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ISE - Exploring Inspiring Science Education - Lamprini Kolovou - Linq Conference 2015 Brussels


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Inspirational science teachers are at the heart of successful science teaching – ask any scientific Nobel prize-winner who had the greatest influence on their decision to become a scientist and invariably the answer will be – my Science Teacher! So what is it that makes a science teacher truly inspirational? That’s one of the conundrums we aim to unravel in the Inspiring Science Education project. That’s why we will be setting up workshops and exchanges, communities of practice and learning opportunities for science teachers and teacher trainers aimed at helping them find ways to make their teaching of science more inspirational.
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ISE - Exploring Inspiring Science Education - Lamprini Kolovou - Linq Conference 2015 Brussels

  1. 1. Explore Inspiring Science Education! LINQ 2015 Dr. Lamprini Kolovou Brussels, 12/05/2015
  2. 2. What ISE offers! 2 • Enable teachers, students and researchers involved in extended collaborative activities. • Introduce them to the field of science through the use of resources and tools • Bring together a network of educational communities, eLearning tools and resources and relevant partners of the field • Provide special authoring the delivering tools and services • Create opportunities for wide scale use of e-learning resources and inquiry based science education
  3. 3. What our users/target group need!
  4. 4. School pages, Blogs & portals Training Academies STEM learning assessment standards & tools Educational repositories in Science, Mathematics, ICT, Engineering How ISE supports these needs!
  5. 5. What we have achieved! 4.550 teachers 54 Training Activities 2500 Schools 193.754 Resources 50 eLearning Tools 105 communities
  6. 6. The ISE Communities
  7. 7. The ISE Communities
  8. 8. The ISE Digital Tools Repository
  9. 9. Sharing resources in communities
  10. 10. The authoring environment
  11. 11. The delivery environment
  12. 12. Assessment
  13. 13. The Training Academies
  14. 14. Users / Teachers Portal profile Competence profile 14 Proof of concept Schools Profile E-maturity level Communities Modules (events, blogs, etc.) Educational resources Students Assessment Tools
  15. 15. 15