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10 Things We Learned from San Diego Startup Week (2014)


Published on | 10 things we learned from San diego Startup Week (2014), taken from the event's speakers and interviews by @JennaAbdou & @ChaseJennings.

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10 Things We Learned from San Diego Startup Week (2014)

  1. 1. Powered by 10 THINGS WE LEARNED FROM
  2. 2. This presentation consists of highlights from San Diego Startup Week and interviews with Jenna Abdou and Chase Jennings, co-hosts of 33voices®
  3. 3. Startups! Demos! Parties! A celebration of San Diego’s Innovation Wave. 5 Days of fun and informative events highlighting how San Diego rides it differently @sdstartupweek
  4. 4. Zesty Startups that play together stay together.
  5. 5. nPruv To create a replicable business model, build a product that is necessary in every demographic.
  6. 6. TapHunter The best CEOs master the duck. Remain cool on the surface but always be hustling.
  7. 7. T2 Venture Creation Try fast, fail small, learn quickly and evolve rapidly.
  8. 8. Gobie H2O To compete with big industry players, target niche demographics and cater to them individually.
  9. 9. Connected Dreamers Instead of dictating your end destination, build context around the present moment.
  10. 10. Fab Lab Accept the inner challenge of making your ideas a reality.
  11. 11. from our blog on ‘rituals’ (click to read) When we truly grasp our ability to create, we will give life to visions that excite us.
  12. 12. From our blog on scott case of priceline (click to read) Say ‘yes’next time someone asks you for help. When you commit with altruistic intentions, the return is always greater than what you put in.
  13. 13. From our blog on ‘demo night’ (Click to read) The best way to win support for your pitch is to depict a future people want to be a part of.
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