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The 30 most innovative companies to watch 2018

Insights Success Magazine has shortlisted “The 30 Most Innovative Companies to Watch 2018”, which have spotted the unique dots to discover new things through notion, unexpected connections and ideas.

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The 30 most innovative companies to watch 2018

  1. 1. Paul Black CEO & Board Member August 2018 A Global Leader in Healthcare IT The Most Innovative 2018 to Watch COMPANIES Digi Connection Benets of Blockchain in the making of Smarter Energy Grids Imparting Wisdom Successful Personality to Learn from Elon Musk
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Innovation : The Pathway to a New World he term ‘Innovation’ has driven the industries to open up a new world. Therefore, the innovations Tthat we see day-to-day are meant as discoveries to change the things around us. Additionally, the products and solutions designed through innovative ideas have the potential to disrupt the market by changing the status quo and replacing what already exists with something totally unique. Numerous organizations including start-up companies are generating innovative solutions, techniques and services in order to stand ahead on their respective industries. Further, organizations are transforming every sector to satisfy the needs and expectations of the customers. Nowadays, innovation which is meant as a key is spread across every corner of the world and has taken it by storm. This has led to the development of new solutions to problems that humans have inherently faced. So far, practically every sectors present on the earth have met with some form of challenges, but these innovations have touched on every aspect including medicine, science, engineering and social life. In other words, most of the companies have started to understand this concept and have also achieved through their observation, imagination and thinking out of the box. Without these, everything around us would have been common with just basic ideas. According to the independent researchers, for decades, scientists have focused on the concept of being able to teach machines how to think and eventually learn. These breakthroughs have led to the revolution of artificial intelligence where computers are trainable by following a recognizable pattern. This technology is even poised to make electronic devices like computers and smartphones think proactively and undertake sensitive activities. In the near future, technological innovations involved in self-driving cars, genetics and delivery drones can make life easier by the end of the day. New innovation can take the stages of the work towards making
  4. 4. human life easier, efficient and integrated in nature. With progressive research into the technologies and other prototype technologies which are still being conceived, the world is undoubtedly bound to become a better place. Keeping this in mind, Insights Success Magazine has shortlisted “The 30 Most Innovative Companies to Watch 2018”, which have spotted the unique dots to discover new things through notion, unexpected connections and ideas. On the cover, we have encompassed Allscripts, a leader in healthcare information technology with a 30-year history of excellence. The company has a vision to build open and connected communities of health that advance clinical, financial and operational results. Further, we have shortlisted AppZen, the leader in offering artificial intelligence solution for business processes. Auxenta, an innovative software engineering services and technology product consulting company who work with enterprises, independent software vendors (ISVs), startups and not for profit organizations. CoreAxis provides a unique combination of high impact business performance consulting, coupled with custom training development and delivery. Ensygnia, a UK- based technology company specializing in delivering a good customer experience combined with invisible security. Kaaspro is a futuristic organization that believes web apps are destined to make the world more communicative and easier to access. MES, Inc. a full-service provider of global manufacturing and supply chain management services. In this Issue we have also enclosed MHG Systems Ltd, a pioneer in management solutions for forestry and bioenergy supply chain and logistics. PACK’D a rapidly growing startup that is on a mission to fuel potential. Procurify is a cloud-based procurement software company offering a cloud-based procurement solution which can be used to manage company spending. TechR2, a Global Solution Provider for Enterprise Onsite Data Eradication & IT Asset Retirement Services. XTIVIA creates smart Information Technology solutions for companies in every industry. Zappi is the world’s most powerful automated consumer insights platform. Apart from this, we have covered few articles contributed by industry experts, “Future Technologies with a Special Focus on AI and Logo Maker” by Rahul Aggarwal and “Be Smart – or Vanish Why Utilities need to actively develop smart Micro-Grids” by Dr.Karl Kolmsee So, let’s start flipping the pages of the Magazine to acknowledge the innovative ideas spotted! Kaustav Roy
  5. 5. Cover Story 10 Articles 44 Digi Connection Benets of Blockchain in the making of Smarter Energy Grids 64 Future-Bots Catching-up with the Robotics for Better Future 72 Imparting Wisdom Successful Personality to Learn from Elon Musk A Global Leader in Healthcare IT
  6. 6. 26 56 86 CONTENTS Aktrea: Transforming the World of Education through Gamication, Simulations and Social Networks Allgress: Protecting Enterprises through Compliance and Business Risk Management AppZen: Combining Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing Auxenta: An Unparalleled Expertise Driving Innovation CoreAxis: A Corporate Training and Leadership Firm Insider’s Viewpoint Be smart – or vanish Why Utilities need to actively develop smart Micro-Grids Tech Evolution How VideoAmp Evolved The Company Culture And Process To Increase The Number Of Engineers EmployedBy Dave Gullo, Co-Founder & CTO, VideoAmp Director’s Viewpoint Why Supermarkets Need To Talk To Millennials In Their Language 22 24 30 32 36
  7. 7. MHG Systems: Offering Next Generation Smart ICT Solutions for Forest and Biomass Management Natterbox: Transforming the Telephony Experience within Salesforce Optimizt Technologies: Consulting Industries through Engineering Design & Simulation Platform Diversied: Addressing the Technical Needs of Multiple Market Segments Ensygnia Ltd.: Executing Unied Mobile Technology and Security Solutions Kaaspro: Providing Affordable Cloud-Based Solutions MES: Delivering Disruptive Innovation in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management 38 40 46 48 52 54 60
  8. 8. PACK'D: Innovating Nutrition and Fueling Potential Procurify: Understanding Your Spending, Easily Spark Compass: A Contextually Intelligent Communications Platform of Platforms TechR2: IT Security Solutions with On-site Data Eradication VOX: Leading Provider of Converged Voice and Data Solutions XTIVIA: Perfecting Innovative Solutions Zappi: A Leading Automated Consumer Insights Platform 62 68 70 76 78 82 84
  9. 9. Corporate Ofces: August, 2018 Database Management Stella Andrew Technology Consultant David Stokes Circulation Managers Robert, Tanaji Research Analyst Patrick James Steve, Joe, Alan, Vishal Anish MillerManaging Editor Art & Design Director Amol Kamble Associate Designer Tejas Kulkarni Visualiser David King Senior Sales Manager Passi D. Business Development Executives Marketing Manager John Matthew Jenny FernandesAssistant Editors Shubham Khampariya Art & Picture Editors BelinPaul Co-designer Poonam Mahajan KhannaJayant Peter CollinsBusiness Development Manager Sales Executives David, Kevin, Mark, Manish SME-SMO Executives Prashant Chevale, Uma Dhenge, Gemson, Irfan Online Marketing Strategists Alina Sege, Shubham, Vaibhav K Digital Marketing Manager Marry D’Souza Technical Specialists Amar, Pratiksha Technical Head Jacob Smile Copyright © 2018 Insights Success, All rights reserved. The content and images used in this magazine should not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission from Insights Success. Reprint rights remain solely with Insights Success. Follow us on : We are also available on : Insights Success Media Tech LLC 555 Metro Place North, Suite 100, Dublin, OH 43017, United States Phone - (614)-602-1754 Email: For Subscription: Insights Success Media and Technology Pvt. Ltd. Off. No. 513 & 510, 5th Flr., Rainbow Plaza, Shivar Chowk, Pimple Saudagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411017 Phone - India: +91 7410079881/ 82/ 83/ 84/ 85 Email: For Subscription: Executive Editor Kaustav Roy Contributing Editors Abhishaj Sajeev Hitesh Dhamani Editor-in-Chief Pooja M. Bansal
  10. 10. A Global Leader in Healthcare IT
  11. 11. Cover Story Paul Black CEO & Board Member We are a team of more than 7,000 devoted to fullling your needs today and creating the healthcare IT architecture of tomorrow. “ “
  12. 12. “ “ We are the original open, connected health platform. A true healthcare IT innovator, Allscripts introduced the concept of an open platform connecting all points of the care community back in 2007. For you, that means evolved, rock-solid and client-focused solutions you can trust. Allscripts is a leader in healthcare information technology with a 30-year history of excellence. The company has a vision to build open and connected communities of health that advance clinical, financial and operational results. Its innovative solutions connect people, places and data across its vision of an Open, Connected Community of Health™. This connectivity empowers caregivers to make better decisions and deliver better care for healthier populations. Allscripts creates tools that address virtually every aspect of population health, an each of these tools facilitates real-time analysis and action. They enable healthcare organizations to analyze and act – right at the point of care – to empower change, improve health, and reduce costs. CareInMotion™ is the company’s comprehensive population health platform. It brings together care coordination, patient engagement, connectivity, data aggregation, and analytics at the point of care. A Veteran Leader Paul Black currently serves as a Board Member and the CEO of Allscripts. Paul leads the company in its commitment to build open, connected communities of health. Prior to joining Allscripts in 2012, Paul spent more than 13 years with Cerner Corporation in various executive positions and retired as its CEO in 2007. During his tenure, he helped build the company into a market leader in healthcare information technology with more than $1.5 billion in annual revenue. Paul also spent 12 years with IBM Corporation in a variety of leadership positions in sales, product marketing, and professional services. He has served on the boards of several private companies and nonprofit organizations involved in healthcare information technology, healthcare services, and consumer Internet marketing. He is currently the immediate past chairman and an officer of Truman Medical Centers, a 400-bed safety net academic hospital in Kansas City, MO. Paul holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State University and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Iowa. Committed to Client Success Allscripts is the original open, connected health platform. Thousands of the top hospitals, health systems, physician’s practices, and healthcare facilities use the company’s EHR, financial management, and population health management solutions. As a true healthcare IT innovator, Allscripts introduced the concept of an open platform connecting all points of the care community over a decade ago in 2007. The organization provides advanced, reliable, client-focused solutions that enable smarter care to be delivered with greater precision. This makes for healthier patients, populations, and communities. Ÿ The organization contributes to its clients’ success by: Strengthening their IT foundation through the most comprehensive and user-friendly clinical and financial solutions available today. Ÿ Providing insights and innovations so they can meet the operational, regulatory and quality demands of
  13. 13. “ “ Allscripts tools facilitate real-time analysis and action. Our solutions enable healthcare organizations to analyze and act – right at the point of care – to empower change, improve health, and reduce costs. today’s - and tomorrow’s - healthcare environment. Ÿ Connecting everyone across the healthcare community through open and interoperable solutions that empower communication, collaboration, and coordination for better outcomes. Ÿ Innovating to improve the practice of medicine and the process of care delivery. Superior Patient Engagement Allscripts believes that healthcare doesn’t begin and end with just providers and patients, and it is the only company that brings all healthcare stakeholders together. By collaborating with payers, health plans and programs, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, and employers, Allscripts has gained a wider view of the care process. It uses that perspective to create innovative tools that lower costs and improve care. Allscripts offers the industry’s only vendor-agnostic patient engagement platform. With the advantage of open access across the care community, providers can communicate effectively and engage patients directly, creating game-changing improvements in patient outcomes and operational performance. Allscripts believes that the patient is at the center of everything it does. Modern healthcare consumers understand the benefits of engagement, and they expect to be active participants in their own care. The organization partners with providers to deliver an improved patient experience where individuals have a greater say in the treatment they receive. With Allscripts, healthcare organizations have at their disposal the critical tools required for ongoing communication, effective education, and regular interaction with patients. These tools make it easy for caregivers to engage and quickly respond to consumers while also offering them full, immediate access to their healthcare information. Evolving and Overcoming Challenges When Allscripts was founded in 1986, its primary business was repackaging medication for point-of-care distribution. In the 1990s, Allscripts started transforming the doctor’s office with comprehensive practice management and electronic health record (EHR) solutions. To address fragmented care delivery, Allscripts merged with acute-solution leader, Eclipsys in 2010. In 2013, Allscripts took several significant steps to solidify and advance its population health management solutions. This included the acquisition of dbMotion, a leading supplier of community health solutions, and of Jardogs, the developer of FollowMyHealth, a patient engagement solutions provider. Looking to the future of healthcare, Allscripts launched a wholly-owned subsidiary, 2bPrecise, a genomic and precision medicine platform, in 2016. In October 2017, the company acquired Enterprise Information Solutions (EIS), the McKesson Corporation’s hospital and health system IT arm.
  14. 14. “We offer the industry's only vendor-agnostic patient engagement platform. With open access across the care community, providers can communicate effectively and engage patients directly, creating game-changing improvements in patient outcomes and operational performance. This transaction significantly expanded their client base in U.S. hospitals and health systems, and diversified its solutions portfolio. Today, Allscripts is a team of more than 7,000 devoted to fulling the needs of providers today and creating the health IT architecture of tomorrow. The healthcare IT industry is extremely competitive and Allscripts distinguishes itself by creating tools that facilitate real-time analysis and action. Its solutions enable healthcare organizations to analyze and act – right at the point of care – to empower change, improve health, and reduce costs. In addition, the company addresses virtually every aspect of population health. Allscripts provides a comprehensive population health platform, brings together care coordination, and promotes patient engagement, connectivity, data aggregation, and analytics at the point of care. The Future Roadmap Allscripts acknowledges that it is becoming increasingly difficult to retrofit EHRs to take full advantage of new innovations such as the Cloud, artificial intelligence, and mobility. The organization believes that machine learning will be a critical element in the evolution of EHRs. Allscripts built its latest EHR from the ground-up using human-centered design. This platform is set to transform the way physicians experience and interact with technology, as well as improve provider wellness. Machine learning capabilities incorporated into the system identify client treatment patterns. It can pre-populate information based on these patterns and deliver preference reminders. By constantly tracking user, organization, and region trends, it creates opportunities for more efficiency. The power of artificial intelligence reveals information relevant to a patient-provider encounter in real time, and this helps improve the quality and speed of interaction with the patient. Ultimately, this reduces the amount of time spent on documentation, helping address the problems of “EHR fatigue” and physician burnout. Allscripts is incorporating EHR-agnostic, precision medicine, and genomic capabilities within providers’ workflows. This will help capture and store genomic data from a range of sources, harmonize clinical knowledge and genomic research to identify relevant information, and then push the resulting insights to the point of care to better determine the most effective regimen for the patient. Allscripts receiving an award from Black Book Research “
  15. 15. Proven Protection from Water and More Gore helps manufacturers meet this demand by making vents that reliably protect mobile devices from liquids, dirt and dust. Consisting of housing, a substrate and a thin ePTFE membrane layer, our vents provide a reliable protective barrier to water and other types of particles.
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  17. 17. Management BriefCompany Name Aktrea Vetri Selvan Manager & Team Lead, Lokesh Dhanasekaran Engineering, Head of Operations, Dinesh Kumar Head of Customer Relationships Aktrea helps make corporate learning fun. It create an empowered workforce by improving employee learning & engagement and making them agents of change. Allgress Jeff Kushner CMO Allgress is a global provider of automated next-generation integrated Compliance, IT Security and Risk Management Solutions to effectively and efficiently manage the business risk of their organization and partners. Allscripts Paul Black CEO & Board Member Allscripts is leading the healthcare IT movement into the value-enabled world of tomorrow. AppZen Anant Kale CEO AppZen’s patented AI examines expense reports, finds red flags, and ultimately helps clients rediscover up to 5% of their T&E spend while finding 10x more issues than manual reviews. Blue J Legal makes Tax Foresight and Employment Foresight. Its software analyzes data drawn from common law cases to help you conduct better, smarter, more efficient research. Blue Whale Apps develops professional mobile iOS apps for businesses. Brunswick is a market leader in the marine, fitness and billiards industries. Cloudwords is an American software company based in San Francisco, California, specializing in Software-as-a-Service technology. CoreAxis is a provider of learning services to clients across industries on a global-scale. Auxenta Prasath Nanayakkara Chairman and CEO Auxenta Inc. is an innovative software engineering services & technology product consulting company. Blue J Legal Ben Alarie CEO Blue Whale Apps Pathik Jayani CEO BRUNSWICK CORPORATION Mark Schwabero Chairman & CEO Cloudwords Michael Meinhardt Founder & CEO CoreAxis Mark Zides President & Founder
  18. 18. Management BriefCompany Name CoreDial Corey C. Ruttan President & CEO CoreDial provides white label communication services to help their partners successfully sell, deliver & manage cloud communications. Databricks Ali Ghodsi CO-founder & CEO Databricks provides a Unified Analytics Platform that accelerates innovation by unifying data science, engineering and business. Diversified Fred D’Alessandro Founder & CEO Diversified was formed in 1993 as a full-service systems and media technology integration company, originally addressing the technical needs of the broadcast, audio-visual, IT and RF market segments. Ensygnia Ltd Richard H. Harris Founder & CEO Ensygnia Ltd is leading company prominently providing secure online transaction process. Kaaspro has a vision of harnessing technology to build and synthesize economical, cloud based IT and ITES products and solutions, to address the challenges faced in Healthcare and Education. MES, Inc. is a full-service provider of global manufacturing and supply chain management services. MHG Systems Ltd is a pioneer in management solutions for forestry and bioenergy supply chain and logistics. Natterbox enables organizations to deliver class-leading service levels to their customers through efficient and effective integration of voice into their digital customer communications. Optimist Technologies offers agentless access control, protection from malware, phishing & ransomware and vulnerability assessments. Extreme Networks Ed Meyercord President & CEO Extreme Networks (EXTR) delivers customer-driven enterprise networking solutions that create stronger connections with customers, partners, and employees. Kaaspro Enterprises Kumar Subramaniam Founder & CEO MES Hiten Shah President & CEO MHG Systems Seppo Huurinainen CEO & Founder Natterbox Limited Neil Hammerton CEO & Co-founder Optimist Technologies Ed Wall CEO
  19. 19. Management BriefCompany Name PACK’D Luke Johnstone Co-founder PACK’D is rapidly growing startup that started with Frozen Smoothie Kits, the ultimate shortcut to a homemade smoothie – in under a minute. Procurify Aman Mann CO-founder & CEO Procurify is helping organizations from around the world understand their spend cultures to get the most out of spend, so that they can understand the why behind each spend decision. SOMADETECT Bethany Deshpande CEO SomaDetect measures every critical indicator of dairy quality (fat, protein, somatic cell counts, progesterone) from every cow at every milking. SPARK COMPASS Erik Bjontegard Founder SPARK COMPASS has developed a fully integrated, contextually intelligent mobile communications platform. Strategic Micro Systems provides managed network support services, technology equipment sales, and Web development. TechR2 is a leading IT security solutions company with a portfolio of data eradication solutions, sound experience, industry best practices, and resources to support you. Vox, is an American telecommunications company which offers wireless products and services. XTIVIA innovates, integrates, implements and creates customized quality technology solutions for B2B enterprises across industries. Zappi is a market research automation platform that helps global brands make better decisions to drive business growth, shape product development, and enhance their advertising and branding efforts. STORBYTE Steve Groenke CEO Storbyte designs and manufactures a family of all-flash & hybrid flash enterprise storage arrays, spinning disk storage systems, JBods, JBofs and GP/GPU storage servers. Strategic Micro Systems Ted Passalacqua President & Founder TechR2 Sepehr Rajaie President & CEO Vox Lowell C. McAdam CEO XTIVIA Dennis Robinson CEO ZappiStore Steve Phillips Founder & CEO
  20. 20. You are the front lines of health care. We’ll be your wings
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Our solutions blend learning, engagement and technology. Aktrea: Transforming the World of Education through Gamification, Simulations and Social Networks Engagement has evolved into a substantial aspect of learning, now more than ever, as can be seen by the increasing interest of people towards game-based learning. Millennials are entering the workplace at a swift rate and are expected to comprise a significant part of the workforce by 2020. To cater to the needs of the millennial audience, organizations are deploying training programs that are engaging, on-demand and digital. This has led to a huge growth in innovative corporate training. Meanwhile, organizations are trying to tackle the growing challenges of skills-capability gaps. Capacity building is a common theme across corporate management, governments, regulators and the social sector and there is an increasing expectation that new companies will step up and generate scalable digital tools to address these challenges. Powered with a mission to create a knowledgeable and empowered workforce, Aktrea was founded in 2009 at the heart of the global financial crisis to help customers improve their practices and processes around the world. The company’s aim is to change the way professionals learn and share knowledge around the world. Aktrea’s expertise spans various areas, including finance & markets, sustainability, compliance, design thinking, and diversity, creating programmes using gamification, simulations, and social learning. The company is headlining the usage of digital tools to create learning communities whose members can share knowledge and solve problems. An Inception Tale & Professional Team Since the inception of the company, the team at Aktrea has placed customers at the center of all its work and Aktrea’s Gamechangers have worked together to create magic - in cross-functional teams with various areas of expertise. The key to this is that everyone is aware of the bigger picture of the project and contributes across the board, rather than only focusing on their roles as individuals. Being one of the pioneers to adapt online games for corporate learning, these experts communicate, collaborate and work together to deliver value for customers. Aktrea’s four divisions - Operations, Customer, Engineering and Innovation lab – work through its product cycle which revolves around the customer. Each department - design and delivery - hands over seamlessly to the next. Diving more into the working of the company, the Operations team comprises of design, creation and delivery teams. The Customer team comprises of marketing and sales professionals. The Engineering team has design, development, and quality assurance teams. Finally, the Innovation lab comprises of data and analytics experts and engineers who are building artificial intelligence into learning and simulating real-life experiences across industries. The Magical Gamechangers of Aktrea Dinesh Kumar, Head of Customer Relationships, Lokesh Dhanasekaram, Head of Operations and Vetri Selvan, Manager & Team Lead in Engineering, are the trailblazers of the company. Together, they focus on sustainable learning & problem-solving tools. These tools help corporates and inter-governmental organizations and other entities involved in sustainability, strategy, products and day to day work. Further, the company’s social learning August 2018|22
  23. 23. Dinesh Kumar Head of Customer Relationships Lokesh Dhanasekaran Head of Operations Vetri Selvan Manager & Team Lead, Engineering platform can help connect people and teams that are geographically spread to share stories, engage in activities together and collaborate using design thinking. Addressing Challenges through Innovative Strategies CEOs around the world face challenges in engaging their employees during their journey with the company, and keeping employee skill levels current. Aktrea worked with senior leaders to get their people to be engaged, attend, actively participate and follow through their learning journey. When an organization is global or geographically spread, it increases the difficulty of providing consistent training because of geographic limitations, increased costs and language barriers across borders. Aktrea addressed these challenges by delivering consistent training across the globe. Measuring training effectiveness and evaluating how an employee is paying back the learning to the organization were other challenges that Aktrea helped solve. The company faced difficulties in figuring out which metrics to use, how to get data, when to intervene, and how to ensure future training was consistent with company values and employee needs. Traditional training methods need not work with the current audience and constantly evolving workplace and business dynamics. Leaders believe that the present and coming generations are technologically proficient, but have lower attention spans and need training tools that engage them. How an organization can provide training that spans multiple generations is another important challenge faced by the industry. To overcome these challenges, Aktrea worked on the latest technologies and innovative techniques. Today, rather than being just a training organization, it works as a partner through each customer’s journey and not just as a vendor or service provider. It also works closely with leaders such as the CEO and the heads of HR, Sales, Operations and Businesses and designs learning programs with high ROI. In addition, Aktrea helps organizations address the need for rapid development and roll-out of content and training to a large audience. Unfolding the Future Techniques “Our vision is to change the way people engage and learn in this digital world.” asserts Dinesh. Aktrea is striving to be professionally the best in the world, and also creating leaders for the future. Some innovative releases by the end of 2018 include an intelligent authoring tool which can help anyone create a gamified online learning module in minutes using existing content, and a unique design thinking simulator that helps teams to work together virtually across locations and solve customer, process and work-related challenges. |August 2018 23
  24. 24. S ince the inception of the company in 2008, Allgress, Inc. has been a leading global technology company that provides integrated business risk management solutions to manage compliance, IT security and third-party vendor risk effectively. Allgress helps enterprise security, compliance and risk management professionals to automate the process of assessing, understanding and managing corporate risk in a single comprehensive platform. The Allgress Insight Risk Management Suite (IRMS) provides the ability for organizations to manage their business risk posture to align with top business priorities for effective investment decisions and use of resources. The suite allows operational efficiency in complying with regulations, policies, partner requirements in less time and with reduced complexity then manual methods or other solutions. Allgress empowers stakeholders to analyze and address business risks with the least amount of complexity, time and cost. Empowered with Unified Compliance and Risk Management The IRMS is an integrated modular risk management platform that is comprised of services that automate the data collection, assessment, workflow, reporting, exception and incident management process. It also correlates relevant data across regulations, assets, policies, controls, processes and business elements of their organization and partners to clearly identify potential business risk. The modular architecture of IRMS allows its customers to deploy functionality in order to meet their specific use-cases when they need it and expand the solution easily over time without any retraining. Allgress’ patented visualization and reporting engine provides an immediate, intuitive & easily understood view of organization’s business risk, information security and third-party risk posture by every stakeholder and executive management. This enables stakeholders to visually see their risk posture from a business perspective for immediate prioritization and remediation. Helping Prospects Buy IT Management Solutions Jeff Kushner leads marketing at Allgress as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and has been with the company since July 2012. As CMO, he is responsible for the global marketing strategy, branding, positioning and market communications. Jeff brings over 30 years of experience in a variety of leadership roles in technology marketing and business development. Before Allgress, Jeff has held positions that increased revenue and market penetration with market leaders including BindView (now Symantec), BMC Software, Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) and consulting to many organizations. His efforts have been instrumental in advancing the development and adoption of application, compliance and risk management. The Overwhelming Task of Identifying Compliance and Risk Management Solutions Today, many companies are facing the challenges associated with the uncoordinated siloed approach of risk management. A abundance of IT management solutions claim to manage risk and compliance but only address a fraction of what a comprehensive integrated risk management solution should provide. Then there is the tedious task of figuring out which components you must purchase and the resources and time to implement a solution. To overcome this, Allgress delivers a focused innovative modular integrated risk management solution that grows with your business to provide quicker time-to-value while simplifying the complexity and cost that is usually associated with business risk management. They offer a platform focused on managing risk for compliance, risk and security professionals to identify and prioritize business Allgress: Protecting Enterprises through Compliance and Business Risk Management August 2018|24
  25. 25. We enable enterprise risk, security, and compliance professionals to efciently manage their business risk posture. risk. The organizations along with its business partners can continually assess and validate the effectiveness of their risk & compliance program for continuous improvement. Achieving Risk and Compliance Management in the Cloud Allgress was the first solution provider to introduce a continuous monitoring solution to comply with regulations in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud using their API and solutions in AWS Marketplace with a offering called RPM, (Regulatory Product Mapping). RPM is designed for customers with AWS environments who want to reduce the complexity, increase the speed, and shorten the timeframe of achieving compliance with minimal human involvement. RPM for AWS helps security and risk professionals assess, understand, and manage corporate risk by analyzing controls against the requirements of common security and compliance frameworks. Allgress RPM allows customers to map their regulatory frameworks including but not limited to ISO, NIST, HIPPA, CJIS, FISMA and PCI-DSS. Allgress recently introduced ComplianceVision that builds on RPM leveraging the Allgress mature IRMS Suite, which extends mapping controls to frameworks to comprehensive automated assessment for compliance and risk oversight. The solution can be further expanded with the IRMS suite to address more encompassing functions like comprehensive policy, incident, exception, third-party vendor management risk analysis and advanced reporting. Future Expansion Allgress is always expanding innovation by interacting with customers and participating with industry organizations and business partners to understanding their continuing challenges to manage business risk. That input contributed to many recent updates extending already encompassing functionality including a portal for every user to customize their experience to achieve specific risk and compliance management goals. Other new functionality consists of an enhanced user interface and streamlined workflow, risk exception management, smart surveys for vendor management, updated and new standards content and more out-of-the-box visual reporting. Jeff Kushner CMO |August 2018 25
  26. 26. Be Smart – or Vanish Why Utilities need to actively develop smart Micro-Grids The energy market is changing rapidly. This is true not only for the USA and Europe but on a global level. Possibly the most important change is the one towards more decentralized systems. This is challenging the utility industry. Utilities historically have developed by integrating small microgrids which grew around mills and other small-scale generators (today we would say prosumers). This is why utilities developed along the entire value chain: They integrated these micro distribution grids in a more stable larger (Transport) grid and replaced decentralized generation by more cost-efficient central power plants. This highly efficient centralized system was allowing industrial development as we know it. At its time it was possibly the only way to serve large, strongly energy depending production like steel, paper or the upcoming chemical industry. The centralized energy system did not result from an oligopolistic market, but the industry structure derived from an efficient technical design. There are several reasons why this formerly beneficiary system is challenged today. Not all apply in all markets but some of them do, so decentralization of energy markets is a global trend. Specifically, in most industrial markets the new energy regime is driven by politics favoring small scale, decentral renewable generation. Subsidies on renewables devalue existing large thermic power plants. Even large-scale hydropower plants do not easily pass strict environmental and social feasibility analysis. But independent of any political setting there is another more fundamental reason for the growing competitiveness of a decentralized energy design. While the first phase of industrial development is known for its industrial clusters (often grown close to energy sources like coal or water) which shaped many geographic areas for more than a century, later phases are much more dynamic and do less depend on geographic proximity. Within a dynamic industry setting where businesses are set up and closed or moved somewhere else on a regular basis a static centralized infrastructure loses competitiveness. In many emerging markets this dynamism as well expands towards those areas which are today not connected to the central grid but offer inexpensive land or new agricultural products which can be sold abroad at high prices. Finally, the political will and the industrial demand for decentralized systems today encounter renewable generation even at small size at competitive costs compared to large size thermic power plant. For the most prominent renewable technology photovoltaic in the North (with less radiation) this competitiveness is given only as grid parity, meaning central generation plus transport is as expensive as photovoltaic on site. In the Southern hemisphere photovoltaic is already a competitive source empowering decentralized energy infrastructure. While decentralized generation has caught up with centralized generation plants, distribution systems with a large portion of decentralized renewable generation capacity are often inefficient. There are basically four reasons for this inefficiency: (1) Missing price mechanism supporting grid operations, (2) high costs to operate such a system stable, (3) large amount of excess energy (exported or not being used at all) and (4) sub-utilized interface between microgrid and its feeder system. These are basically the same reasons that in the last century supported the centralization of the grid system. What is needed is an intelligent or smart decentralized distribution system. An intelligent distribution system with mainly decentralized generation requires more than smart meters and it is different from today popular so August 2018|26 Insider’s Viewpoint
  27. 27. Dr. Karl Kolmsee the CEO of Smart Hydro Power, studied agricultural and philosophy at the universities of Hamburg and Goettingen, Germany. After his PhD he has spent most of his professional career in the energy business – first as consultant at A.T. Kearney later as manager at E.ON, Europe’s largest private utility, and member of the board at Schmack biogas, one of the pioneers of the biogas market in Europe. In 2009 Karl Kolmsee has been nominated professor for energy management at Applied University of Kufstein, Austria. His main areas of academic work are international energy markets and renewable energy. In 2010 he founded Smart Hydro Power to focus on design and commercialization of kinetic pico hydro power systems with main focus on rural electrification for emerging markets like India, Latin America and Eastern Africa. Today Smart Hydro Power offers complete solutions for off grid solutions and micro grids. About the Author |August 2018 27
  28. 28. called smart home or home storage solutions. These offer photovoltaic, battery and basic load management for the individual household. Some providers of home storage solutions integrate customers in a community model to allow exchange of autogenerated electricity. But these communities are barely more than contract partners within a fixed price net metering model. Individual home solutions – even within sales-and-purchase communities – do not solve any inefficiency issues decentralization faces. These systems are either completely self-sufficient – in this case they are expensive – or they rely on central grid services like a parasite of its host. Sustainable decentralization requires an intelligent control and steering mechanism between the households which build a microgrid. While there are possibly different steering mechanisms, establishing a local market with the price as variable that guides demand and supply according to the aggregated demand function and the aggregated cost functions seems promising. Technically this does require a dynamic forecasting and load management (at least for major loads which are used in a price-sensitive manner). At first glance a market model would solve the four major issues shown above. It would set a price for photovoltaic and battery storage which would control demand and thereby reduce necessary installed reserve storage and generation capacity. This mechanism would as well be consistent with the functioning of the feeder grid and could therefore supply itself services to this grid which would be valued with the same “currency”. Technically this steering mechanism might be completely decentralized based on individual processors in each household like the blockchain technology (once necessary processing capacity comes down to acceptable limits) or it might work between a central unit and individual processors. In either way it steers the local market place towards an efficient optimum given generation, demand and battery storage capacity at a defined point in time. Micro grids do open (within a given legal framework) a possibility for traditional utilities to re-define their role using some of their traditional strengths. But new entrants can equally well enter this space and perform wherever the incumbent does not adapt. This gives room to numerous co-operations between new entrants or between new companies and the incumbent offering their services or developing new business models along the value chain. Incumbent utilities may be smart – or vanish. August 2018|28
  29. 29. EOG focuses on rate of return to create superior shareholder value EOG Resources, Inc. is one of the largest independent (non-integrated) crude oil and natural gas companies in the United States with proved reserves in the United States, Trinidad, the United Kingdom and China. EOG Resources, Inc. is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is traded under the ticker symbol “EOG.”
  30. 30. AppZen:Combining Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing Despite the tremendous pace at which technology has surged into virtually every aspect of our daily lives, certain areas seem to be perpetually ignored and overlooked. Up till very recently, the enterprise back office domain seemed to have been relegated to that category. But not anymore. AppZen is here. AppZen is a company that has developed the world’s first back office automation solution driven by artificial intelligence (AI). This breakthrough technology incorporates computer vision, deep learning, and natural language processing to automatically detect both accidental errors and deliberate fraud. The speed and accuracy with which the platform performs means that companies can now achieve real- time compliance with FCPA regulations, IRS rules, and their internal policies. With AppZen, every expense report, invoice, and contract can be verified in seconds. Red flags trigger alerts which are delivered to designated personnel for further action. AppZen also automates expense report creation, compliance, and audit. In addition, the solution automatically audits and assigns risk scores to every expense, protecting the company from expense misuse and regulatory non-compliance. This approach helps clients rediscover up to 5% of their T&E spend while finding ten times as many issues as manual assessments. Complementary Leadership AppZen was co-founded in 2012 by Anant Kale, who is its CEO and Kunal Verma, who performs the role of CTO. Their collaboration on AppZen is simply another part of a decades-old friendship. Anant has spent over 15 years developing complex software and he previously served as the VP of Applications at Fujitsu. He is responsible for product vision and the execution of the company’s mission. Kunal previously worked as a Research Lead at Accenture Tech Labs. He has led global R&D engineering teams in developing tools that are currently used by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies. At AppZen, he is responsible for product development and engineering, technology architecture, and developing the IP for AppZen’s AI technologies. Kunal earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science with a focus on semantic technologies. This background and expertise is the basis of AppZen’s unique technology stack and robust AI system. Under Anant and Kunal’s stellar leadership, AppZen is witnessing phenomenal growth. In 2018 alone, it has quadrupled its customer base to 290+ medium-sized and large brands, including several Fortune 500 name. The company’s client list features some of the world’s most recognizable names - Amazon, Citi, Comcast, Intuit, Salesforce, DHL, Hitachi, Airbus, Orange, Intuitive Surgical, FireEye, Arthur J Gallagher, Zimmer Biomet, and Mortenson. The AppZen Difference The days when every item on every receipt had to be cross-checked against dozens of vendors and databases is now over. Depending on the number of employees, this process could take weeks or months. AppZen’s platform is designed to drastically reduce the reliance on manual processing of expenses, which are a significant drain on resources and still prone to error and August 2018|30
  31. 31. We provide the world's #1 expense report audit solution. fraud. It runs every expense report through a verified series of checks in seconds and produces real-time expense report audits. Artificial intelligence transforms the sheer volume of information from a liability to an asset, learning and comparing at a rate and at a level not possible with a human auditor. Potentially erroneous or fraudulent expenses that would never be flagged through manual checks have nowhere to hide. Previously, time and resource limitations meant that companies could only really verify between 10 and 20 percent of their total expenses. AppZen takes that figure straight to 100%. It creates a system where a single-day review and payment cycle is possible despite needing only a tenth of the human workforce required before. The amazing utility of AppZen’s platform and the peerless capacity it has demonstrated in revolutionizing the way businesses deal with expenses has not gone unnoticed. The company secured $3 million in funding in 2016, and an additional $13 million at Series A in November 2017. In 2017, the company was recognized as The Best AI Startup and IOFM Game Changer. This was followed up this year with the TiEInflect Award for Most Innovative Startup and Bezinga Award for Best in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solution. Future Zen AppZen is fortifying its reach and efficacy by building robust partnerships with major expense platforms like SAP Concur, Oracle, and Coupa. It is also teaching its AI to read Mandarin so it can fully integrate into the Chinese market where English is not widely used or understood. An unexpected challenge has been thrown up by how effective AppZen is at detecting anomalies - the uncertainty of follow-up when fraud is detected. Because many firms were unable to identify such occurrences in the past, they struggle to deal with the discovered misconduct. AppZen is continually improving and streamlining its platform to align with the varying and evolving needs of its growing number of clients. As the AI component learns and becomes increasingly self-sufficient, the company expects its customers to be able to devote their human resources to more productive endeavors. “ “ Anant Kale CEO |August 2018 31
  32. 32. On the path of conquering the challenges entailing the opportunities to rapidly adapt to and evolve technologies such as machine learning and AI, is Auxenta Inc. The company invests into unique frameworks, so that it can directly contribute to the accelerated go-to- market while reducing Total Cost of Ownership. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, Auxenta is an innovative software engineering services and technology product consulting company. It works with enterprises, independent software vendors (ISVs), startups and non- profit organizations. The ethos of the company is to enable digital transformation by leveraging a focused set of service offerings. The company’s global clients are distributed into multiple industry verticals including Telco, Financial Services, Logistics, Security, Capital Markets, Apparel and Manufacturing. It believes in a core set of values which is an intrinsic part of each of their team members. The Technopreneur Prasath Nanayakkara is the Chairman and CEO at Auxenta. He has extensive experience in delivering and managing global organizational transformations through technology. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at MIT, Prasath did his MBA at INSEAD, France. He started his career in the USA, where he worked as a Senior Consultant at Cambridge Technology Partners and Kenan Systems. Prior to founding the Silicon Valley startup, he was the former Head of Project Delivery at Virtusa, Sri Lanka. He founded Auxenta with Shahani Markus, a global technology executive and entrepreneur, back in 2013. Subsequently, two other co-founders, Chandana Ranasinghe and Nuwan Dehigaspitiya, joined Auxenta. With Prasath’s consulting and management experience of over 20 years, he, along with the rest of the leadership team, successfully propelled Auxenta into a sought-after technology partner for many large global corporations. Accelerating Strategic Processes The conventional methods of managing workforces have ceased to function. The companies are reinventing ways and means of improving engagement across these groups. In other words, the IT services have become highly Auxenta:An Unparalleled Expertise Driving Innovation Our ethos is to enable digital transformation by leveraging a focused set of service offerings. August 2018|32
  33. 33. commoditized and the companies in this space must constantly innovate and reinvent their key differentiators. Even the access to talent is becoming harder with the increase in demand of skilled and qualified talent. In addition, it is imperative to broaden a company’s spectrum of technologies to arrive at creative client solutions. In sequence to overcome the situation, Auxenta invented frameworks, reusable assets and accelerators to constantly gain a strategic edge over its competition. It also uses its widespread geographic coverage as part of a radiation strategy covering all key countries globally with targeted sales presence. The company achieves this with the help of a strong leadership team which has many years of experience in delivery, client services, and sales formerly representing large established product and services companies. Client solutions are further enhanced by the influential C-level advisory panel representing companies such as Google and Shutterfly. Auxenta also provides rigorous internal training and development through established certifications within all key technology areas. Auxenta’s healthy internal competition and gamification encourages their employees to voluntarily reach their fullest potential. A Glorious Voyage During the first few years of its journey, Auxenta has been focusing on creating a platform of successful client references across multiple industry verticals and technology areas while building reusable IP. At this point in time, the company has been recognized through numerous awards which include the Best Startup of the Year in 2016 by the Computer Society of Sri Lanka. Auxenta has also received key client accolades such as the Innovation Award at the Fleet Transport Awards in Dublin, Ireland. The company has also formed partnerships in the areas of Cloud, CRM and testing that can propel the company more and enable it to gain an upper hand in acquiring large enterprise clients for the future. Auxenta recently hosted Professor Soumitra Dutta, the author of the Global Innovation Index. His visit was centered around an inaugural Innovation Conference organized in partnership with the Sri Lanka Association of Software Services Companies (SLASSCOM). The company offers state-of-the-art software engineering, cloud services, cross platform mobile app development and digital transformation expertise to its clients, while maintaining a pristine focus on cutting edge QA services. Auxenta’s services enable their clients to focus on their creative insights and business goals while the company manages their innovation initiatives with a high degree of creativity. Envisioning the Future Auxenta’s goal is to come up with cutting edge innovative products and services to the market by incubating them within Auxenta Innovation Labs. A good example of a rapidly growing disruptively innovative product is MillionSpaces, an output of Auxenta Innovation Labs. Based on the success of its launch in Sri Lanka, Auxenta plans to take the product global starting with Singapore. They also plan to become a key contributor to academia by influencing curriculum in trending technology areas. Moreover, the company is nurturing and proving internal talent through best-in-class customer solutions and significantly investing into its training and development. It is also generating innovative IP in the areas of Cloud, CRM, machine learning and testing. Team Auxenta with Global Innovation Index Founder, Professor Soumitra Dutta |August 2018 33
  34. 34. The world’s travel platform Our Partners:
  35. 35. Bringing the world within reach
  36. 36. CoreAxis: A Corporate Training and Leadership Firm CoreAxis Consulting, LLC (CoreAxis) is a leading provider of outsourced training and eLearning solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Its team of experienced learning consultants, instructional designers, HR professionals, e-learnings/content developers, and training facilitators averages over 15 years of experience. CoreAxis partners with its clients to develop and deliver high impact learning solutions that are custom- designed to deliver engaging learning experiences. These experiences are tied to solid learning objectives which maximize employee retention and promote the practical application of knowledge and skills. Struggles at the Beginning CoreAxis has been very fortunate through the growth of its industry and company. Its clients are what drive its passion for success. Its consulting and delivery team continue to push the envelope, as it relates to delivering just-in-time solutions for its clients. The primary goal has always been to serve as a trusted advisor for its clients. As part of its offerings, CoreAxis builds upon transformational initiatives and programs to deliver impactful training and development solutions. Throughout the past 18+ years, CoreAxis has seen significant success, even when the market was not ready for innovation and scale. When the economy struggled in 2009, CoreAxis adapted its business to meet many of its clients’ needs as they were retracting their workforce. That adaptation allowed CoreAxis to work with its clients on the reskilling of talent and knowledge management. That was a challenging time in its journey but through its agile business model, CoreAxis was able to thrive. An Experienced Leader Mark Zides, President and Founder of the company, is a strategic growth leader with over 20 years of experience in optimizing businesses and inspiring individuals. In the past two decades, Mark has transformed CoreAxis Consulting into a premier management consulting firm focused on talent, leadership, and training in the global marketplace. His entrepreneurial foundation and unique ability to provide insight, innovation, and experience has enabled him to implement best-in-class solutions developing top talent and elevate organizational effectiveness. Mark’s business knowledge, expertise, and strong network bring value to a vast group of companies and leaders in the industry. Strategies to Tackle Competitors CoreAxis is successful in exceeding the needs of its clients through the managed services approach and a virtual operational model. Its competitive edge is rooted in its commitment to be agile, efficient, and impactful in every engagement including custom eLearning development, leadership development, rapid content conversion, or staff augmentation. This model allows CoreAxis to sustain its work within large organizations and continue to build upon its strong collaboration within these companies. Contribution in the Industry There is incredible fragmentation in the Learning & Development marketplace. Many companies cannot offer a managed services solution for their clients and that makes it a challenge for companies to manage several vendors where they can receive incredible, cost effective consulting from a company like CoreAxis. Additionally, from a delivery aspect, appealing to a multi-generational audience is a challenge as well. With the workforce comprised of Baby Boomers to millennials there are many effective methods to deliver training. Accounting for multiple backgrounds, experiences, age groups, etc. corporate training must be agile and adaptable. Learning & Development (L&D) top challenges are tied to demonstrating August 2018|36
  37. 37. Empower your employees with best in class learning and leadership solutions. Mark Zides President & Founder business impact. Learning professionals must show what they can deliver to the business. The tangible benefits of L&D innovation and technology transformation can be difficult to quantify but it’s about staying relevant and ensuring organizations are equipped to succeed in the modern business world. CoreAxis approaches each engagement with the goal of helping our clients meet their business objectives. Furthermore, the CoreAxis team believes that the L&D learning community should strive to become strategic business partners contributing significantly to, and aligned with, the business outcomes of clients. They must not get left behind by the rate of technology change and should rely on their own knowledge of technology and products, not just defer to IT, becoming more fluent in the language of digital and technology. Looking to the Future CoreAxis continues to innovate and build impactful solutions for its clients and continues to expand its client base through delivering custom solutions. Ahead of the industry curve, CoreAxis is collaborating with its clients to provide VR/AR solutions and believes that large global firms will soon integrate these technology solutions into their offerings & culture as a matter of course. CoreAxis continues to hire the top talent and consultants in the marketplace to increase the ‘bench strength’ of its instructional designers and content developers, ensuring that they are highly skilled in the latest technologies and learning trends. This allows the company to remain an innovator when it comes to delivering custom solutions that include gamification, virtual training, & micro- learning. In 2018, CoreAxis saw an increase in requests for virtual learning along with more sophisticated eLearning. This trend has allowed the company to take the innovative approach to developing solutions that can easily be adapted to different modalities, as the client’s needs evolve. Finally, the Leadership Development offerings continue to scale to provide world-class custom programs for its clients. Achievements Earned CoreAxis has been recognized for many awards and recognitions including INC5000 winner, CEO Award Winner by BPI, one of the 50 Smartest Companies of the Year by The Silicon Review, and several awards from Training Industry as a top provider of Content Development, Health & Safety, and Training Outsourcing. CoreAxis’ commitment to success is important to its associates, consultants and clients. Its focus and determination to deliver world-class solutions, is what drives the CoreAxis team very day. |August 2018 37
  38. 38. Diversified: Addressing the Technical Needs of Multiple Market Segments Rapid changes in the technology industry represent the biggest opportunity for today’s business leaders. The speed at which things are changing can provide a leg-up on the competition if an entrepreneur is innovative and stays ahead of the curve. Diversified is a leading global technology solutions provider, delivering a comprehensive suite of solutions that connect today’s leading enterprises to the global marketplace. Its team of industry experts partners with clients from diverse markets, helping them to achieve the highest performance levels, enhance their operations, increase productivity and drive ROI. Whether it is about connecting organizations with effective collaboration, media networks with viewers, fans with the game, brands with their audience, facilities with peace of mind, or enterprises with reliable technology infrastructure, Diversified is a dedicated technology solutions partner committed to connecting clients with their technology objectives. A Deliberate Pioneer In 1993, Fred D’Alessandro, Founder and CEO of the company, set out to build a world-class technology integration firm offering specialized solutions that allow organizations to communicate more effectively, streamline workflows, collaborate seamlessly and realize a greater return on technology investments. Coming from modest means, D’Alessandro draws inspiration from the work ethic of his father, whom he doesn’t recall ever taking a day off. This instilled work ethic, coupled with a broadcast engineering background and innate desire to innovate and provide quality service to others has driven D’Alessandro from the founder of a startup to the CEO of a 1700-person company with more than 30 offices worldwide and revenues exceeding $700M. Hurdles that Jumped-Out A key challenge for any organization is to find employees who share a common work ethic, cultural values and desire to innovate for successful outcomes. Diversified has maintained a strong team through strategic recruiting, effective training and acquiring companies with similar cultures and building a reputation as the best company to work for with opportunities limited only by ambition and dedication. Diversified began as a broadcast integration firm and has grown into one of the top technology solution providers in the world. Reaching this point wasn’t easy, but the vision for a company positioned at the forefront of technology drove D’Alessandro to take risks and reinvest in the business to keep up with growing demands. Around the year 2000, Diversified began to seek opportunities in AV integration, a new market in which the team saw a great value for diversifying the company. Diversified had found a lucrative home in enterprise broadcast but to be the best, it had to provide more than just one piece of the puzzle. Learning AV was a challenge but even more was building a credible name against competitors who had been in the industry for some time. Diversified took every job which its clients gave, even worked as a subcontractor for big players to earn credibility. Then, to level the peaks and valleys of the integration business, the company started the Digital Media Group, an early adopter of digital signage and managed services, a differentiator that would provide recurring revenue and additional value to its clients. August 2018|38
  39. 39. Stepping Ahead of the Competitors The company’s vision is steadily centered on being the best and providing clients with one trusted partner to meet all their technology needs. Furthermore, it has taken a creative approach to the types of services offered. Unopposed to stepping outside the box or contradicting industry expectations, Diversified constantly seeks the next big thing that will change the game and keep them ahead of customers’ needs. One of Diversified’s recent ventures into a new industry focuses on delivering unique and innovate solutions to healthcare organizations. Recognizing the expected growth for this market, the company is designing and deploying ® medical integration solutions, including CORIS that optimizes workflows and enhance patient care. This expansion of offerings has allowed the company to sustain growth, even in the toughest markets. If one industry doesn’t perform as expected, another picks up the slack. This advantage became clear in the 2008 recession, when many singularly broadcast or AV firms were struggling while Diversified remained safe, not letting a single employee go. This advantage has also become the driving force behind D’Alessandro’s vision for the future, which is continuing to grow vertically as well as horizontally, adding complementary services that provide value and solve virtually any customer requirements through unique, hybrid technology solutions. Through openly sharing his philosophy of being the best and establishing a robust customer base with repeatable business, D’Alessandro has seen another major emerging differentiator—Diversified’s engineering-centric operations. True to its tagline, Imagination Engineered, Diversified takes great pride in the execution of projects and empowering its engineering staff to be creative and innovative in their designs. Each industry that Diversified serves is different, requiring custom solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. Overall, new sales will keep the door open but strong engineering and delivery will bring the customer back and again, allowing growth beyond what anyone expected. Fortune Insight With a well-established domestic footprint, Diversified now focuses on international expansion to serve a growing global clientele, expanding their managed services portfolio in digital media, security and “day two” support, and transitioning from hardware integration to software-based integration to meet trending technology demands. Together these initiatives will allow the company to maintain its leadership position and continue double-digit growth. |August 2018 39
  40. 40. Executing Unied Mobile Technology and Security Solutions Ensygnia Ltd is a UK-based service provider company with a mission to help provide a secure environment for online transactions. The company is already working with major market leaders to help deliver innovation, trust and security into online transactions in order to boost revenue-generation. Its solution focuses on a simple user interface to smooth the customer journey and increase customer satisfaction. The company’s vision is to make consumers’ digital lives easier and safer. Ensygnia’s unified business solution centers on the key sales point in the customer journey – the point the marketers refer to as the ‘call-to- action’. Ensygnia’s solution makes it easier to take that action – it allows the customers to make one-touch purchases without the need for detailed form-filling and multiple checkpoints. It can do all this while boosting the security of the transaction and reducing the risk of fraud. Of course, it gives the customer the opportunity to confirm the sale and the final price being paid, but it can make buying goods or services from almost any website simple, secure and friction-free. Ensygnia believes companies should be able to close sales quickly, with a brilliant customer experience, best compliant security, and easiest payment method. The company’s expertise in both the security market and in mobile technology has helped to create a safe, secure mobile device transaction process with bank-grade security that users can trust. The company believes that great usability and world-class security should come hand-in-hand. Unified Product/Services Offered for Easy and Secure Solutions Ensygnia’s flagship solution is called Onescan Onescan. The solution compromises a cloud-based secure platform, a mobile app, and a Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) that enables companies and webstore owners to integrate secure transactionsOnescan into their customer journey. Onescan can turn a call-to-action into a sale in a matter of seconds – whether online, in- store, or on-the-go. Ensygnia’s Onescan solution enables companies to create a truly omnichannel sales solution, allowing customers to make purchases or interact with a brand online, from printed advertising, from billboards, through store windows or within the store itself. Consumers know that Onescan gives them instant, secure transactions – whether it is to buy a product, register for a service or enter a competition – from wherever they are and whatever they are doing. Ensygnia’s solution ensures fast service, secure transactions, and a trusted consumer environment. Foreword of the Founder/CEO Richard H. Harris is the Founder and CEO of Ensygnia and started the company in 2010. Since then he has been working on and implementing his ideas to make it easier and safer to buy things online – both for the consumers and the suppliers. Richard graduated from London University in the early 90s, with a degree in Theoretical Physics and set about trying to predict and monetize industry trends through innovation. Richard’s approach has led him to generate millions in revenues for multiple companies. With Ensygnia, his approach evolved to focus on how retailers could instantly sell anything, anywhere, anytime – and how consumers could securely buy anything, anywhere, anytime with minimum effort and total peace of mind. Richard explains: “We create an environment where the Call-to-Action can instantly become a transaction. And it really is ANY call to action on a customer journey that we can facilitate. It can be as focused or as multi-layered as our customer requires – for the consumer it stays simple and is delivered instantly and securely by Onescan. per their need. Our customer’s prospective business will only be limited by their imagination.” He added: “Whether Consumers are buying a product, registering or transferring information, entering a competition, completing a survey, filling in and registering a warranty card or just proving their identity online – the same, simple Onescan process can deliver all of these transactions instantly and securely from any location.” In his spare time, Richard enjoys Ceroc and scuba diving, is a campaigner for the rights of vulnerable adults and Ensygnia Ltd: August 2018|40
  41. 41. mental health issues when possible, working with Mental Health Research UK. An Enlightening Journey Ensygnia was established in 2010, and its services are covered by a range of international patents covering the payment and interaction processes including the scanning of QR codes. In 2013, the company received its first investment, and delivered its first product to the market in the following year. Since then, the Ensygnia platform has delivered 100% uptime on its systems and processes and continued to grow its customer base considerably. It is now processing more than one million interactions per month. Battling with Challenges Richard believes that, from a retail perspective, Ensygnia’s biggest challenge – and indeed the biggest challenger to any company looking to sell online is Amazon. The retailing giant has nailed every part of the process: The buying experience is quick, simple and secure, customers can easily compare reviews, and the delivery service is quick and reliable. What’s more, the company continues to innovate with drone deliveries, pick-up lockers, re-order buttons, voice ordering, and subscription-based purchasing etc. Ensygnia is working hard to help make that simplicity of the buying experience available to every retail website so that companies can look to compete with the Amazon experience. Richard says: “Other retailers rely heavily on habit and brand loyalty which will only go so far. They need to be innovative to survive and they need to innovate well to thrive.” Surviving Competition Ensygnia has faced many approaches to challenge its competitive place in the market, but the technical excellence of its platform and the strength of its worldwide patent portfolio, has seen off many imitators. Richard explains: “There are competitors who burn through tens of millions trying to copy just to follow the same platform. But why waste years and millions when the customer can buy a secure, compliant and reliable solution from Ensygnia and gain its market in days or weeks.” Ensygnia has established its credentials and proved its longevity in a fast-developing market. The company spent years building its platform and ensuring its compliance with industry standards. It now processes more than one million interactions per month and has maintained has 100% uptime since its launch in 2014. What’s more, using the Ensygnia platform dramatically reduces the risk and cost to companies of security and compliance as the platform meets the regulations and standards for data protection, privacy and security such as PCI DSS, PSD2, and GDPR. Reframe to Achieving zeniths one step at a time. At present, the industry remains fragmented which means Ensygnia Our mission is to make consumer’s digital lives easier and safer. “ Richard H. Harris Founder & CEO “ expects to see market consolidation and approaches from other companies over the coming years. There is also the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to consider as this is creating new decentralized and currently un-regulated opportunities. Ensygnia is watching and preparing for these developments and is focused on working with a few key partners to expand its list of clients and users. Ensygnia is excited by all the market opportunities that are developing and by the expansion of its global market presence. |August 2018 41
  42. 42. egends never need an introduction. They tend to be Lvictorious despite of their uneventful histories. They stick to captivating traits such as Discipline, determination and self-belief which help them accomplish wonders in the long run. One such example of an extra- ordinary person is Elon Musk, a South African Business Magnate, Investor and an engineer. Musk is the founder, CEO, and chief architect of SpaceX; co-founder, CEO, and product designer of Tesla Inc.; and co-founder and CEO of Neuralink. As of February 2018, he is the 53rd-richest person in the world and has a net worth of $20.8 billion, which is far more than the net GDP of Greece taken into consideration. While each entrepreneur possesses a unique set of traits that makes him/her successful, this Tech founder has a few traits much different from any other ordinary CEO, which has allowed him to build some of the world’s most respected and innovative organizations. Musk once quoted, “When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” Let’s have a look on these personality attributes and characteristics that make him a contender for the most innovative intellectual entrepreneur of the century alive. Hard-work and Characteristic Work Ethics Elon Musk is a hard-working innovator, working for about 100 hours a week, and has been productive since many years. He may even be considered as the hardest working employee of the company, setting standards for his colleagues to follow and implement. Since the field of work lies inside his radius of interests, he enjoys it to every moment and bit when it comes to learning and execution. Strong Risk Tolerance Founding a start-up involves a great deal of uncertainty and risk. A study found that after 10 years of being in business, 96 percent of the start-ups fail. Going by the statistics, Musk must have faced the same odds against him, when he had decided to leave an otherwise comfortable life to start a risky and uncertain business venture. For instance, Musk left his PhD program at Stanford University to find a company called Zip2 with his brother in the year 1995. Later, the company was sold to Compaq computers, profiting Musk a bit over $20 million. Following this, Musk once again took a great risk by investing millions of dollars to found a company called, one of the world’s first online banks. ‘Always Be Learning’ Attitude An astounding and less-known fact about Elon Musk is that he is self-taught in programming and in many advanced level subjects. He read and understood a variety of books, which helped him gain endless and persistent knowledge and understand diverse concepts. The best piece of advice on learning and implementation is to constantly think about how things could be done in a better manner and question self to seek the answers. Feedback Loop It is of prime importance to recognize the present symbol or otherwise ‘status quo’ in the market as an organization and re-position accordingly. Musk solicits constant feedback of the companies and executes ‘self-analysis.’ He induces efforts and divergent strategies to improve customer feedbacks and strives towards perfectionism. SuccessfulPersonality Traits to Learn from Elon Musk August 2018|44 Imparting Wisdom
  43. 43. For example, he seeks out his critics and tries to converse with them. This habit of self-reflection at regular and considerable periods is pivotal for any entrepreneur or organization to succeed in the long run. Tendency for Vertical Integration Vertical integration is a strategy where an organization or a firm acquires business operations within the same product vertical. Both Tesla and SpaceX embrace this concept. For example, Tesla not only produces electric cars; they also generate public awareness about their cars via Tesla showrooms across various countries. And SpaceX does not only have the primary goal of rocket propulsions; they develop their own rocket architecture as well. Faith in Self and the Founding Team Musk undoubtedly possesses a profound belief in his own capabilities Tesla Motors, a far headed firm headed by Elon Musk, is anti-ordinary. Its compelling marketplace has become a one-stop destination for potential buyers where they can interact about product specifications. They also have video testimonials that far outperform in the sales-dominated industry. There is no ambiguity that Musk, by far, has been a pillar of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs and investors because of his prolific and optimistic approach towards life All these traits possessed by Musk, in some manner or the other, coincide with most of your habits. The only thing that stands as a potential barrier between these two is identifying your strengths and working on them on a continual basis. Go on, apply these traits into your daily life, and you may become the next big CEO the world is in need of today! as well as the potential-seeking factor of its founding team. He does not hesitate to gamble on large scale unless he is genuinely aware of the expected end-results. It is equally essential to maintain clarity of doubt in any large scale organization. Under his supervision, Musk encourages in creating a positive and comprehensive environment across his firms. Preferring to Stand Out From the Crowd Musk elects to bring up innovation at every level of his understanding. He tends to impart theoretical knowledge at the base level, applying changes and executing the same on the practical level. He relies more on transitional aspects such as research and development, thereby increasing the probability of ground-breaking inventions. |August 2018 45
  44. 44. Kaaspro: Providing Affordable Cloud-Based Solutions owadays the medical world has started Nacknowledging the benefits of digitized medical documentation systems and is clamoring to adopt the most suitable one for them. Legal mandates and medical compliance requirements are also providing a vital thrust towards the same. Thus, with a vision of harnessing technology to build and synthesize economical, cloud based IT and ITES products & solutions, and to address the challenges faced in two fields, namely Healthcare and Education, Kaaspro underwent its conception. The organization started its journey by building 75Health, a comprehensive Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software, which ensures that all the critical health information of a patient are available within the application and also enables the medical professional to access any information that they require in order to address a patient’s health needs. 75Health facilitates easy and accurate patient records management and hence, minimizes the consequential errors arising out of document loss, mismanagement, or omission. An Undisputed Leader Kumar Subramaniam, an alumnus of P.S.G. Institute of Technology, India, is the Founder and CEO of Kaaspro. He is also the co-founder of Kumaran Systems, heading the Internet Products and Services division. Drawing from his wide gamut of technical experience as a co- founder of Kumaran Systems, Mr. Kumar was inspired to start Kaaspro by developing 75Health when he handled the cumbersome processes of safely keeping medical records, lab test reports, and prescriptions for his wife who was unwell. At that point, he felt the need to build a better, simpler, and safer way to handle patient related documents, so as to help medical professionals take quick and secure decisions related to a patient’s health. A Distinctive Organization Kaaspro is always evolving and leveraging technology to enhance its products and solutions. Innovation based on clients’ needs is one of the prime motives and the organization believes that this will help it to tackle competition effectively. The first product 75Health remains a one of its kind in terms of simplicity of use and the sheer magnitude of information being available to a medical professional. 75Health is cloud based, built on robust technologies, and customized to not only suit the needs of the customers but to also go a few steps ahead by providing them with complete access to all the necessary records as well as facilitating interaction with other doctors. Furthermore, 75Health is free, compatible with all mobile devices, does not require any additional hardware, and a user just needs a web browser to access the digital medical records. Kaaspro also strongly believes that blending technology with convenience will always help the organization to stay ahead of its competition. Tackling Uneven Roads Inspired by a need, Kaaspro has always believed that August 2018|46
  45. 45. “Our ultimate aim is to provide affordable cloud based-solutions for enterprises ranging from single users to multi users. “ Kumar Subramaniam Founder & CEO Innovation will be the fuel for its growth. As mentioned earlier, the organization has kick-started its journey with 75Health. Kaaspro has always used every challenge as an opportunity to enrich its product. The following two instances elucidate this point: During the years in which 75Health was being built and tested, Kaaspro’s clients had requested for additional features which Kaaspro added in order to make 75Health the most comprehensive EMR in the market. For example, one client wanted to have connectivity with their patients even when they travel. They wanted to be accessible when an emergency arises for their clients. Hence the video-conferencing facility was integrated within the app in order to ensure that distances do not come in the way of patient care. Some of Kaaspro’s doctors felt the need to have a facility to refer a patient to another specialist within the app, instead of having to rely on another medium of communication such as say, emails or phone calls. They felt that this facility would ensure that the other specialists will also have complete access to the patient’s EMR and it would also make the process hassle-free. This led Kaaspro to develop a referral module built within 75Health to facilitate doctors to refer and be referred using only the app, and documenting the process internally, thereby keeping all the doctors and patients in loop. Beholding New Horizons When it comes to the future, Kaaspro is in the ceaseless process of building a complete EMR package. The organization is also developing an AI product which will provide vital inputs to health care professionals by using a regional and global database. At the same time, the organization is focused on becoming a global leader for EHRs and is looking to take the footprints of 75Health across major geographies. Currently, it is free and Kaaspro is looking to partnering with like-minded individuals or investors who can help in the expansion of the product’s reach. The company is also in the process of white-labeling this product for its clients. Lastly, apart from EHRs and EMRs, Kaaspro is undergoing the spadework for practice management system, which will soon hit the markets. |August 2018 47
  46. 46. Headquartered in Columbus, OH, MES, Inc. is a full-service provider of global manufacturing and supply chain management services. The company works in the verticals of lighting, agriculture, automotive and specializes in the manufacturing and supply of metal components including casting, forging of machine parts and assembly of rubber and plastic parts. MES helps develop customized engineering solutions by utilizing global manufacturing resources and applying complete supply chain solutions. The company achieves this by following five distinct steps including finding and auditing suppliers, developing their quality systems, consolidating shipments at various ports, performing domestic value added operations and warehousing near customers and shipping. A Leader Exemplifying Compassion Hiten Shah, the CEO and President of MES, believes in building business and people with values. These values include, creating win-win solutions for customers creating an exciting and challenging work environment for associates, and developing suppliers and partners globally. Hiten holds an MBA in International Business from Franklin University, Ohio. He founded MES in 2007 and has been since been the driving force of the company’s progress. Hiten possesses a global business experience and sternly believes in being persistent and committed, which in turn, has built MES’s worldwide outreach. He is currently an Inc. 5000 entrepreneur and an investor. “If you have a winning business idea and passion to work, I can help develop the business plan as well as provide financial investment,” Hiten expresses. Hiten advocates the fact that failing aids the development of one’s core competence. “To grow, you must learn to fail,” is what Hiten believes. Hiten has been adorned with numerous accolades and honors in his entire career. A few of these are being featured in the 2018 issue of Columbus CEO Magazine; being elected as a panelist of the 2017 AACG Economic Summit; and being elected as a panelist of the 2017 Diversity in Business Awards. Hiten was also selected as the honoree of C-Suite awards and Smart 50 awards in 2017, he was the finalist of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2016. According to Hiten, the benefit of this reputation underlines the sharing of his perspective within the organization as well as with outsiders, which would instill a sense of inspiration among his followers. Hiten also comprehends that this commendable experience and reputation also enhances MES’s credibility while potential customers wish to know about the organization. Delivering Reformative Services Great Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a strategic science that goes into improving the way your company sources component parts from manufacturers. MES has developed proven strategies for each phase of the Supply Chain Management process. MES benchmarks every aspect of our Supply Chain Management services against best-in- class metrics. We focus on quality, efficiency, and cost- savings in every step. The company’s outstanding sourcing-to-delivery solution allows it to pass on savings to its customers. The company achieves this, not just in component costs and shipping rates, but also by lowering lead times in tooling and the manufacturing process. MES provides contract manufacturing in India, China, Taiwan, Malaysia & Vietnam. Its supplier management process utilizes sourcing agents and quality engineers. The company sources manufacturing suppliers based on quality, delivery time and price. All of its suppliers must be ISO-certified and pass a MES:Delivering Disruptive Innovation in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management August 2018|48
  47. 47. stringent audit for manufacturing. MES’s criteria for suppliers include ISO certification, advanced manufacturing facilities, proven ability for the competence promised, engineering resources, QA, and on-time production. MES utilizes project management tools & APQP to track every step of the tooling & manufacturing process. It monitors and controls the tooling development and PPAP submission process with its suppliers. The company reviews critical specs with customers, relays information to suppliers at tooling kickoff, performs supplier inspections to insure accurate method and measurements. It performs third Party checks of raw materials at independent labs also monitors & communicating delivery timelines and also provides customer- approved tooling design. MES carefully manages the global logistics process to save time and money on international shipping. It selects the provider, consolidating orders in containers wherever possible. It manages import/export procedures. The company monitors port conditions and re-routes shipments, if necessary and also expertly navigates customs requirements, paperwork, and fees. “Many customers have custom requirements which require domestic manufacturing operations to facilitate special orders. MES offers a range of operations domestically to streamline your component requirements,” states Hiten. Parts communization, special E-Coating, painting or powder coating, addition of part features such as holes, markings, assembly to reduce customer costs etc. are a few requirements which MES caters to MES has enhanced its order processing, billing, inventory management, ERP, and EDI systems, which allows it to mirror a customer’s warehousing solutions. The company manages inventory processes and provides JIT shipping of parts and components. MES’s warehousing facilities are located in US-Los Angeles & Ohio; MX- Monterrey, Juarez & Tijuana; Europe- Poland. Strategizing Global Competency MES’s organizational strategy is to be more efficient and competitive by focusing on key business methods viz, on-time delivery, quality testing methods, inventory management methods, etc. The most significant aspect that creates a distinctive position for MES in the global market is the automation of the company’s processes. Customer support and documentation, extensive quality management throughout a project, and other vital processes are automated at MES using a heavy dose of contemporary technology. MES has developed a unique phone application for its in house as well as customer-side engineers to report quality analysis and issues as well as for its warehouses to report shipping issues. The company comprehends the volatile trends in the Supply Chain Management industry and thus advocates the attitude of ceaselessly embracing change and constructive competition. Hiten personally believes that while continuing to grow as an organization, taking chances and making mistakes is what makes up for improved decision making, team development and managerial skills. Committing to work and enjoying it plays as a catalyst for MES’s growth into new geographies, industries and new commodities. MES’s future endeavors include addition of new local manufacturing capabilities, realizing business opportunities in the UK, and expansion of local warehousing facilities across the globe. Our mission is to deliver top-quality components in a timely and efficient manner. “ “ Hiten Shah President & CEO |August 2018 49
  48. 48. MHG Systems Oy Ltd is a Finland based company involved in offering next generation smart ICT solutions for Forest and Biomass management. The company innovates by integrating open software technology with years of field experience in the forestry and biomass business behind its back. The combination of innovation and experience results in agile and user- friendly IT services, aimed at facilitating flexible and resilient business models in the rapidly changing business environment. Its portfolio of services includes, but not limited to, remote sensing services for forest asset management, mobile solutions, and field work management. It offers the below-mentioned solutions: Wuudis: Full range service in digital forest property management platform, connecting forest owners with local contractors, timber/biomass buyers, and authorities. MHG Biomass Manager: The complete solution for Bioenergy production, procurement, managing, harvesting, and logistics. MHG Mobile: Mobile real-time management of forest assets, biomass, and human resources enabling more productive business models. MHG Bio-Plant Optimizer: Feasibility assessment service including bankable reports for Bio-energy Investment. MHG Systems’ vision is to become one of the world leaders in ICT solutions segment for forestry management, timber/biomass procurement, and to possess all the required data that boost any stakeholder business in the forestry industry. This can be enabled by digitalizing the global forest resource and all biomass flows through MHG Systems services. The Success Saga Mr. Huurinainen was suffering from a problem of managing his more than 1000 hectares of forest property in an easy and profitable way. Almost 13 years ago, the vision named MHG Systems started developing in Mikkeli, Finland to kill this problem and revolutionize the forest and biomass supply chain business through digital services. According to Mr. Huurinainen, his forest property works as a ‘sandbox’ to test MHG’s ICT services. Today, MHG Systems is one of the most innovative and fastest growing SMEs in the EU with 5000+ commercial users in Wuudis service, dedicated SaaS account of Wuudis with Finnish Forest authority, several active accounts of MHG Biomass Manager Service as SaaS and dedicated SaaS, consultancy projects and participating in several EU and international projects. The MHG Systems committed a team of 10 multidisciplinary professionals to make this challenging journey possible. About the Leader Seppo Huurinainen, the Founder & CEO, has a cumulative experience of 35 years in forestry, entrepreneurship, and information technology. He holds a broad academic experience in GIS, IT, and silviculture with five university level degrees. He founded MHG Systems in 2005, which currently offers pioneering ICT solutions for forest and biomass management. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he held several development and research positions within the forest and agriculture industry and has worked for organizations such as the Finnish Forest and Park Service, Metla, Finnish Forest Centre, Metsäliitto, Stora Enso, and the National Board of Education. Focus on Sustainable Management Globally over 2 billion people rely on forests entirely or partially for their livelihood, creating a market of 246 MHG Systems: Offering Next Generation Smart ICT Solutions for Forest and Biomass Management August 2018|52