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8 Characteristics That Make A Sales Development Rep Stand Out


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8 Characteristics That Make A Sales Development Rep Stand Out

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8 Characteristics That Make A Sales Development Rep Stand Out

  1. 1. 8 Characteristics That Make a SDR stand out.
  2. 2. Sales Development is one of the most trendiest topic to talk about this year and it continues to spread towards all kinds of business community, meaning that companies are hiring people like no tomorrow. Although, with this being a new upcoming role and generation of sales people are currently being hired, this tends to become a problem. With that a highly important question pops up that plenty of VP of Sales and leaders ask as they hire out their sales team. What are the main characteristics, personality traits, and qualities that develop someone a positive SDR? Some of the most important questions asked are “ What does someone look for when they are hiring there SDR? What makes them stand out from the rest? What are some of the best possible ways for someone to figure this out during the interview process?”. Well, for this piece we shall number down some tips that may be fruitful when it comes to questions.
  3. 3. 1. Experience. Search for people who are coming out of the customer- facing role, such as restaurant, retail, and customer service. These people will have already have experience on dealing with and overcoming the nonsense on a daily basis. Due keep in mind that these people will be the first ones to be hung-up on, cursed, and rebuked. Also, do they have any type of researching based role in the past? Research and customer engagement is a huge part of a SDR role, so all these experience can pile up and make a difference.
  4. 4. 2. Creativity. Look for the kind of people who know how to think outside the box and have creativity when it comes to collecting new accounts. While these people should be subordinate, don’t be against the idea of them challenging the way you think, while looking for even more smoother ways to fill the pipe. Sales Development need to be creative when it comes to crafting personalized emails and engaging with prospects.
  5. 5. 3. Questionnaire. A simple but effective way of pre-qualifying potential candidates, questionnaires should include some important question fitting for your company, some of these being based around culture, if they know what your space is, and are they capable of doing this job. After they have manage to successfully pass the test, give them a more detailed assignment that should take around an hour. This way you can weed out the candidates that don’t fit the 100% criteria of your company. The interview process is the part where you’ll be asking them question that should challenge them to speak in a negative manner ( you only want to hire the positive ones), what are their main goals, biggest accomplishments, what do they excel at best, etc.
  6. 6. 4. Passion. Throughout your journey to work, make sure to try and locate someone who is very passionate about the things they involved themselves in. Whether these passion’s come from something as simply as shoes, pets, fashion, music, extreme sports, cars, comic books, and what have you. Regardless of what the person is passionate about, having someone who is passionate about the things they love and be really positive for you, leading to good fortune. SDR (Sales Development) is a challenging role and at times can be tedious. Passion drives interest and motivation. The perfect candidate should be someone who has a passion for success and feels excited about being successful or accomplishing something. Try to get the person you are interviewing to talk, and make sure it’s easy to start. When the passion starts to appear in their voice and they begin to charge up telling you about it, that is the very moment you know this is the person you want on your team. Conversely if they can’t possibly sell you something they personally love, how can they sell the prospect you are offering?
  7. 7. 5. Curiosity. SDRs should be curious when to comes to the industries you are selling to, the kind of buyers they shall be conversing with and all the facets of how they could possible help them develop on a better business. Trust me, you don’t a rep who is either bored beyond belief with their buyers or just plain uninterested about them as people or professionals. If your reps can’t learn from your buyers they will never improve and in order to improve they will need to be curious.
  8. 8. 6. Active Listeners. They say the best salespeople are also the best listeners. Understand your prospect’s main points to ensure that they are a perfect fit. Make sure the people you hire are active listeners. This isn’t simply to qualify as a leader either. As an upcoming startup you must set your mind to think of your SDRs as your eyes and ears within the market. Candidates need to demonstrate that they have the potential to process information and clearly feed it back into the rest of the organization. They should will become extremely helpful to your Product and Marketing teams.
  9. 9. 7. Resilience. Resilience is very important to have when it comes to hiring an SDR. Without this, the previously mentioned quality will become completely irrelevant immediately and everyone should know that the best in sales are going to receive a negative response more than a positive one. Quality SDRs are mostly optimistic people who can rapidly grasp the importance of fact that they’re part of a selling team. They’re competitive but against themselves much more than their team. They need to grasp the natural give and take of effective communication. They must know that generation an interest and obtaining a set of particular information is the key to the game, not selling.
  10. 10. 8. Preventing Deterioration. The SDR begins to fall down a slippery road when people have gained product knowledge and pick up the jargon from the people on the other side of the phone. The best SDRs can simply adapt to this kind of situation and people, although not everyone will be a player. This being the case, connecting some of these attributes of your buyers onto your SDR hires will propel you farther then you could have possibly thought. This is a place where most sales leader begin to slip up. Once they’ve manage to establish the hiring profile they tend to overlook the value of establishing an efficient process for locating what it is they are enthusiastically searching for. As the company continues on to succeed, you will be incredibly happy that you invested in a process when you came to the realization that you need to hire 10 SDRs during the next month and another 10 the next month.
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