For details read:
  2. 2. Inspiring Teachers Page 2 of 6 Deeper learning Indira Narayan “Learning which is necessarily mean beautiful) the underlying principles. concerned to extract and active presence is sure to The concept can be made clear principles and underlying catch the interest of the by giving an example from meanings, to make sense of students. Dull and inactive outside the textbook like facts and feelings and to teaching only makes the ‘Physics in our daily life integrate them with students feel dull and ‘where do we see this: in our previously acquired unenthusiastic. eyes, in the movement or knowledge. Rather than Communication is an art and a flexing of our fingers or memorization, it aims to skill which is very important in bending of our knees etc. In provide greater the teaching line as much is English, the rudiments of understanding and therefore class control. This can happen sentence structure, how“Aerobics class a must a deeper meaning” only when the teacher is very plurals are formed and so onfor teachers” sound with her subject and can can be made fun by grammar Deeper learning is all about cater to all the queries/ doubts games, jingles, songs all of encouraging the skills and of her students. In fact deeper which can absorb the knowledge that students willMarch Newsletter learning can take place only if students’ interest. Class roompicture caption contest need to succeed in this fastSent by Neelu Vig on a teacher is willing to be activities are the best way of changing world. It preparesfacebook. interrupted during her enhancing interest. In the students to master the teaching with queries or given school curriculum it is basics, understand them and doubts, big or small, intelligent difficult to devote much time be able to apply them or simple. In a class where to such fun activities. Herein a whenever required. doubts are deemed as silly, creative teacher will introduce To understand what deep learning in its true sense her lesson by citing something learning is we should look at ceases. This leads to a outside the class and the book, the other side … which can downhill process of creating or use some novel method, be termed as ‘Surface a weak foundation in but something definitely Learning’ like reading, academics which defeats the about what she has to teach. memorizing and thereby concept of deep learning. It This may take 5 to 10 minutes being successful in fetching can create individuals who but if the concept has been good marks. Learning like may work mechanically understood she can teach this may or may not ensure referring to book knowledge quite a lot in the remaining ‘understanding’. time and again. time. With the interest In my opinion the important To affect deep learning the evoked, following the theory feature required to enable will become easy and learning teaching methodology must be ‘deeper learning ‘is the will be more effective. made on creating an interest in teacher’s persona. A teacher the subject by understanding with an attractive (does not
  3. 3. Page 3 of 6 Inspiring TeachersExcerpts from Faculty of the month - more at be designed to give students employment? the fundamental For students who are willing understanding of the discipline to utilize them, absolutely. and lay the platform for As mentioned earlier I think him/her to easily adapt to new the biggest problem and and myriad tools based on probably the sole reason for their sound understanding of students not building theAre there huge gaps in the fundamentals. wherewithal needed to meetcurriculum compared to Many short-sighted people also industry expectations, is lackwhat industry expects? recruit for an immediate need of good delivery andNo. This seems to be a . and not for long term human curriculum administration There is no egg inmonstrous myth that is being resource, which makes this and not gaps in curriculum eggplant, nor ham inpurported by many very hamburger; neither apple perception develop. Also, there itself. Of course, this is only nor pine in pineapple.feverishly but I thoroughly is a total lack of understanding for students who are willing English muffins werentdisagree. The curriculum of invented in England or among majority of the to utilize such delivery and French fries in France.B. Tech course I teach (we Sweetmeats are candies academicians about how to complement it withfollow JNTU Kakinada while sweetbreads, which interpret and deliver learning proactive self learning. arent sweet, are meat. WeSyllabus) to me is reasonably of the curriculum. This I am more than certain if the find that quicksand cangood. work slowly, boxing rings frustrates industry people above is done, there is a are square and a guineaI feel the goal of a B. Tech pig is neither from Guinea when they come for negligible chance that aprogram in make students nor is it a pig. recruitment and interact with student would be English is a funny languageunderstand the fundamentals --fwded by KV Jayakuamr academicians, and then these unemployed in the currentof the engineering discipline comments like curriculum has situation.and help them develop a Sitarama Raju holds a B. Tech gaps come up. Again, maybestrong analytical problem this is coming because many in CSE from Andhra Universitysolving approach. I can College of Engineering academicians have not hadcategorically say the followed by an M. Tech in CS exposure to industry. I say maycurriculum meets that from University of Hyderabad. be, because I do not think onerequirement. Many people A career spanning 9 1/2 years needs exposure to industry to in software industry,and 4 yrsfeel computer science is all develop an awareness of how a in academics. He is passionateabout some tools and some concept might be explained in about sharing knowledge &programming languages and a relevant manner. understanding and feels prettyfeel that the syllabus should strongly about how a wronghave the latest tools, to meet Can better delivery & more understanding of what isindustry needs. The reality is effective administration of required for an engineering jobany general purpose B. Tech is adversely affecting quality of curriculum enhanceprogram can and should only graduates coming out of student’s chances of colleges.
  4. 4. Inspiring Teachers Page 4 of 6 Updates on website ♦ Most of the archives of newsletter (2007, 2008 and some 2009) have been uploaded on the blog ♦ A practical and proven method of engaging students in peer learning ♦ An initiative by American Society for Engineering Education – Ask an Expert on website How can we help students weak in English? Abdul Basith Picture Caption Contest 1. If this is a small group of students who are not interested in learning, first try to find out what interests them. Talk about those topics or discuss what they like and why? Develop a“…and yes students, personal rapport with them so that then they are willing to listen to you.this chart shows howwell you should take 2. Put them on some on-line English courses with which they can improve their language. Yougood care of your heart, can see a list of courses herechomp, chomp"... e-magazine 3. Make a small group or what we call as buddy system. One friend who is good at studies ison facebook teamed up with one weak student (or a few) and they should be asked to talk and communicate in English only. Any subject related discussions can also be made by these groups.Learning by doing – Watch this video (in part I and II) to see what they can do.Divya Nalla, NMREC on Interesting Links ♦ Big Thinkers: Judy Willis on the Science of Learning. The noted neurologist turned educator talks about the science of boredom, lessons learned from video games, how to capture student attention, and the most important lessons for 21st-century learning.Mrs Indira Narayan has an EnglishTeacher in St Ann’s ♦ A talk that touches on a very important issue of childhood storiesHigh School, where ♦ IISc’s plunge to train school teachersshe is the Academic Mistress now andcontinues to teach. ♦ Good link for communication and team building activities ♦ Learn English with comic strips ♦ Inside a hard disk drive – see related videos also ♦ Magazine and website for resources to empower people with the vision and tools to create a healthy planet and vibrant communities. Sent by Anil Kumar Challa, LearningNet-India, Nagaswetha Pavuluri, Sofia Stefanidou, Ajit Kumar Atluri
  5. 5. Page 5 of 6 Inspiring TeachersShakir – a differently abled trainerShakir is the first visually- about his 200-plus budding and enabled itchallenged MBA from the workshops that flower. Memory skills hestate of Andhra reverberate the need to encourages can bePradesh, India. He also inculcate in one’s self, developed by anyholds a masters in English skills to scour the individual. He teaches theliterature. He set positives out of the techniques towards memoryrolling “Empower” – a negative situations as well development in hispremier HRD Institute in as to mould the mind to seminars as a key ingredientHyderabad, servicing accept problems as for success.Corporates, MNCs, challenges. Bangalore, Computer savvy, Shakirengineering colleges – Hyderabad, Vijayawada browses internet and readsenvisioned to empower and the four metro cities emails with the aid of athe human-mind to are among the prominent ‘Talking Computer’. An avid Shakir with APJ Abduldiscover their true-hidden places he conducted the reader, Shakir considers Kalampotential. Concurring with workshops/seminars in. ‘talking computer’ as a bestthe medical findings that The participants ranged invention. It disassociateshumans barely use 5% of from managers, to him from crutches of havingtheir brain’s capacity technical and others read for him giventill their death, the CEO of administrative staff, at their own time and will‘Empower’ Mr Syed Noor Mitsubishi, ICICI- constraints. This softwareMuhammad Shakir Prudential, Care has aided him in readingseems the right person Hospitals, Maxivisiion, more than a 100 hundredaround to invigorate us to City Cardiac, books on personalitytap our dormant Ascendas(L&T), Bajaj, development. His latestmental capacities and Netlife, LIC, Vilan, being ‘Awaken the giantcapabilities. His Keertilal Jewellers to within’ by Anthonytranscription of Holy name a few. Students of Robbins. He lamentsQur’an into English various engineering, though that the softwareBraille put him in Limca management, post- can read out only Englishbook of records. He has graduate and graduate language. Hence, losesdeveloped amazing educational institutions independence readingmemory skills and can constitute yet another vernacular languages, whichrecall all the 600 names sector who attend his include his mother-tonguewith respective contact seminars, where he visits Urdu, also Telugu andnumbers saved in his on invitations. Regarding Hindi. Please contactmobile phone. his own memory skills he Shakir@9347255325It’s absolutely fascinating found in himself the
  6. 6. Samrita Trust – Education for Visually ChallengedTeacher’s Academy 60 million Indians are Audio CDs, MP3 Players, competitive examinations to blind. There are 2 million Braille Kits, SAFA software, blind candidates appearing blind children in India and laptops etc – to help to for the examinations to get Hyderabad only 5 % of them receive any study on their own, the employment in private and education. subjects in their courses and public sector. PHONE: 97011 41118 Blind persons can learn to perform better in More importantly, the trust live a life of dignity and examinations. The Trust is has worked to affect E-MAIL: independence. They can inspired by Louis Braille, changes in the also perform all most all the inventor of Braille, and policies to benefit these tasks of a normal person indomitable spirit of Helen students with latest and lead a normal life. Keller. technology. Mission of Samrita Trust Apart from curriculum Visit the website to learn (estd 2006) is to empower books for intermediate, more and contribute either the blind students to degree and some school your services or funds. become self sufficient, by books, the trust also providing suitable learning produces and supplies audio samrita/index.aspx devices for their education. books of study materials and The learning devices are model papers of various 1008-Samrita-Trust.aspx Help us reach more people…. See us at: Do read the blog and leave your comments on-line Click on like Uma Garimella