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Stanfor Creative Lab, Retail Insights from São Paulo Brazil, October 2012.

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  1. 1. INSIGHTS FROM SÃO PAULOJacqueline Freitas
  2. 2. OBSERVATION LABTask: Create a presentation that captures insights in at least 6 different stores. What are theopportunities you nerver notice before? Use your photos to hightlight your insights.
  4. 4. Gisele Bundchen is the campaign star of this season andthe sales strategy was made to connect the consumers tothe brand and collection asking their desires all over brazilto check what they want to use this summer, and thisreseach was named “ Poderosas” – Powerful women ofBrazil. ( Oct-2012 )
  5. 5. We can noticethe allusion ofbrazilian iconslike Corcovadoin Rio, the Cristand also thetropical forestand beaches ,with coonuts tree, churches andsome birdsgiving the idea ofthe”freedom” ofthe brazilianwomen.
  6. 6. The summer collection is inspirefull, here we can findan allusion to Carmen Miranda figure. One of theBrazilian cultural icons in 30´s/ 40.Take a look at the fruits on the mannequin´s head.
  7. 7. C&A- Iguatemi Mall- Flag Ship Store C&A- IguatemiInsights:- The store is is visually attractive and and the - The store visually attractive and and the ilumination is welcomingilumination is welcoming - The doors are always open because it´s- The doors are always open because it´s inside afancy mall,fancy the main entrance,theentrance. inside a near mall, near the main newcollection is so tropical and made with theand - The new collection is really tropical braziliancustomers with theall over the regions in Brazil. inspired insights brazilian customers insights- The store have over the regions in Brazil. came from all some special like fruit-flavoredbubblegum, and there is music playing softly fruit- - The store have some special smell like notthat loud. bubblegum, and there is music flavored playing softly not that loud.
  8. 8. - When the new collection was launched, coupleWhen the new collection is released the products in weeks ago, the can realise that the products forsale stayed in the corner of the store but with no sale stays in the corner of the store but with nocomunication indicating that, because its not the comunication indicating that discont, because itsfocus, the focus is to sell the new produts increase not the focus, the focus is to sell the newthe ( giro em ingles ) produts and the summer collection inventory- The most expensive produts are displayed at the turns.main entrance, and near the cash register there are - The most expensive produts are displayed atalso impulse products like tropical soups ,cremas, the main entrance, and near the cash registerperfums and fancy wallet. there are also impulse products like tropical- the customers profile are mainly women around soups ,cremas, perfums and fancy wallet.their 23 till 35 years old , they can touch and prove - The customers profile are mainly womenall the clothes and its encoraged also the around their 23 till 35 years old , they can touchacessories buying, estimulating the impulsive and prove all the clothes and this practice isbuying shopping. encoraged, with all the products since acessories, chothe and shoes.
  10. 10. Fancy and cool place tohave a special coffee, orarrange a meeting, seefriends and aprreciategood food.
  11. 11. Inside Octavios Café
  12. 12. Octavios CaféC&A- Iguatemi Mall- Flag Ship Store propouse -The Octavios Café has a different as a chilli out place is not na usual place toInsights: a great cup of coffee. It´s a fancy only have-enviroment,where people can make business The store is visually attractive and and theilumination is welcoming, brunch time or have meetings, have lunch-an afternoon chattingopen because it´s inside a The doors are always with friends. - Spending time there is a great experience!fancy mall, near the main entrance,the newcollection is so tropical andthe time passing by. Probably you will forget made with the braziliancustomers insights Café boutique, asthe Brazil. - They are also a all over the regions in time-you want to come in, special like fruit-flavored The store have some na uniformed hostessbubblegum, and there is musicindicates a table comes to welcome you and playing softly notthatseat down. to loud. -- Inside, the decoration is warm in tones of light brown and red which remind us the coffee grain/seed and flower. - The menu is fancy with sofisticaded blend of drinks made with coffee.
  13. 13. Octavios CaféC&A- Iguatemi Mall- Flag Ship Store the places -You can have wi-fi access all over and also give to someone you like kind of “giftInsights: from R$30 reais till R$ 100, that you cards”-can use it is visually attractive and7and the a The store to consume anything days inilumination is welcoming week.--The doors are always open because it´s inside a The cash register stays in the main entrancefancy mall, near the is more a place to new but is not visible, main entrance,the exposecollection is blends and buy some souvenirs to the coffee so tropical and made with the braziliancustomers insights all over the regions in Brazil. friends, many people can pay without stand-up with a little credit special like fruit-flavored The store have some card machine that thebubblegum, and there is music playing softly not waiter leaves on the table.that loud. employess use uniform and have - All the good apreceance. - You can rent the place for events and also buy some arts and patings, they promote many artists there. -
  15. 15. Book Shop main entrance andand example of the windowdisplay organization...
  16. 16. Book launch and a specialplace for the geeks, look thesecurity guy is saving theplace, maybe it´s a temple forgeek lovers!
  17. 17. Inside of the art books division, cultpeople inside! The sales person ismore a consultant we canrecognize him because of the bluebadge, next the interativecommunication at the windowdisplay.
  18. 18. Handmade artexposiciondownstairs =)
  20. 20. MELISSA FLAGSHIP STORE OSCAR FREIRE, ST. SÃO PAULO-BRLingerie sexy andclassical at the same time,Valisere is showing howfree the brazilian womencan be!
  21. 21. MELISSA FLAGSHIP STORE OSCAR FREIRE, ST. SÃO PAULO-BRThe prices are not that expensive for a ladythat can buy in Oscar Freire, st. They arearound U$ 20 to U$80.The colors inspire us to be really femaleand wear delicate underwear, as a vanishlady.
  24. 24. Código Visual-This store is located in Faria Lima, avenue a place full offinantial companies and also many merchants and this store iswell – known by the woman because of the low price of theproducts.- In almost everyday you go there, you will find completlydiferent products because it sells so quickly, if you like ablouse or dress you should by that time otherwise, no more inthe stock.- As the manager said they buy many conteiners from Chinaand they sell the products , trendy products and also basiccolors chothing like: paints, t-shirts , dresses, the women canuse in the daily routine.-- The consumer profile is mixed: people that works incleaning, at the kitchens, people that works at the banks,offices nearby, all atracted by some “trendy” clothe and cheap.- The prices are from R$ 10 ( U$5 ) to R$ 70 reais maximum.-- The sales person as the time you get into the store they offeryou help to look for your size and said their names , becausein the end of each purchase they receive na amount, they don´thave a fixed salary, they received only the percentage of themonth or weekly sales amount.
  26. 26. Senso Shoes Senso Shoes-The storewindow/ window display is full is full new -The storewindow/ window display of the ofcollection products andproducts and the fashion the new collection the fashion trendy in shoesaretrendy in shoes are the vibrant colours , in the vibrant colours , because here we arespring/ summer time. are in spring/ summer time. because here we-The sales person are dressed in blackblack to not -The sales person are dressed in to not takemore attentionattention products and they are take more than the than the products andalways offering help offering help as the time you they are always as the time you get into thestore. into the store. get- The cash register is placed in the end of theof the - The cash register is placed in the end store, full of mirrorsof mirrors to help the costumer to store , full to help the costumer to see witchpurse combines more with the clotheswith are see witch purse combines more you theusing in theyou are using in the day and also to clothes day and also to check the shoes, flats,pums, peep toes and flats, pums, might toes and check the shoes, sandals you peep chose.- sandals you might chose.
  27. 27. The colors for summer as a trend here is Brazilare vibrant and full of glitter and tropicalglamour. Uau, Woww !
  28. 28. Lemon,pink,wedgestennisshoes arethe hits inmanywindowsdisplays!
  30. 30. Lego Insights to promotethe new collection ;-)
  31. 31. Melissa- Flag Ship Store Oscar Freire, st ( the most famous and glomurous street in São Paulo)This street is well-known to sell manyfancy products and launch trends
  32. 32. Melissa Flag ship Store- Osacr Freire, st-Inside the store you can listen club music (house and eletrocnic ) and the sales personare modern , young and cool.- The prices of the melissa peep toes,wedges, flats and hight hells are around R$80 till R$ 150,00- The profile of the consumers are youngand fashion people, that loves trendy andworks mainly with communications andadvertising.- At this flag ship store we can also bumpinto many fashion producers that take thenewest sandal model to shoot and publishas a trendy shop in fashion femalemagazines.
  34. 34. Tropicaldecoration,manycolorfulstyles ofhavaianassandals
  35. 35. The salesperson iswearing avibrant color t-shirt and iswearinghavaianas onhis feet , andtake a look atthis newproduct , doesit will be afever fot thebrazilians?What do uthink?
  36. 36. Just for bids andbabies, Disneylicensed Havaianas`sproducts
  37. 37. Havaianas- The store is also located in Conjunto Nacional Galery,its a small store not a flag ship.-We can find many products available to touch , to tryand there is like a little island in the middle of the store,with some red puffs for you have a sit and try whichsandals fits better in your feet.- The two sales person that works there is uniformedwith a t-shirt and jeans and they both were wearing thesandals.-- There is also a category only for kids and babieslaunched in partnership with Disney licencee.- The prices of sandals are around R$ 35 to R$ 55.- The store is well iluminated with white lamps, the cashregister is located in the end of the store to give theoportunity for the customers to see all the products, tryand buy more than one, before the final purchase.