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10 Insights from Former CEO of Aveda, Marilyn Tam


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Marilyn Tam, Ph.D. is a Speaker, Author, Consultant, Board Certified Executive/Corporate/Leadership Coach, and Founder and Executive Director of Us Foundation. She was formerly the CEO of Aveda Corp., President of Reebok Apparel and Retail Group; Vice President of Nike Inc. and also a successful entrepreneur who has developed and built four companies.
She is the author of The Happiness Choice.

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10 Insights from Former CEO of Aveda, Marilyn Tam

  1. 1. @33voices / / chase@33voices.comThe HappinessChoice
  2. 2. The following slides arehighlights from the interview by@MoeAbdou,founder & host of 33voices.Click here to listen in
  3. 3. MarilynTam P.h,d.Formerly the CEO of Aveda Corp.,President of Reebok ApparelShe grew up as an abused and neglectedchild in Hong Kong. She left home as ateen to come to America alone. Followingher life mission, she achieved internationalbusiness and humanitarian success.
  4. 4. who get ahead always retain their true identity,regardless of their position.No.1
  5. 5. you operate out of fear,you rarely see the truth –but, when you always tell the truth,you rarely have fear.
  6. 6. work may change,but your “Why” never does.Make time to explore it.
  7. 7. source of happiness is highly personal.Identify yours and live it
  8. 8. adversity to understandthose who cause the anxietyand your relationship with yourselfwill dramatically improve.33voicesMarilyn Tam - The Happiness Choice (0.59)
  9. 9. is when you’ve done your best,where you are, at that particular time.
  10. 10. is a tool –use it as a source of energy and it expands.Use it for acceptability and you become a slave to it.
  11. 11. yourself stuck?Harness the collective wisdom of your mentors,listen to your inner guides and God.Answers will emerge
  12. 12. and anger ultimatelyburn the person who’s holding it.Don’t let it.
  13. 13. of us will die,but only a few of us will really live!
  14. 14. Really reflect...Can you find the blessing in thethe adversity you’re facing?Really reflect...
  15. 15. CONNECT WITH US!Tell us what you