The Tech Contracts Handbook, with David W. Tollen


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David Tollen is an attorney and author, as well as a founder of Adeli & Tollen LLP, a technology and intellectual property law firm with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the Silicon Valley. His practice focuses on intellectual property and information technology agreements, including software licenses, cloud computing agreements, and Internet and e-commerce contracts. He speaks and teaches on the same subjects. Mr. Tollen works in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. He has published two books: The Tech Contracts Handbook: Software Licenses and Technology Services Agreements for Lawyers and Businesspeople and THE TECH CONTRACTS POCKET GUIDE (an earlier version of the HANDBOOK).

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The Tech Contracts Handbook, with David W. Tollen

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  3. 3. David W.TollenAttorney and author, aswell as a founder of Adeli& Tollen LLP, a technologyand intellectual propertylaw firm with offices in SanFrancisco, Los Angeles, andthe Silicon Valley.
  4. 4. define the nature of business relationships -don’t delegate them.instead work with a superb legal teamand understand the parameters.No.1
  5. 5. that contractsare not about winning a legal case in the future,they specify responsibility.Good fences make good neighbors.
  6. 6. the emotional debateswith’s about leverage -there’s no fairness.
  7. 7. belong to everyone.Intellectual property is often the exception,not the rule.
  8. 8. propertyis protected when secured bycopyright, a patent,a trade secret or a trademark.
  9. 9. Agreementsare of little value unless they specify explicitlythe confidential information.
  10. 10. Agreementsare of little value unless they specify explicitlythe confidential information.33voicesDavid Tollen - Non-Disclosure Agreements
  11. 11. initial section of a contractspecifies the key promisesmade by both clear and avoid ambiguity.
  12. 12. clearly betweena license and a sale.a license give a right of usage,not ownership.
  13. 13. indemnity and limitsof liability clauses areyour insurance policy.opt for specificity.
  14. 14. the’s always worth testingwhat the other party saysis non-negotiable.
  15. 15. Really reflect...Do you know what yourcompany’s limits of liability?Really reflect...
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