What You Are Best at Could Be Your Biggest Problem - 10 Insights from Kaiser & Kaplan


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Bob Kaplan is president of Kaplan DeVries Inc, specialists in assessing leaders for selection and for development since 1992. With Wilfred Drath and Joan Kofodimos, Bob originated executive coaching at the Center for Creative Leadership before that field came into existence. He built an early 360 survey (SKILLscope for Managers), and he came up with the idea for a different breed of 360, the patented Leadership Versatility Index, which he and Rob Kaiser developed and commercialized together. He has published three other books, as well as numerous articles in publications such as Harvard Business Review and Sloan Management Review.

Rob Kaiser is an advisor, author, and authority on the subject of leadership. He is the president of Kaiser Leadership Solutions, a provider of assessment tools that set a new standard for innovation and impact, such as the patented Leadership Versatility Index. Rob is a prolific writer whose work on leadership assessment, selection, and development has been widely published. His books include Executive Selection, Filling the Leadership Pipeline, and The Perils of Accentuating the Positive. Rob is also a highly regarded public speaker who is often invited to deliver his uniquely engaging and provocative presentations to professional audiences around the world. They are coauthors of Fear Your Strengths: What You Are Best at Could Be Your Biggest Problem.

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What You Are Best at Could Be Your Biggest Problem - 10 Insights from Kaiser & Kaplan

  1. 1. @33voices / www.33voices.com / chase@33voices.comFear YourStrengths
  2. 2. NOTE:The following slides are highlightsfrom the interview by @MoeAbdou,founder & host of 33voices®.Click here to listen in
  3. 3. Robert b. KaiserRobert e. KaplanBob Kaplan is president of KaplanDeVries Inc, specialists in assessingleaders for selection and for development.Bob Kaiser is president of KaiserLeadership Solutions, a providerof assessment tools that set a newstandard for innovation and impactand
  4. 4. 33voices.com/robert-b-kaiser-and-robert-e-kaplanTake your strengths to extremes andthey’ll become your weaknessesNo.1
  5. 5. 33voices.com/robert-b-kaiser-and-robert-e-kaplanNo.2Those who excel at managing themselves havea high level of awareness combined witha thoughtful ear for what others have to say
  6. 6. 33voices.com/robert-b-kaiser-and-robert-e-kaplanNo.3The first step in identifying your strengthsis your awareness -the more important step is when others ratify it
  7. 7. 33voices.com/robert-b-kaiser-and-robert-e-kaplanNo.4Assertiveness may get you the leadership position,but it’s enabling that keeps you there
  8. 8. 33voices.com/robert-b-kaiser-and-robert-e-kaplanNo.5Entrepreneurs and founders run the risk of unchecked power.Find a loyal opposition.33voicesBob Kaplan and Rob Kaiser - Dominant Control Model for Leadership (0.56)
  9. 9. 33voices.com/robert-b-kaiser-and-robert-e-kaplanNo.6When your selection process is rigorous,your development process will be easy.It’s about allignment and fit.
  10. 10. 33voices.com/robert-b-kaiser-and-robert-e-kaplanNo.7Where there’s excess, there’s lack -manage what matters
  11. 11. 33voices.com/robert-b-kaiser-and-robert-e-kaplanNo.8Anxiety is often what’s undermining your performance.Get better at managing yourself!
  12. 12. 33voices.com/robert-b-kaiser-and-robert-e-kaplanNo.9If you do too much of what you’re good at,you’re likely to do too little of the opposite.Be cautious -
  13. 13. 33voices.com/robert-b-kaiser-and-robert-e-kaplanNo.10Success can often breed overconfidence.stay humble because better never stops.
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