7 Tips to Master Your Startup Pitch


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7 Tips to Master Your Startup Pitch

  1. 1. Powered by INSIGHTS FROM SUCCESSFUL FOUNDERS How To Master a Startup Pitch
  2. 2. This presentation consists of insights from 33voices® interviews hosted by @JennaAbdou & @ChaseJennings.
  3. 3. featured founders: GREG HOROWITT t2 Venture Creation KELLEE KHALIL Lover.ly KEVIN PETROVIC Flightcar
  4. 4. WATCH THE INTERVIEW | FLIGHTCAR To craft your universal pitch, highlight five key services and how your company provides them.
  5. 5. WATCH THE INTERVIEW | FLIGHTCAR People get lost in big visions; include each key value in under 60 seconds.
  6. 6. WATCH THE INTERVIEW | Lover.ly Whether a VC, blogger, or consumer, always make your audience the hero of your story.
  7. 7. WATCH THE INTERVIEW | Lover.ly To impress investors, answer their questions before they ask them.
  8. 8. WATCH THE INTERVIEW | Lover.ly Perfect pitches don’t exist.Understand your pitch as constantly evolving and iterate accordingly.
  9. 9. WATCH THE INTERVIEW | T2 VENTURE CREATION Curiosity drives second meetings. Leave your audience wanting more.
  10. 10. WATCH THE INTERVIEW | T2 VENTURE CREATION People are driven by emotional resonance. Think story first, product second.
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