A26 MariaDB : The New&Implemented MySQL Branch by Colin Charles


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A26 MariaDB : The New&Implemented MySQL Branch by Colin Charles

  1. 1. MariaDB 5.5 and what comes next Colin Charles, Monty Program Ab colin@montyprogram.com | colin@mariadb.orghttp:/ /montyprogram.com/ | http:/ /mariadb.org/http:/ /bytebot.net/blog/ | @bytebot on Twitter DB Tech Showcase, K.K.Ashisuto, Tokyo, Japan 18 October 2012
  2. 2. whoamiMariaDB guy at Monty Program AbFormerly MySQL AB/Sun MicrosystemsPast lives included Fedora Project (FESCO),OpenOffice.org
  3. 3. Aims32 months, four major releases(5.1,5.2,5.3,5.5) & more (Galera Cluster, 10.0)Discuss the broader MySQL ecosystemThe future of MariaDB
  4. 4. MariaDB is... (currently) Community developed Feature enhanced a better MySQL Fully compatible with MySQL not a fork feature complete
  5. 5. OwnershipMySQL (database) owned by MySQL AB(company) -> Sun -> OracleMonty Program is just a (major) sponsor ofMariaDBmaria-captains: 50% MP, 50% communityincluding Sphinxsearch, Twitter, SkySQL,Taobao, Facebook, Percona, Codership, & more
  6. 6. Aims of MariaDB100% compatible, drop-in replacement toMySQL i.e. no changes in connectors, app doesn’t care its MariaDB unless using new features, easy upgrade (uninstall mysql, install mariadb, magic!)Stable (bug-free) releases with no regressionsGPLv2
  7. 7. Compatibility with MySQLNDB cluster included, XtraDB enabled bybut not enabled by default now. InnoDBdefault included too & may change to defaultClient libraries, clientserver protocol, SQL MariaDB Galera Clusterdialect, master-slave is a separate downloadreplication all same http://kb.askmonty.org/Data files supported as v/mariadb-versus-long as same versions mysql-compatibility
  8. 8. XtraDBENGINE=InnoDB usesXtraDB by defaultLess checkpointing(smoother), lessflushing to disk,stable performance
  9. 9. MariaDB 5.5GA April 2012https://kb.askmonty.org/en/what-is-mariadb-55/Current release: MariaDB 5.5.27By far the most popular release of MariaDBdownloaded, in use, today
  10. 10. MariaDB 5.5: anopensource threadpoolModified from 5.1 No minimization of(libevent based), great concurrent transactionsfor CPU bound loads with dynamic pool sizeand short runningqueriesWindows (threadpool),Linux (epoll), Solaris(event ports), FreeBSD/OSX (kevents)
  11. 11. MariaDB 5.5: Better for DBAs non-blocking client library fast node.js driver available: mariasql start operation, do work in thread, SELECT now has LIMIT operation processed, ROWS EXAMINED to result travels back consume less resources use cases: multiple SELECT * from t1, queries against single t2 LIMIT 10 ROWS server (utilize more EXAMINED 1000; CPUs); queries against multiple servers (SHOW STATUS on many machines)
  12. 12. That’s it?From December 2010 to April 2012, 3 features for a 16 month delay?!?
  13. 13. MariaDB 5.3Biggest change in the optimizer since it waswritten - more complete than MySQL 5.6!!!Replication improvementsReleased February 2012Based on the MySQL 5.1 codebase
  14. 14. Better replicationOriginal statements logged with row basedreplication (RBR) eventsChecksum for binlog eventsRBR works for tables with no primary keyConsistent snapshot between storage engines
  15. 15. Group commit in the binary logsync_binlog=1, http://kb.askmonty.org/en/group-innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit=1 commit-for-the-binary-loghttps://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150261692455933
  16. 16. MariaDB 5.3: GIS support!MySQL has OpenGIS SFS (Simple featureaccess, SQL access method)Now, SQL with full geometry typesST_ prefixhttp://kb.askmonty.org/en/gis-features-in-533
  17. 17. Optimizer enhancements Join additions block nested loop joins for outer-joins, block hash joins, Batched Key Access (BKA) Optimization for derived tables & views mergeable derived tables processed like VIEWs + optimizer creates indexes over materialized derived tables Disk access optimization Index Condition Pushdown (ICP), Multi-Range Read (MRR)
  18. 18. Subquery optimizations Semi-join Goodbye rewriting as optimization, JOINs or separate materialization for queries non-correlated IN queries, subquery cache DBT-3, 60M rows, 29GB XtraDB
  19. 19. Welcome MySQL 5.6Instant EXPLAINhttps://kb.askmonty.org/en/optimizer-feature-comparison-matrix/JSON EXPLAIN &Optimizertracing...
  20. 20. Progress reportingFor ALTER TABLE or LOAD DATA INFILEMariaDB [mail]> alter table mail engine = maria;Stage: 1 of 2 copy to tmp table 17.55% of stage doneMariaDB [mail]> select id, user, db, command, state,-> time_ms, progress from information_schema.processlist;+---------+-------------------+-----------+----------+| command | state | time_ms | progress |+---------+-------------------+-----------+----------+| Query | copy to tmp table | 23407.131 | 17.551 |+---------+-------------------+-----------+----------+1 row in set (0.47 sec)
  21. 21. NoSQL access methodsComes with HandlerSocket direct access to XtraDB/InnoDB for CRUD operationsDynamic columns create columns with dynamic content basically a blob with handling functions
  22. 22. MariaDB 5.2Released November 2011Pluggable authentication w/PAM pluginUser statistics: CLIENT_STATISTICS,USER_STATISTICS, INDEX_STATISTICS,TABLE_STATISTICS (userstats=1)Virtual columns - PERSISTENT or VIRTUAL
  23. 23. Still using MyISAM?Mitigates thread contention for key cachelock, with notable performance improvementsKey caches divided into different segments,allowing for better key cache concurrency1-64 segments
  24. 24. SphinxSECREATE TABLE t1 (..) instead of WHERE,ENGINE=SPHINX ORDER BY, LIMITCONNECTION=”sphinx://localhost:9312/test”; Sphinx is optimized/ fast for these tasksEngine connects toSphinx searchd Most of the Sphinx API is exposed toLet indexing, searching, enginesorting, filtering beperformed by Sphinx JOIN search table with other MySQL tables
  25. 25. MariaDB 5.1Arrived February 2010Storage engines: XtraDB, FederatedX, PBXT*,OQGRAPH*, Aria, etc.microslow patch, processlist w/microsecondprecisiontable elimination
  26. 26. What is Aria?Still just a crash-safe MyISAMused for temporary tables internallygroup commit added in 5.2 to speed upmulti-user inserts
  27. 27. How do we support all this? Support LatestVersion Released MySQL till release5.1.42 Feb 2010 Feb 2015 5.1.62 5.1.63 5.2.3 Nov 2010 Nov 2015 5.2.12 5.1.63 5.3.5 Feb 2012 Feb 2017 5.3.8 5.1.655.5.23 Apr 2012 Apr 2017 5.5.27 5.5.27
  28. 28. Oh, and we’re fast Oracle loves MySQL performance on Microsoft Windows. So do weOLTP read-only OLTP write-only
  29. 29. How open is MariaDB?Mailing lists: Launchpad http:// launchpad.net/ maria- maria/ developers@lists.lau nchpad.net Bugs database/feature worklog: Jira maria- discuss@lists.launchp http:// ad.net mariadb.atlassian.ne t/Code hosting:Launchpad #maria on freenode
  30. 30. Knowledgebase
  31. 31. Deployments! happy users: pap.fr, wabtec, Paybox Services, “We made the switch on OLX, Jelastic, Web of Trust, SaltOS, ERP5, etc. Saturday -- and we’re seeing“MariaDB had these same bugs that we ran into benefits already -- our dailywith MySQL. However the big difference was optimization time is down fromthat when we reported these bugs, they were 24 minutes to just 4 minutes” --quickly resolved within 48 hours!” -- Dreas van Ali Watters, CEO, travelblog.orgDonselaar, Chief Technology Officer, SpamExpertsB.V. after migrating over 300 servers fromMySQL 5.0 to MariaDB 5.1. “Migrating from MySQL 5.1 to MariaDB 5.2 was as simple as removing MySQL RPMs and installing the MariaDB packages, then running mysql_upgrade.” - Panayot Belchev, proprietor, Host Bulgaria on providing MariaDB to over 7,000 of their web hosting customers.
  32. 32. Getting MariaDBhttp://mariadb.org/ has repositories(APT,YUM) & regular downloadsOpenSUSE build serviceGentoo, FreeBSD, Homebrew, Mageia, manydistributionshttp://kb.askmonty.org/v/distributions-which-include-mariadb
  33. 33. We have a book
  34. 34. Other branchesMySQL Percona MariaDB MySQL Percona MariaDB5.5.20 7.7M 61M 5.5.20 222299 15878435.5.22 16M 60M 5.5.22 438567 1540932
  35. 35. What are we missingfrom Percona Server?percona_innodb_buffer_pool_shm - requiresbig shmax not default on many systemspercona_log_slow_query_log-log_slow_verbosity - InnoDB filteringinformation not fully in MariaDBDisabled test suite is awesome resource :)
  36. 36. Faster even? read only? InnoDB/XtraDB is fineInnoDB has higher throughput, but stalls & checkpoints w/ high write load
  37. 37. Track recordWe found the latest MySQL security bug and MariaDB was first tobe patched (sql/password.c & memcmp())We don’t like regressions http://www.skysql.com/blogs/hartmut/nasty-innodb-regression- mysql-5525 http://www.skysql.com/blogs/kolbe/heads-no-more-query-cache- partitioned-tables-mysql-5523We care about backward compatibility & introduce featurescarefully XtraDB innodb_adaptive_checkpoint=none|reflex|estimate| keep_average (no more reflex...)
  38. 38. We care about qualityAutomated test suite run upon every pushBetter QA & code coverageMySQL test cases: 1,765Percona Server test cases: 1,837MariaDB test cases: 2,180
  39. 39. User stats plugin Disabled by default, consider enabling it to show use! http://mariadb.org/feedback_plugin/data from over 85 countries!
  40. 40. We love the community Tokutek’s TokuDB ships with MariaDB too groonga is to be merged We’re looking at spider next Multiple software packages talk about us (as an alternative to MySQL): Drupal, MediaWiki, Plone, phpMyAdmin, WordPress, etc.
  41. 41. FutureMySQL 5.6 just RC, we have most features in 5.5MariaDB 10.0 new InnoDB inside MariaDB (done) Global transaction ID support Multi-source replication (done) Enhanced semisync replication Persistent InnoDB statistics (done) Cassandra Storage Engine (done), HBase Storage Engine virtual machine for Cassandra made by community!
  42. 42. MariaDB Galera Cluster http://kb.askmonty.org/en/galera/ Now in Scale your read & write ALPHA!workloads, automatically, without the need for NDB Cluster!
  43. 43. Supportmariadb.org/service-providers/SkySQL partners with K.K.Ashisuto for bestlocal support!Monty Program does developer support &NRE http://montyprogram.com/developer- support/
  44. 44. We’re incredibly socialfacebook: fb.com/MariaDB.dbmstwitter: @mariadbgoogle plus: gplus.to/mariadbwe also have a LinkedIn group
  45. 45. Q&A colin@montyprogram.com | colin@mariadb.orghttp:/ /montyprogram.com/ | http:/ /mariadb.org/twitter: @bytebot | url: http://bytebot.net/blog/