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10 Insights from Fast Company Contributor, Brand Strategy & Innovation Expert, Debra Kaye


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Debra Kaye is a global innovation and trends expert specializing in brand strategy and innovation for consumer businesses. Her clients have included Apple, Mars, Colgate, McDonald's, American Express, Kimberly-Clark and many more. She is head of the innovation consultancy Lucule and former CEO of TBWA\Italy, as well as a board member of Count Me In, an organization dedicated to helping women-owned businesses grow and prosper.

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10 Inspirational Moments from Debra Kaye

1. We're entering the personal communication age - make your connections personal.

2. The best brands are personalities - what personalty does yours have?

3. No single piece of information is ever important - it's the repeated patterns that truly matter.

4. Instead of trying to change one's behavior - try fitting into their existing patterns.

5. Pick the one thing that's truly different about your product, make it stand out and let it define your packaging.

6. The brand magic happens when you move people - connect emotionally.

7. People's habits don't change very fast and rarely do trends last - don't let your brand be a fad.

8. Question everything - it's the surest path towards innovation.

9. When you lose your brand rigidity, you'll see innovation evolve at the edges.

10.Be a great observer - it's the only way SEE what others are missing.

Reflect: What personality does your brand stand for?

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10 Insights from Fast Company Contributor, Brand Strategy & Innovation Expert, Debra Kaye

  1. 1. PRESENTS10 Inspirational Moments:DEBRAKAYE
  2. 2. Global innovation and trendsexpert specializing in brandstrategy and innovationfor consumer businesses.Contributor to Fast Company.Board member of Count Me In,an organization dedicatedto helping women-ownedbusinesses grow and prosper Click to preview on Amazon .com/Debra-Kaye
  3. 3. Insight #1We’re entering thepersonal communication age –MAKE YOUR CONNECTIONSPERSONAL .com/Debra-Kaye
  4. 4. Insight #2The best brands are personalities -What personality does yours have? .com/Debra-Kaye
  5. 5. Insight #3No single piece of informationis ever important –it’s the repeated patternsthat truly matter .com/Debra-Kaye
  6. 6. Insight #4Instead of trying to change one’s behavior –try fitting into their existing patterns .com/Debra-Kaye
  7. 7. Insight #5Pick the one thing that’struly different about your product,make it stand out andlet it define your packaging .com/Debra-Kaye
  8. 8. Insight #6The brand magic happenswhen you move people –CONNECT EMOTIONALLY (0.55m) Debra discusses the impact of making your brand connect emotionally .com/Debra-Kaye
  9. 9. Insight #7People’s habits don’t change very fastand rarely do trends last –don’t let your brand be a fad .com/Debra-Kaye
  10. 10. Insight #8Question everything –it’s the surest pathtowards innovation .com/Debra-Kaye
  11. 11. Insight #9When you lose your brand rigidity,you’ll see innovationevolve at the edges .com/Debra-Kaye
  12. 12. Insight #10Be a great observer –it’s the only way SEEwhat others are missing .com/Debra-Kaye
  13. 13. Really reflect... ...tcefler yllaeRWhat personality doesyour brand stand for? .com/Debra-Kaye
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