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Adam Grant is the youngest tenured professor and single highest-rated teacher at The Wharton School. He is a former record-setting advertising director, junior Olympic springboard diver, and professional magician. He has been honored as one of BusinessWeek's favorite professors and one of the world's top 40 business professors under 40. His consulting and speaking clients include Google, the NFL, Goldman Sachs, Merck, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and the U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force. He holds a Ph.D. in organizational psychology from the University of Michigan and a B.A. from Harvard University. He is the author of Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success.

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A Revolutionary Approach to Success - Adam Grant

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  3. 3. ADAM GRANTThe youngest tenured professorand single highest-rated teacherat The Wharton School.His consulting and speaking clients include:Google, the NFL, Goldman Sachs, Merck, theWorld Economic Forum, the United Nations, andthe U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force.
  4. 4. 33voices.com/Adam-GrantGivers are winners,and they win big and often becausethey lift others with themNo.1
  5. 5. 33voices.com/Adam-GrantNo.2Life is rarely a zero-sum game –‘Good givers are great getters;they make everybody better’
  6. 6. 33voices.com/Adam-GrantNo.3Asking relevant questions and actively listening iswhy Givers make exceptional sales people –they help you see their conclusionfrom your own perspective
  7. 7. 33voices.com/Adam-GrantNo.4Want to gain influence?ask those you admire for adviceIt’s a source of learning for you,a shift in perspective for them,a greater commitment from themand a source of flattery for them.
  8. 8. 33voices.com/Adam-GrantNo.5When speaking – be less assertive, more vulnerable,and rely heavily on the advice of others –you’ll see your persuasion soar
  9. 9. 33voices.com/Adam-GrantNo.6Givers are champions of great talent becausethey resist the temptation to search for talent first.Instead, they focus their attention on motivation, grit.33voicesAdam Grant - Givers’ “Grit” (0.59)
  10. 10. 33voices.com/Adam-GrantNo.7“There are two great forces of human nature:self-interest, and caring for others,” -Bill Gatesand those most successful care about benefiting others,but are also ambitious in advancing their own interests
  11. 11. 33voices.com/Adam-GrantNo.8Takers are amplifiersto minimize their negative impact,encourage more independence andalways make them aware of their behavior.
  12. 12. 33voices.com/Adam-GrantNo.9Want to elevate your happiness,satisfaction and self-esteem?Volunteer 2 hours a week
  13. 13. 33voices.com/Adam-GrantNo.10While a taker views success asbeing superior to others,Givers see their individual achievementsas the result of the positive impactthey’ve had on others
  14. 14. Really reflect...How do you knowwhen you’ve succeeded?Really reflect...
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