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10 Insights from The Inevitable — from WIRED Magazine's Kevin Kelly


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Kevin Kelly co-founded Wired in 1993, and served as its Executive Editor for its first seven years

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10 Insights from The Inevitable — from WIRED Magazine's Kevin Kelly

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  2. 2. This presentation consists of highlights from the interview with Moe Abdou, founder & host of 33voices®.
  3. 3. “The future belongs to the optimists, for it’s hard to be responsible for generational thinking if you’re a pessimist.” - Kevin Kelly
  4. 4. Kevin Kelly is Senior Maverick at Wired magazine. He co-founded Wired in 1993, and served as its Executive Editor for its first seven years. His new book for Viking/Penguin is called The Inevitable, with a publication date of June 6, 2016. He is also founding editor and co-publisher of the popular Cool Tools website, which has been reviewing tools daily since 2003. Kevin Kelly @kevin2kelly Senior Maverick at Wired
  6. 6. It’s always wise to seek mastery in something you love, for the future rewards those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways. Insight #1
  7. 7. Insight #2 Opt not to imitate anyone else’s life, for the only way to truly get a glimpse of your potential is to invent your own movie.
  8. 8. Insight #3 The great contribution you can make to the world is to realize your potential, for the closer you get to being who you are, the more joy you’ll have and the greater your impact.
  9. 9. Insight #4 Every now and then, doing something totally unproductive could spark your next big idea. Take free days.
  10. 10. Insight #5 Seek time wealth over monetary wealth, for that’s where your greatest experiences lie.
  11. 11. Insight #6 To think well, learn to write well. And, to write well, strip away the distractions and capture the essence.
  12. 12. Insight #7 We are infected by our own misunderstanding of how our own minds work.
  13. 13. Insight #8 Challenge assumptions
  14. 14. THOUGHTS ON TECHNOLOGY: Tomorrow’s Inevitable Shifts
  15. 15. Technology is the reason that we have a future - for it promises a surge in possibilities, an abundance of choice, and most importantly, protection from stagnation. Insight #1
  16. 16. Insight #2 To fully appreciate the promise of technology, think less like a utopian and more like a protopian, for the latter is a state of becoming that values process and progress, over product and outcome.
  17. 17. Insight #3 The evolution of artificial intelligence will accelerate all human progress. Think of it as additive dose of smartness; the more people use it, the smarter it gets; and the smarter it gets, the more users will use it.
  18. 18. Insight #4 The internet is the world’s largest copy machine. Don’t fight it; it’s the foundation of our wealth and economy.
  19. 19. Insight #5 In the future, owning things will be less important than Accessing things. Instant borrowing will give you the essential benefits of ownership with few of its disadvantages.
  20. 20. Insight #6 Just as economic growth is accelerated by Remixing existing resources to make them more valuable, innovators will combine old media genres with modern genres to produce an unlimited number of new media genres.
  21. 21. Insight #7 Virtual reality will completely reimagine how you see and interact with others. It will become the most social of social experiences.
  22. 22. Insight #8 Society is moving away from the certainties of answers and toward the uncertainties of questions. The most precious aspects, the most dynamic, most valuable, and most productive facets of our lives and new technology will lie in the frontiers, in the edges where uncertainly, chaos, fluidity, and questions dwell. What makes a good question?
  23. 23. Insight #8 What makes a good question?
  24. 24. Insight #8 What makes a good question? A good question is a probe, a what-if scenario
  25. 25. Insight #8 What makes a good question? A good question skirts on the edge of what is known and not known, neither silly nor obvious
  26. 26. Insight #8 What makes a good question? A good question cannot be predicted
  27. 27. Insight #8 What makes a good question? A good question is one that generates many other good questions
  28. 28. Insight #9 “...The proper response to a lousy idea is not to stop thinking. It is to come up with a better idea. First, try to give away and kill your ideas—and those that you’re unable to kill and keep coming back are the ones worth pursuing.” Kevin Kelly on ideas
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