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Personalization your Landing Page Breakthrough


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Advance your ROI on PPC and email campaigns in ways you didn’t think possible.

What if you could provide an adaptable, personalized experience onsite for your top-funnel prospects, even while they are still “unknown”? Well you can, and even better yet, you can use this same machine-learning platform to deliver adaptive landing pages, adjusting in real-time to advance conversions.

Curious to learn how? View the presentation.

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Personalization your Landing Page Breakthrough

  1. 1. Webinar:Personalization,Your Landing Page BreakthroughApril 2, 2013 Mike Telem VP of Business Development & Co-founder
  2. 2. Webinar Overview1. Current B2B Campaigns2. Real-time B2B Personalization3. Relevancy and Success (Auto-Tune)4. Personalizing and Optimizing • Landing Pages • Pay Per Click (PPC) • Email
  3. 3. MARKETERS AND DATA:“Only 11% of the decisions thatmarketers make are based on data.50% of marketers surveyed said theymostly rely on intuition.”Harvard Business Review – August 2012
  4. 4. Current B2B Campaigns• 98% traffic anonymous and un-addressable• 70% of the buying process is done before contact• Free analytics tools, but expensive analysis• Time and resource shortage for proper data analysis• Post-mortem insights and campaign optimization
  5. 5. Are your B2B Tools good enough?Tools• Data Analysis, A/B Testing, Segmentation, Personalization, Web AnalyticsThe Challenge• Speed• Timing• Relevancy
  6. 6. Real-time B2B Personalization• Segments Inbound prospects in real-time based on:• Auto-engages segmented prospects with personalized content or calls-to-action while on site and in context, even if they are anonymous
  7. 7. Relevancy and Success (Auto-Tune)• Learning and optimization tool• Automatically runs highest converting campaigns• No more guesswork• Most relevant content for top-funnel prospects
  8. 8. Personalizing & Optimizing Landing Pages• Firmographic Relevancy• Behavior-based• Knowing the users device (mobile, tablet)• Selects the most converting Calls to Action• Real-time decision to display content• Intuitive, learning algorithms that maximize ROI
  9. 9. Landing Page Personalization CampaignHeaderChange Reduce FieldsContentChange CTA Change A prospect from the Governmental Industry
  10. 10. Landing Page Personalization CampaignKnowing the prospect’s device from the Governmental Industry
  11. 11. Personalizing & Optimizing Landing Pages
  12. 12. Real Life Use Case• Organization: Insightera• Campaign: High Value Lead Gen.• Target Audience: Advanced marketer• Segment: Specific Google + Linkedin ads• Campaign Auto-Tune: ABM messaging vs RTM messaging• Channel:• Results: Account Based marketing converted 4x more
  13. 13. Personalization & Optimization PPC and Email Campaigns
  14. 14. Digital Marketing Budgets 1. SEO, PPC and Display account for 42% of budget 2. Email 2nd most important digital marketing program 3. Investment in company websites on the rise2012 IDC tech marketing barometer study
  15. 15. Personalizing & Optimizing PPC Campaigns SEO, PPC and Display Ads - 42% of marketing budgets* How can you optimize? • Landing page optimization • Based on source, industry & location • Dynamic keyword insertion / messaging on landing page • Use Auto-Tune findings in PPC adverts • Redirect SEO traffic to relevant landing page*2012 IDC tech marketing barometer study
  16. 16. Personalizing & Optimizing Emails 16% of digital budgets spent on email marketing* How can you optimize? • Real-time learning and Auto-Tune on the fly • Identified prospects - Email account based marketing • Change the B2B to personalized B2P*2012 IDC tech marketing barometer study
  17. 17. Conclusion - Personalization, YourLanding Page Breakthrough• Advancing your ROI on Landing pages, PPC and Email• Real-time, Auto-Tune – continuous optimization• Personalization – relevancy and success• Invest in onsite, attentive traffic• Change the B2B to B2P
  18. 18. Questions?Connect with us: Mike Telem - David Myers -